TinyCo AMA Recap

Hey there Clammers!

TinyCo announced a little bit back that they wanted to try out a Reddit AMA. There were mixed feelings about them doing this, but overall… I am REALLY appreciative that the Newer Positioned Staff handling Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is once again going above and beyond to reach out to their Players and communicate with them.

I did monitor off and on, however I did not participate due to I did not want to take away from other Players getting a chance to voice their opinions. I get to do that on a daily and sometimes hourly basis with TinyCo already. Lol.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the things of interest I wanted to point out. 🙂

Here’s the original AMA announcement HERE

WARNING… and this is the main reason we moderate here too… there were those that seemed to want to do nothing more than be abusive to other commentors and/or TinyCo Staff and others. Fortunately it did not get too out of hand, but I did see much abuse and anger being taken out on unsuspecting people wanting to join in (Players I have seen here and other sites from day one of the game starting) that just made new accounts so they could participate too. It was a shame, but trolls will be trolls. Overall, it went alright.



This is the original list that planned on participating…

Family Guy Product Manager Jordyn Gracey (/u/JayGray14)
Lead Designer Michael Downing (/u/theMike-N-Ike-76)
Lead Community Manager Kate Olmstead (/u/tinykate),

Now originally TinyKate did want to participate, and she did start to prior to the AMA beginning… however a personal matter called her away. I will be posting information from both prior to the AMA as well as the start.



Here is some feedback that went on prior to the AMA’s launch. https://www.reddit.com/r/familyguythegame/comments/51gmpb/get_ready_for_tinycos_first_family_guy_reddit_ama/

Darkyies I understand that you wish to do such an event to get to know the community better, but there are tons of issues to work over, mainly the over monetization of the game. These include:

1) Worthless event characters that never see the light of day after the event.
2) Cramped events with little to no content update.
3) Certain tasks that take WAY too long (I’m looking at you, missles for Lex Luthor)
4) “Rare” or higher event items that are INTERGRAL to continuing the event, yet never drop and end up holding people back for weeks.
5) Later story content characters that are never used in events (Peter is used in every event, whereas mayor west isnt used at all). Reward the player for progressing the story while simultaneously allowing earlier players to participate.

And plenty others.

Just know that the fanbase is super salty from month after month of being treated badly, and rightly so.

Still, there are worthwhile criticisms to take, and don’t take all of the insults to heart. There are some people that still play because they enjoy the family guy franchise.

tinykate Hello Darkyies! Thanks for the thoughtful response here. The AMA is not just about getting to know you better, though that is certainly part of it. The primary goal of the AMA, or at least my intention is to once again open up the lines of communication between TinyCo and you, the community.

The Community and Customer Support team(s) have been through a lot of changes over the last year and I know that the community has felt the absence of our presence and has felt ignored in that time. It is high time that is rectified and this is one of the first steps.


zehalperI just have to ask… are you even aware the amount of vitriol that exists in here?

I mean, most of the hate shouldn’t be directed at the dev team and the support staff, but they’re obviously going to get a lot of the splash damage.

I’m pretty sure if the game didn’t have the Family Guy brand on it, no one would play it. It would have sunk to the bottom of forgotten whalemilkers.

tinykate Hello Zehalper! We are absolutely aware of the frustration and negativity in this Subreddit. To be completely transparent, this is one of the main reasons the team has been hesitant to engage with folks here. That being said, we have to start repairing the relationship somewhere. It might be bumpy, if not downright turbulent, in the beginning, but my hope and goal is that with time and more consistent communication, we will be able to get to a much better place eventually.

TheDrunkMexican Ummm…we’rent you supposed to repair that relationship a few months ago when you first stopped by….then never came back? But you sure are active on the Avengers subreddit. You only proved the point that our complaints fall on deaf ears.

tinykate Hi There! Definitely a valid question. When I first joined a couple of months ago I jumped head first into trying to do a million different things. There were so many aspects of Community and Customer Support that needed attention and to be addressed. The proper thing would have been to take some time to review everything that needed to be done and then prioritize each item before trying to attack them all.

For the last two months I have personally been focused on building up and improving the Customer Support side of the business (which is an important part of why I was brought on), as we determined it was highest priority. This turned out to be a significantly larger undertaking than I initially thought. The result was that I had little to no time for Community initiatives.

Now that we finally have more folks on the Support side of things (we have doubled the size of the team in the last two months), we are able to now focus some additional attention on Community! With Avengers we started a couple weeks ago, which is why you have seen more activity from us (and particularly me) over there. This AMA is our first, but not last, endeavor in that vein for Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. It did require a little bit of extra coordinating with the team due to the Pirates themed event that just launched, and team availability, which is why it’s a couple weeks later.


chejrw Honestly, save your time. The community here is so jaded about the hardcore monetization of this game that you won’t get anything but complaints and personal attacks.

tinykate But we must at least try!

In short, much like we do here, even with all the hatred and down talk TinyKate made it very apparent that they are doing all they can and still trying to reach out. I am just glad that, unlike some in the thread, there are still those Players in the community out there that want to have an actual constructive criticism conversation with the staff. Things don’t get fixed by someone yelling and screaming and throwing a Toddler Stewie Tantrum all over. Change happens when thoughts and ideas are approached, agreed upon, and then put into action.



I saw some things addressed in the announcement feed and wanted to touch on them….

It still just makes me laugh to this day… I do NOT work for TinyCo, I do NOT get cash/check/etc payment from TinyCo, and if you ask TinyCo… I am VERY blunt when things are not going the way they should be in the game. I just choose to offer a PROPER solution and open communication with them to help resolve it. I choose to do it privately instead of a Witch Hunt, Troll Army, Flame Wars, or Pitchforks and Torches. Those accomplish nothing.

As to Clams, for the longest time EVERY SINGLE CLAM was purchased from our own pockets. EVERY ONE (Thank Crom that Costco has lots of great sales on Gift Cards, stack with offers and that money goes further). I spoke with TinyMatt at the time and asked if our site as well other Family Guy ones could get assistance. A VERY small amount of Clams was offered (enough for one Character or 2 Clam Building items) for one game for each site out there (it is even noted on our site that this took place). Knowing that amount was NO WAY enough (it takes close to 20-30K an Event) I continued to petition them. It was not until almost 1+ year into the game that TinyCo did offer the Family Guy sites (not just this one) more. That does not mean that I do not still have to pay for more. I have. This site has been ran “in the red” for such a long time. With my current medical situation, money in savings has also been used and depleted to continue to help keep the site functioning as I really do not want to shut it down.

Will I ever ask for donations? No. I am not the kind of person to ask for handouts. Help from others with info & posts, yes… but no handouts. I’d rather give to others and Pay It Forward. That is what makes me happy and keeps me going. Will I ever disclose my current financial situation? No. I do not feel that would be beneficial to the site. I want the focus on the game and helping YOU. 🙂

Will your comments be moderated? YES! I feel it completely disgusting that “humans” find it OK to say women should be beaten, raped, killed, their families destroyed…. on n on n on. Sick, disgusting, perverted, and cruel things “commented”… on a site about a game for Frakks sake. Due to supposedly grown people feel the need to act like disgusting things, I will continue to moderate. Want to have a normal discussion about the game, let’s talk. Want to unleash every curse word, threat, and abuse in the book (whether directed at me or others)? Then to the trash it is. Want to yell and scream at the game makers? Take it to them, not a community site about helping others.




Now for the ACTUAL AMA that took place. https://www.reddit.com/r/familyguythegame/comments/51z3pu/welcome_to_tinycos_first_reddit_ama_ask_me/

Here is the list of TinyCo staffers that were able to help out with the questions.

Unfortunately there were some glitches and at times TinyCo staffers couldn’t reply themselves, but TinyRocio did step in and still try to post their replies to readers for them.

There was again also some trolling and multiple comments I will let you go through on your own, but there were some that I have seen asked here many times and addressed myself… so I wanted you to see what TinyCo had to say on the matter personally too.


SEJ326  So is /u/tinykate not going to participate in the AMA? In the post announcing the AMA she said she would be here.

TinyRocio  Hello SEJ326! Unfortunately, Kate had a medical emergency and had to leave for the day, but I am here in her stead and hope to address any community related concerns as best as I can! 🙂



TramStopDan ]Why do the clam purchased characters have no use after an event (with a very very few exceptions)?

TinyRocio Jordyn is having technical difficulties, so here’s her answer:
“Hi There!
One of the constraints that we face when we come up with an event is that we have players who have been around since the beginning, and have hundreds of characters, but we also have newer players who have only just unlocked The Shopping District. If we designed our events so that older characters were useful, newer players would have tough time getting through our special events. So, that’s why you generally see us using early-game characters, because we know that a high percentage of players own them and won’t be blocked.

One of our major motivations behind our the Tan Lines feature was to give players who have invested in many characters a use for them. We are always looking into additional ways to make your characters useful!”

okbye9 We generally paid a lot of clams for those characters. Why not have them do quests in addition to the others? Like why can’t Coolio also work on getting booze? Why can’t Santa also drop cannonballs? An advantage to clam buyers, yes, but an earned one. It’s an incentive to purchase characters and a reward for doing so, it helps you and us.

TinyRocio From Mike: “This a very valid question and ultimately a tough issue to balance. If we were to give premium characters a permanent advantage, we would need to follow suit with a way to balance the game in a way that accounts for this. Given that our game has over a hundred characters, this would create a disparity between different player’s abilities to progress through events and, in my opinion, create a huge difficulty barrier for players just starting out. I honestly do believe that there is a solution to this design issue, but we just have not solved it yet.”


JustDelta767  Why do you never provide a method for acquiring old characters / costumes? In the Simpson’s: Tapped Out, for every holiday related event, they bring back old characters for purchase with donuts (as well as old items).

This game manages to punish new users by never providing an opportunity to acquire a previously released characters (with few exceptions) or content and simultaneously punishes veteran characters by making all of those previously released characters utterly useless for any future event. Not a good business model IMO.

TinyRocio[S] Continuing to have technical difficulties, but Mike’s response: “We do try to give players chances to get a hold of older content (like our yearly “Best of” event). One complication is that a ton of our characters and outfits are based on movies & shows that we don’t own! Unfortunately, most of our licenses are limited to the initial run of the event and we have to renegotiate our terms whenever we want to get that stuff resurfaced. That being said, I think we can do a better job of finding opportunities to resurface older event stuff.

As far as making event characters useful outside of their event, you can find Jordyn’s answer in a separate comment.”

TinyRocio Sorry for any confusion! The license is for the amount of time that we can have them available, not for the amount of time that they can exist in the game. We are always trying to bring back beloved characters!


CoolGuy69MLG I have a question about the licensed characters eg. DC, Alien, Predator etc. I’m curious about the process for characters such as these. How do you choose which ones to put in the game, what does getting permission to use them involve, and how easy or difficult is it to negotiate the terms with the rights holders? Thank you for your time.

theMike-N-Ike-76 Every event is different, but there is a general process that we follow.

Once we know what kind of event we want to make, we generate a list of IPs based on stuff we think you guys would like, what show reference exists, and what could support our event theme really well. Sometimes we try to find a ‘wrapper’ IP that supports the entire event (like Star Trek or DC), and other times we want individual characters or celebrities to support our theme (Alien, Pinhead, Xena, etc.).

We then approach the various license holders to see who might be interested in partnering with us. One of the main things we focus on in those conversations is how our licensed characters will interact with the world and characters of Family Guy – we want to authentically represent our partner IPs while staying true to what makes Family Guy so special. If we can nail this part and support our pitch with great, creative ideas, the negotiations flow pretty naturally from that. That said, every licensor is different!

We do have to give a big shout out to our buddies at FOX, who are always super supportive whenever we want to integrate characters from a Fox TV show/movie into the game. They definitely have our backs :).

Thanks for the great question!



docervin Something that people have been asking for since the game first started, why don’t you simply open the entire map so we can buy as much land as we can afford? It would be nice to be able to build something that resembles an actual town with roads, fences, trees, etc.

TinyRocio Mike is having technical difficulties, so here’s his response:
“It’s actually a technical constraint! If we unlocked all the land at once many players game’s would experience a ton of performance issues due to the added load. That being said, we launched Family Guy with such a large map to help future proof the game and we release more expansions whenever enough players have upgraded their devices.”


Chato2913 Would it be possible to allow characters from previous events (who are now obsolete) to be used to get stuff in events, current and future? The characters have been useless in the past after their corresponding event ends.

tinyjarebear2 I accidentally replied to the wrong comment here before. edit: with correct response!
This is definitely one of the most common pieces of feedback we get. It’s something we have tried to do with previous events like the “Death at the Drive-In” event having older characters drop 3D Glasses or things like Event XP for the original Halloween Event. We’ll continue to look for ways to make all of your characters feel valuable and fun.


Chato2913 One more question. What events for the future do you guys have in mind? I would really love a Star Wars event (for Christmas), a Once Upon a Time event, a Marvel event, and a presidency/US history event, and world history event.

TinyRocio From Rachel: “We cannot release the details about our future events just yet, but these are awesome suggestions that we’d be happy to keep in mind! Personally, I would love to have a Star Wars or Once Upon a Time event since they’re my favorites!”

There you have it, a start of a new relationship from the Staff at TinyCo currently working on Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff.

Did you see some things you were curious about answered? Have same thoughts as other posters? Have some helpful suggestions/replies to some of the questions you saw? Thoughts on the Current Staff? Let us know.



17 responses to “TinyCo AMA Recap

  1. I think it was a nice start and they seemed to at least be answering to the best of their ability…..I’m a very long time player and most of my concerns were addressed…I’m sure it will take time to implement changes and I’ll give them that time….I have seen a HUGE improvement in bugs in the game each event and on the rare occasion there is a bug they respond MUCH faster than they used to, so things have changed and I do believe they are trying……..I like most people can’t understand the non use of premium characters after an event and I think its an easy fix but they don’t seem to be willing to give clam spenders and advantage which I have mixed feelings on but I see their point….I have been upset for a long time because I don’t have some previous characters (I didn’t spend real money the first couple months I played) and I was upset they never just put them in the store for purchase but I never thought about licence time limits so I’m glad that was addressed…..and I’m loving the month long events….the week long ones sometimes were so stressful to unlock things so quickly I notice I’m spending MUCH less clams on these month long events than I do the week long ones….so all in all I’m happy with the way the AMA turned out and I think given some time a lot more will be addressed….as always Bunny thanks so much for everything you and your helpers do, I don’t post very often but always here to check things out


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Marty, always good to see others are seeing the improvements in the game I am. But as you say we all need work together to kerp improving the game, TinyCo and the players alike.


  2. If I may be so inquisitive, I was wondering if someone could explain to me why theRe seemed to be (& maybe still is) so much hostility toward Tiny Co/FG:TQFS developers from its players?
    They mention about wanting to rebuild the broken relationship/reputation with the players (not in those exact words, I’m paraphrasing)
    I only started playing a couple of months ago. What did Tiny Co and/or the developers do that was so bad? I know people can be unnecessarily aggressive & very tough when they’re sitting in the comfort of their own home in front of a screen, but it almost sounds as though some of the alleged outrage was deserved (for lack of a better word).
    If someone could fill me in I’d appreciate it! And if it’s a discussion that Bunny & Co would rather not have discussed on here, I totally understand & respect that. If that’s the case & it would be more appropriate to fill me in by sending an email, great. Thanks for any help in helping me understand the past concerns!


    • As a long term player I can only tell you a lot of the anger seems to stem from fact the game is a challenge and by just playing few times a day you can’t unlock everything. I think many expected this to be like Tapped Out, which is a dawdle compared to this, as long as you tap few times a day all the freemium content will be yours. Personally I like fact it’s a challenge, but others not so much as I think they feel having to work so hard takes the fun out playing the game.

      Some others think the game is too heavy on premium content, but I’m chilled with this to be honest as without players purchasing clams for premium items the game would cease to exist. Could clam items hav a better legacy, yes probably, and I’ve an idea just how TinyCo could do this. But more on that another time.

      Other things didn’t help, one being TinyCo are a small company who suddenly had a very successful game on their hands but didn’t have a big enough support team to cope with players issues. So issues weren’t fixed quick enough but they have constantly said they are increasing their support staff and I personally have seen massive improvement in responses to in game contact. They admit they’ve still work to do and that’s why they want try build a link between them and the players again, as in the very early days of the game they were active on blogs and such, interacting with us.

      Hey things won’t heal overnight but I’m happy to see they have a new team in that want to try and I hope us Addicts can play a part in that. Nothing’s perfect but constructive feedback can help us move forward more than threats.

      This is just a snippet, and I’m sure Bunny will add her thoughts, but my final words on this are it saddens me that something as simple as a mobile app could cause such anger in people. My take is if the worst thing that happens in my life this week is not unlocking a character in a game then I’ve been blessed.


      • Totally agree. I actually prefer FG to TSTO because it is a fun challenge, and I’m always doing the math to figure out the best use of my clams (rushing tasks vs buying materials outright vs buying a building that drops the material) and trying to get everything I want for the fewest clams possible. With TSTO I enjoy the event quests, but once they are done then it is just grind for the prize track, then grind for a few bonuts. I end up bored and find myself spending less money there, because I feel like I get less enjoyment out of what I can buy.


        • Thanks, we are definitely on the same wavelength. I’ve actually stopped doing the bonut rounds in TSTO between Acts so I don’t get bored, I find by not doing them and having a day or two off before next Act hits I’m not as badly Tapped Out 😀


    • No worries… this is the PERFECT spot to address this inquiry. Russian Tigger addressed it as such too.

      In short, and in my personal opinion, it seems our “Digital World” of gamers has forgotten simple rationalizations and respect when it comes to other human beings. Things I see trending a lot are as follows…

      DEMAND instead of ask
      THREATEN instead of communicate
      BE ABUSIVE instead of using common courtesy
      Etc Etc Etc..

      We see it here at the Addicts all the time. Like I noted in the post above, I have had my life threatened, death wished upon me and my family, and (makes me sick still) that I should be beaten and raped. All this from supposed “human beings”… stemming from… a GAME. It seems too many at times lose their minds and forget it is just a silly game. Here for amusement and distraction, not to decide the next World War. Though with the comments you would think that.

      TinyCo is just that… TINY. Like I can count on my fingers their staff that run Family Guy. It is just a small amount. Nothing like the massive gaming houses out there (like EA) with sites worldwide and call centers for support. TinyCo made a popular game and tried to please their customers. But such like in the real world, you can’t please everyone… it is impossible. So I watched as TinyCo changed and adapted their game on the fly all trying to meet Player demand. Many times I cringed as I felt they were giving in TOO Much and it would backfire. It did. Players turned cut throat and demanded changes ALL THE TIME ON EVERY LITTLE THING. Essentially asking for a new game made THEIR way and not TinyCo’s. There was no way TinyCo could keep up, as it is their game afterall and THEY decide how it is ran. Players demanded it be more like the other popular game we write on (TSTO) and a simple tap n go game. This is not the game TinyCo created. Theirs has always been and will always be a challenging game. One you play to see where you get, and what you get. You won’t get it all unless you pay, but you can still have fun.

      Players turned more vicious, abusive, and just plain cruel. Trolls overtook their Facebook Page and comments. It got so out of hand. As they still needed to focus on running their game… they pulled back. They stopped communicating as much on platforms like FB, Twitter, etc (as it is annoying to waste a day going through 1000 “F U” messages to try and find that one from a Player actually needing help… I know as that is what we do here at times). Imagine YOU are waiting to get help, but you have to wait up to 3 or more days for that help because someone before you decided to send over 1000 messages to TinyCo every hour every day to try and “make their point”. Imagine how upset now you are getting because you need legitimate help, but someone else flooding the help line ridiculously is making it impossible to get to you in a timely manner. (Their support staff is very small.) This caused a backlash of those needing help and not getting it. A lot of that hold up created by the same abusive Players flooding their FB page. Domino effect if you will.

      After some rearranging, a new approach was sought. The Newer placed Staff wanted to make a go of it again. Sadly there is still Trolls and people who think change happens when you are abusive and cuss & swear the most. But those at TinyCo would still like to continue to make a game and communicate with Players in the Community.

      Will it ever be perfect? Nope. No game in existence in the Digital World is without technical issue. Can it be frustrating at times? YES, very much so. Do they change on the fly? Yes, many times. Do they listen to their Players suggestions? Yes. Many things in the game were adapted and added from this. Many. Is it still a fun game? Yes! I think so. You just have to approach it as a challenge and not a simple task. Go in setting small goals at set points and as you make those goals, set another. If you go in setting your result ALL of it… you will just walk away frustrated and disappointed. Most events are created MONTHS in advance, so what worked 3 months ago may not work when the Event actually went live… so they monitor and adjust as the game progresses.

      Short story Long… this is a game. Here are thoughts I feel all should think about…
      It will be hard, not easy.
      Don’t expect perfection. No game is perfect.
      You will have to put in time to get anywhere in the game.
      If you need help, just ask. Yelling, swearing, and cussing does not get anything anywhere.
      If you feel frustrated, step away a bit, take a break, then come back.
      PATIENCE. Their staff is small and will take time to get to you. Many times they will use forums like the Addicts to spread word to many quickly to cut this time down and give a quicker response to the many.

      Most of all, don’t “bite the hand that feeds”. If you are abusive to those that are just trying to help… you will find less and less help until none exists anymore.

      There is a LOT more detail and insight into all this, but it is over 2yrs of information. If you want more, feel free to email me. familyguyaddicts@gmail.com 🙂
      Hopefully that at least gives you an overall idea of it all.


  3. Right about the clam purchased regular characters like Jake Tucker, Conseula, Cleveland, Brain damaged horse…they don’t do much and those characters are available for new players. Looks like the answer to that comment was more for event clam characters maybe?


  4. Thanks for this insight for those of us who did not participate. Let me say again, I really think the amount of free content in the game is fine, I’m shocked by people wanting more and more for free, what the deuce? I’d like to see a new district open where we can earn some of the squatters, like the drunken pirates in this event, and the little kids from the main game, and those Bulls, please let me earn a bull, with the voice!! Sometimes these things are available, like we got Bane and the gorilla, but I’ve not seen the regular ones ever offered.


  5. after sending a ton of in game messages about the cannon ball drops they finally responded as said drops were normal. I have gotten 5 cannon balls out of 50 tries. i would NOT call that normal.


  6. Let’s agree to disagree. I saw MANY responses to many queries in there. A lot I did not post, but definitely answers to questions that have been asked over and over and Players seeking answers to. Just like here on this site, just because it is not the answer you wanted, does not mean it wasn’t answered. They were very straight forward and blunt on many things. 😉

    If you had a specific question… did you ask during the AMA? If not, then message them. They noted that they want Players to do so in the AMA. Reach out to them. See if you get the answers you are seeking.


  7. It kinda sounds like they are just saying yea yea but I don’t see things happening in the game yet, esp about using previous characters. For example the most popular ones right now aren’t doing anything Meg, stewie, mayor west, tom tucker, Brian, consuela to name a few.
    There has been a small increase in clam drops I’m grateful for that.


    • Both meg and mayor west have drops in the current event, though i agree I’d like to see then used more often.


    • Character usage is a little head-scratching at times. It always surprises me that the one ‘main’ character that seems to get lost in the shuffle lately is Cleveland.

      One issue that is presently driving me crazy (I’ve seen in mentioned here, but I don’t know if it was mentioned during the AMA) is the purgatory that is the Pawtucket Brewery. Enough already – why do we need to earn all the decos over and over again to be able move on? One time through is fine – and the “prices” are pretty high for decos that (in my case) are just going to be shoved into inventory for the duration. Many of them require long tasks and others required some pretty high coinage that could be better spent elsewhere.

      Poor Tom’s purchased a life time of mustache cream and Trish has been run over so many times that I expect her to reach out and slap me every time I have her report from the scene…it’s just getting frankly tedious…

      Sorry, didn’t mean to turn this into a WTD post!


      • Look on the bright side, Tom and Tricia have nothing better to do, and haven’t had anything better to do for what seems like several events now.


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