A Moment Of Silence

A little Disclaimer… I know this blog is about Family Guy and I also know that this is a blog read by more than just Americans, Worldwide in fact. However, all of the Original Addicts writers are from America and we feel as though it just wouldn’t be right to let today pass with out something. This post will remain our top post until after the moments of silence, and we will return to our regular posts after. Thank you for your understanding and respect.

911 Memorial Sandy Utah 7

It has been 15 years ago today since many lives were lost to a very sad tragedy on 9-11. Even our very own Alissa lost a very dear member of her family that day, her Aunt, in the North Tower. I remember the first time I traveled back East and I met her in person. I was blessed with being able to go with her as she took me to Ground Zero for her first time since the aftermath of 9-11. It was a very humbling experience. I know it wasn’t easy for her, but I also saw it started to help her heal.


Moments in time like this are frozen. I can still remember everything that day. The looks on others faces, the sadness, the heartache, the confusion. I don’t think those moments will ever be forgotten.


A short time ago I again returned to ground zero and was able to go into the completed Memorial Museum. It was breathtaking. Having my Father, Chief of the Fire Department, taken away from me during a separate tragedy while he was in his transport… seeing the images and vehicles of the lost First Responders really hit home for me. People just doing their jobs and rushing to help others, sacrificing more than they knew just to provide safety and comfort to those in need, to try and save as many lives as they could. The entire Memorial took my breath away and I’ll never forget it. But I’m also humbled that all those lives are remembered and honored in such a graceful way by the community there.


Today the Addicts would like to take a moment to honor all those innocent lives that were lost in New York City, Shanksville PA, and Washington DC. I ask that the readers here take a moment to reflect on that day and honor those who lost their lives in your own way.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the Police, Fireman, Nurses, Doctors, and any Responders who saved lives that day…. who continue to save lives everyday. We would also like to say a special thank you to all of our brave Service Men and Woman, at home and abroad, who risk their own lives so that we can all be safe. We would also like to honor all of the Service Men and Women from our allies around the world. Thank You! Your sacrifices are most humbling and appreciated.

The Skyline in NYC will be forever changed, but for all of those lost … they will not be forgotten.


Feel free to share your thoughts and/or stories below if you would like. 🙂


5 responses to “A Moment Of Silence

  1. I am from Canada and thank you for keeping today important for all. I did not know anyone lost in today’s tragedy but it still changed my life foreverv as well as the world. I will always honor those lives lost. As will I always send prayers for those families trying to continue life without them

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  2. As a first responder that day, I remember that whole day, the entire 24 hours that happened. I spent the first few hours of 9/11/01 chatting online with a friend in Denver till 3a.m. I went to bed and my old tv at the time had an alarm clock that was set to wake me up every day at 9. Sadly enough to wake to the first plane having already hit, but then watching CBS covering it because nothing else was sitting and I thought back to the 1993 attacks and tv being out and then the second plane hitting the south tower. I woke my brother up and told him something is going on, somethings not right. Call mom, I’m going to the firehouse (volunteer on Long Island a half hour away from NYC). I picked upmy tturnout gear, got assigned to a responding engine and remember, clear to this day, my then chief, a tough as balls former Marine, saying to us, tears in his eyes, first be safe, second this is an attack on our country. That’s when it hit me. We rolled out. The roads were not the same. No Long Island traffic. We were at the Queens line to go to the staging area at Belmont Park and a Nassau PD officer I know was doing the checkpoint to get into the cross island parkway. That’s where my former Lt. said to me:”To think, the whole world changed in a few minutes”. Unfortunately, the rest of our day was waiting to be assigned somewhere, eating horrible Ready To Eat meals, cell phones not being able to connect, but more frustrating just staring at the sky and seeing the smoke blow off. My department Sat there wanting to help, then we’re released back to quarters. Upon return we learned that numerous people we knew from other departments unfortunately perished. My instructor who worked for NYPD ESU truck ten, Tommy Langone, ex Chief of Roslyn Rescue and his brother Pete perished. George Howard, the Rope instructor guru at Nassau County FSA responded from home and was the one whose mother presented his PAPD badge to G.W. Bush being another. I don’t know how to close this. It was just such a blow to the heart. Taking the train and seeing the countless flyers at each station of a missing family member daily. Alissa, my sympathies. Bunny, I’m sorry, never knew, my sympathies. To our country, Never Forget but also try to take care for the person next to you wether you know then or not. May you all be well

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  3. It’s one of those moments in time that is frozen in my memory, can remember where I was, what I was doing, though all that soon became irrelevant as things unfolded. Sadly here in Europe we are in the grip of a terrorist threat that is breeding intolerance and hatred at an alarming pace. What happened on 9/11 should have been a watershed moment for the world to stop and encourage tolerance and peace, sadly it hasn’t happened. But we must continue to believe in a better world, hope can never be destroyed. My thoughts to everyone who lost a loved one, and to those still suffering from what they saw or experienced that day.


  4. Well said, Bunny…thank you!


  5. I was in kindergarten when this happened. As a person and a citizen of Manhattan, I take this close to heart. The more I think about it, the more i realize, that my generation, is literally the LAST generation who would have any recollection of these events. Anyone younger wouldve been a baby or younger.

    As someone who comes from here, realistically speaking, not everyone is going to care. That doesn’t mean there aren’t people who are going to, but there are some. I’ve been on social media sites seeing jokes, horrible, horrible jokes. They’re constant. But that doesn’t take away from how I feel about this.

    I wasn’t personally affected, my family is alright, but I cannot say the same for some of my friends. One of them losing their father and another having physical affects from it. As a nation, we can mourn, and it’s nice to feel the support of those who care and those who see how tragic this was.

    We can only assume how it feels, like watching a friend fall and scrape their knee. But to experience it, places us in bigger shoes to feel it. I mever wish this on anyone.

    The bottom line is, there are some people who take their lives for granted and those that do not. Life can be short for anyone at any time. To be aware of how valuable life truly is and how special we don’t comprehend about it, is truly a wonderous and mystifying thought.

    Just because I briefly remember things doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. I look at the younger generation smiling and laughing, those that are purely innocent about being unaware of what it is about, and it makes me happy. They will learn the events some day. During that day, they will understand history. But for now, I’m happy to see a new generation slowly moving on from this horrible past.

    These cops, firefighters, nurses, doctors, surgeons; all of them and more, all honored for something that has been one of the biggest infamous moments in New York history.

    Thank you for your support from the FGA community Bunny.

    May every life that has been lost be remembered deeply with the affection of others in hopes of a peaceful rest. I will never forget.


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