Peter’s Booty Haul 101: FISHING

Hey there Underwater Sea Creatures!

Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Roly Poly Fish Heads…

Little Fish, Big Fish, Swimming in the water…

With the New Phase 2 just launching and more options of earning Materials/Currency for the Event… I wanted to go over one of the new elements added to the game, FISHING AT FISHERMAN’S COVE!


Let’s take a look at all that goes into this new option. 

For more information on the Event, go HERE



In order to be able to get to the Fishing option, you will need to progress a bit in the Main Questline, Trawl of Booty Pt 5. At that point Chris will trigger the Questline that will give you access, Gone Fishing.

Gone Fishing Pt. 1
Chris Starts

Learn About Fishing: Tap on “GO” to see the information
Have Quagmire Act Fishy: 6hrs, Earns $65 & 65xp

Completed Task Rewards: 5 Cursed Treasure


Gone Fishing Pt. 2
Chris Starts

Earn 2 Fishbones: Fish to collect them, payouts vary
Place Skull Rock: Cost 30 Fishbones

At this point you have triggered the Fishing options, so you can go over to the Event Area to Fisherman’s Cove and start Fishing. Just tap on the area (I tap on the pillar under the Tent) and the Fishing Pop Up screen will Appear




After tapping on Fisherman’s Cove, the Fishing Screen will appear.


  • You will see on the screen the Rewards you have so far as you Fish up top.
  • The amount of Bait/Worms you have available in the Lower Left.
  • The CAST button in the Lower Right.
  • Then in the center, you will see the circle that is essentially your target that you will use to get the Fish.




You will need the one thing that ALL Fishies just love to have, WORMS!! Lol.

Worms/Bait (Always): Quagmire Act Fishy 6hrs OR Meg  Practuce Bird Calls 6hrs OR Mayor West Launching Cats 6hrs OR Clam Buy from Shopping Cart



This is pretty straight forward. It is more of an “Aim n Shoot” kind of set up. You wait for a minute while the Koi swim around, the more that are close to each other the better as you want to get as many as possible with one CAST to save on your Bait and make it go as far as you can.


Put your finger on the Target in the middle of the screen and drag it around to where the group of Fish are that you want to get. You will see the circle turn from a RED/ORANGE to GREEN.



Once it is GREEN, that means you have Fish(es) in your target. Tap on CAST to try and catch them. (Better chance of capturing more if they are really close to almost on top of one another.)


Once you tap on CAST, you will see the Fishing Line and Hook tossed out at the area you targeted.


You will then be given Rewards depending on how many Fish you caught with your CAST.




It will vary on how many fish you snag at a time. Here are MY results, yours may vary.

Per Fish Caught
fishbone1 Fish Bone
6-ring-plastic1 6-Ring Plastic (Chance)

I know the Rings are an “Uncommon” but it seemed I got one every drop for quite some time in a row before skipping one. I am still playing around with it though. It really didn’t matter the color of Koi I caught either.



That will vary and depend on YOUR game and YOUR strategy. I do not know if there is a set number of them you can get at one time, but with patience in my game I have been able to capture up to 3 at a time.

koi-2 koi-1




  • Get to Gone Fishing Pt. 2
  • Stock up on Bait
  • Tap on Fisherman’s Cove
  • Drag Target Circle to groups of Fish til it turns GREEN
  • Tap on CAST
  • Get Rewards


There you have it, the Basics to Fishing. Another element added to the game to help you earn Materials to unlock Daggermouth and get other items in the game.

What are your thoughts? Have you started to Fish yet? If so, what is the most you caught with one Cast? Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.





21 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul 101: FISHING

  1. Hey, it’s officially September 28th, marking the end of the event! However, all my characters who’ve been able to collect bait/worms (Meg, Quagmire, PeterPan, Mayor West) during the event are STILL ABLE to collect them!

    Does anyone know if this is just a minor oversight/glitch which is only happening to/for me, if it’s indeed occurring in anyone else’s gameplay, &/or if it’s intentional & they’re gonna be able to be used in the next event?

    Just curious! ☺️ 🤔🤔🤔 ☺️



    • Yes we’ve seen these little things carry over before, but they are usually removed by the next update. So just ignore them until then.


  2. Is anyone else finding gears are very hard to find? Got all the rainbow fish I need after only 5 casts, then proceeded to cast 20 times on the regular koi, catching 40, for 31 fish bones and 4 gears. This seems terribly low for ‘uncommon’.


    • Uncommon drops are notorious for being slow, we’ve all found the same. He’s got no tasks that help, so just keep at it and fingers crossed you’ll get the drops before 27th.


  3. WTF? I think they just reset my gears and plastic rings???? They were DONE and now back to the original numbers and no 3rd mystery item now. In one of my games I have moved on to the Blackbeard phase and thought had something to do with it but my other game did it too. That one I’m still finishing the last few tasks for Treasure Punting.

    The MOST BORING part of this game and now I have to DO IT AGAIN??? BOOOOOOO!!!!! It’s worse than real fishing.


  4. I could be wrong but when you open the area the sound effect is the same used in the Star Trek event to go to the astroid shooting area.


  5. Thank you SO much for this! I think it’s ridiculous that you can’t click on the worms in the bottom left-hand corner to get a list of characters that earn worms. I had Quagmire busy getting cannonballs so I couldn’t fish…you telling us about Meg and West was perfect.

    I wish, when, you have people in the hotel, that some indication would come up to say they have actions that now earn things in the current event.


    • Usually you can click and get a list but something gone wrong here. But always keep checking the main phase post in the 24 hrs after an update hits as we put all drops in that, also check the useful characters posts. Peter Pan also has a 4hr bait Task. Good luck fishing.


  6. I’m not bothering to go through the fishing questline. So I’m still on part 1. But I can still fish – I go to Daggermouth and open his locked icon, then choose anything in the list (the last one doesn’t even mention part 2). That takes me to the fishing area where I can fish. I want that rock for 30 fish bones, it drops gold coins! Just a few more to go.


    • There’s only 2 parts to the Questline and you will probably complete it by default just playing the fishing game and buying the decoration. The only thing out with that is Quagmire task to drop bait, but depends where you are with cannonballs on whether you want pull Quagmire of that drop.


  7. These are strange fish, they mostly swim backwards or sideways; also very very slowly, so it’s easy to catch one but waiting for two or more together takes extraordinary patience. They seem to spend rather a lot of time at the edge of the playing area (or beyond it) too… not entirely sure this mini-game is functioning correctly!


  8. Thank you for showing me where to tap to open the fishing screen. Couldn’t find it myself, so I’ve been going to Daggermouth and using the 6-ring go button to open the screen.


    • It’s like our sea is unchartered waters and we are on a scavenger hunt to find things in it, I was same with The Black Market in week 1, lol.


  9. Thak you so much! I’m the dummy who went fishing without checking you out first. 😡 I wasted a worm cuz I didn’t know what I was doing, and I’ve wasted time not sending Meg and Mayor West out to get more. I like this little side game but I’m off to a slow start.


    • Awww don’t stress on it. Just do what you can. I think everyone is a lil tripped up at first, then you get the hang of it. 🙂


    • Always keep checking back on the main Phase post in the first day after new phase hits, as we update these as we verify things in our game, and you will find the basics on drops etc for things like this.


  10. I love this purely for the PJ Harvey reference. Go Bunny


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