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Peter’s Booty Haul – Fun in the Sun Mystery Box

It’s a mystery, and there’s no sign of those pesky kids or Scooby Doo to solve it, so instead you get me bringing you this post. I know li’l old me is disappointing but hey what if I sweetened the deal with a few Scooby Snacks? No, okay I’ll just get on with throwing you some information instead.

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Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – The Fuddled Frigate Upgrading Levels & Rewards

Ahoy there shipmates and stowaways, its time to break out the the champagne and sit back whilst I crunch some numbers to bring you all the information you’ll need  to upgrade you Fuddled Frigate.

This post is about upgrading and levelling up, If you’re looking for a guide to simply attacking you will find it in the post Peter’s Booty Haul BATTLES – Fuddled Frigate.

Fuddled Frigate Battle Guide

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Peter’s Booty Haul Premium Character Profile: Blackbeard

Shiver me timbers; we’d best hoist the main sail and set course for home as Blackbeard has appeared in our seas, and it would appear he’s changed sides and will drop the resources we need to keep defeating his fleet. Guess it’s true what they say; never trust a pirate.

With tasks for drops of Grog, Whiskey, Bourbon and Champagne, he looks like the premium character we’ve been waiting for, just a shame he didn’t choose to join us sooner.  But now he’s here, let’s take a look at what Blackbeard can do in our silly lil games.


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Peter’s Booty Haul Character Profile: Davy Jones

Ahoy there, Mateys!

Peter’s Booty Haul is here! Batten down the hatches and brace the main sail!

With this new Peter’s Booty’s Haul event, we also get some new Characters. Like Davy Jones!

Davy Jones

Let’s take a look at what Davy Jones can do in our silly lil games.

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