Where the Hell….? Salty & Daggermouth

As we’ve been sailing through the latest event to hit our games, Peter’s Booty Haul, we’ve come across some new fun characters, two of these are Salty & Daggermouth. But where have we seen them before?
Salty & Daggermouth appeared in the Family Guy episode A Fish Out of Water which aired way back in 2001 as part of Season 3. In this episode an unemployed Peter has seen his weight balloon, and is horrified when on a visit to the docks, Tom Tucker mistakes him for a planet.
Worth mentioning here is we actually already have Peter’s obese character skin from this episode in our games under the guise of  Forklift Peter.
Forklift Peter
Horrified by what he’s become, Peter hatches on a plan to become a fisherman and in pursuit of this dream remortgages the family home for $50,000 to a rather shady loan company. With the money he buys a boat at auction, and quite appropriately after our last event, names it S.S. More Powerful than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk Put Togerher.
Fish out of Water TV Episode
But it’s not all plain sailing as Peter is again conned, this time by a fellow fisherman, Hennessey, who does everything to sabotage his new rival, including giving Peter false fishing co-ordinates that see him and his boat gate crash a Bar Mitzvah. Reeling from all this, things are only getting worse as Peter’s dream becomes a nightmare as the loan company starts to repossess the family’s furnishings as they prepare for him to default on the loan.
Peter realises he has to hatch a plan to raise $50,000, and raise it quickly,  in desperation he turns to Quagmire for advice, his advice for Peter to turn to prostitution is dismissed as Peter decides all his problems will be solved if he can catch the notorious killer and man-eating fish Daggermouth and bag the $50,000 reward that goes with it. Seamus tells Peter it’s a crazy plan, but as we all know those are the kind Peter likes best. He calls up his trusty crew, Quagmire, Joe & Cleveland and together they hit the high seas in pursuit of Daggermouth. What could possibly go wrong, well for a start they get drunk and sit sharing tales of their perfect woman.
We discover Joe has a thing for Mariel Hemmingway, Cleveland has a power crush on Margaret Thatcher, Peter, well he’s got it bad for a certain lady from Total Recall, I’m sure you can guess who I’m talking about, and finally Quagmire reveals his love for Taylor Hanson, oops.
Soon they find themselves sobered up and tracking the legendary Daggermouth to his hideout, but when they get there they find out a shocking secret. Daggermouth isn’t real but a robotic fish created by no other than our other new character, Salty.
Fish out of Water TV episode
We discover the eccentric Salty has faked his own death and is now putting all his energy into creating a media frenzy around Daggermouth in the hope he can sell the idea as a cartoon to a network, accompanied by a generous merchandising deal of course. Peter and his crew agree to keep Salty’s secret in return for $50,000 which will let Peter pay off his loan and Peter returns to shore triumphant.
As the episode draws to a close we see Lois & Peter sitting watching TV, and what’s showing on Nickelodeon but the cartoon, Daggermouth and Boom Boom.
Fish out of Water TV Episode
So that’s where you’ve met Salty & Daggermouth before.  Do you remember this episode? If you’ve never seen it do you now plan to watch it? And can anyone tell me the name of the planet Tom Tucker mistook Peter for at the start of the episode?

2 responses to “Where the Hell….? Salty & Daggermouth

  1. Why is there not an option to purchase dager mouth with clams? Every character where you need to earn things is usually able to buy if you don’t get in time? Will this change?


    • I think he’s supposed keep us busy until the end of the event, hence no buyout as yet. Not sure if that will change once his last item unlocks.


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