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2016 – The Year That Was: Quest For Stuff Style

Happy New Year Addicts!!!

Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017! It’s been a crazy year for me, especially on a personal level, lots of ups, downs and everything in between. But despite it all I’m still smiling and having fun, and I hope it’s the same for all of you. But I thought I’d step away from reality for a just little while and take a look back at my 2016 in FGQFS. Want to join me?image

Ok for those of you who are still reading, I’m sure you’ll agree that sometimes as we’re constantly grinding away at the latest event we don’t get any time to reflect on the many events that went before. So I thought I’d have a quick look back at 2016 and everything TinyCo threw at us. And boy was there a lot.

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Peter’s Booty Haul Leaderboard #1 Character Profile: Blackbeard Stewie

Hey there recovering pirates!

The seas have finally settled around our Quahogs, but yesterday there was a little ripple of excitement as the leaderboard prizes were released. That ripple became a wave of excitement in my house when I realised I’d got in the top tier and qualified for Blackbeard Stewie.

Having this currently unique Character Costume in my game will make me smile for a while as I’m loving Blackbeard Stewie’s tasks, I think he will wearing this costume until Christmas at least. Oops did I really mention Christmas before Halloween is over? Sorry Bunny.


So let’s take a look at what Blackbeard Stewie can do in our silly li’l games.

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Peter’s Booty Haul: Leaderboard Prizes LIVE!!

Hey there ex-pirates!!!

Looks like the final results are in. Those of you that were able to place in the top 5000 spots on the Leaderboard will now start to see your Prizes hit your games. I will update more details on them later, but for now… keep an eye out over the next few days for the Prizes to arrive.

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Peter’s Booty Haul Character Profile: Duke of LaCrosse Team Carter

I think I must have spent a little too much time on the ocean wave, or the grog, or maybe the whiskey, or was it the bourbon or even champagne, whatever it was the first thing that came into my head when seeing this costume was part of a ditty, “he stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni”.

It’s obvious it’s time I got back to dry land AND probably dried out, but before I do let’s take a look at what Duke of LaCrosse Team Carter can do in our silly lil games.

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Peter’s Booty Haul Character Profile: Daggermouth

Okay when Phase 4 hit I was feeling a bit all at sea, why, well because my game, like many of yours, showed all the items I had collected to unlock Daggermouth had reset to zero. It left me feeling blue, and not a lovely shade of blue like Daggermouth himself.

It was like a bad movie for a minute, and in my head I had titles galore forming such as Finding Daggermouth, The Hunt for Blue Daggermouth, or Help! I’m a Daggermouth! But it was just a blip and TinyCo were on the case quickly, sorting the glitch and restoring harmony to my gameplay. Within a few hours I’d caught myself the 5 rainbow trout needed and Daggermouth was in my game. And he’s my favourite unlock of the event. Gotta love that lil blue fish.

So after all that drama let’s take a look at what Daggermouth can do in our silly lil games.

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Peter’s Booty Haul Phase 4 Main Questline – Lifestyles of the Rich and Seamus

Hey there Swashbucklers!

With the final Phase of the Event rounding down all the Booty in our silly lil games, it is time again to run through the Main Questline that will take you through the rest of the Event.

For Phase 4, the Main Questline is Lifestyles of the Rich and Seamus.

Let’s take a look at the Main Questline and all you will run into along the way.

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Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – The Fuddled Frigate Upgrading Levels & Rewards

Ahoy there shipmates and stowaways, its time to break out the the champagne and sit back whilst I crunch some numbers to bring you all the information you’ll need  to upgrade you Fuddled Frigate.

This post is about upgrading and levelling up, If you’re looking for a guide to simply attacking you will find it in the post Peter’s Booty Haul BATTLES – Fuddled Frigate.

Fuddled Frigate Battle Guide

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Peter’s Booty Haul Premium Character Profile: Blackbeard

Shiver me timbers; we’d best hoist the main sail and set course for home as Blackbeard has appeared in our seas, and it would appear he’s changed sides and will drop the resources we need to keep defeating his fleet. Guess it’s true what they say; never trust a pirate.

With tasks for drops of Grog, Whiskey, Bourbon and Champagne, he looks like the premium character we’ve been waiting for, just a shame he didn’t choose to join us sooner.  But now he’s here, let’s take a look at what Blackbeard can do in our silly lil games.


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Peter’s Booty Haul BATTLES – The Fuddled Frigate

An addict went to sea, sea, sea, to see what she could bomb, bomb, bomb. Yes fellow seafarers it’s that time again. A new phase = a new battle as Blackbeard has now called his Abominable Aar-mada into action and all we’ve got to defend ourselves is a Fuddled Frigate.

But fear not the battle modus operandi is really the same as in previous phases and as long as you can get those champagne corks popping defeating the enemy is easy.

Pt. 1 of the main Questline Lifestyes of the Rich and Seamus will prompt you to repair the Fuddled Frigate. This has a 10 sec repair and once repaired your Frigatewill be ready to go into battle against Blackbeard’s Abominable Aar-Mada. Well it will be once you collect 3 champage, and yes unfortunately it’s another rare drop.

Also be aware all your fleet, the Gunboat, Schooner, Brig and Frigate can collect flags for the leaderboard.

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Peter’s Booty Haul – Useful Characters – Phases 1, 2, 3 & 4

With our sea under siege I though I’d better evacuate my Tan Lines Resort again, to check if there was anyone working on their tan whilst they should be all at sea helping with this event.  Over 140 characters later, what did I find?

Booty Haul splash screen

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