Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – Sloshed Schooner Rewards

Ok addicts, it’s the Sloshed versus the Scurvy as the 2nd phase of Peter’s Booty Haul sees our Sloshed Schooner take on the might of Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron.

Stoke up your cannons as there’s rewards afoot and we want to get our hands on them before they fall into the greedy mitts of that scurvy lot.

This post is about battle rewards, and once again I’m only going to cover the basics as the gameplay is really the same as with the Groggy Gunboat, only the rewards are different me hearties. You can find Battles and level information in the following posts.

Sloshed Schooner Battles

Sloshed Schooner Levels

You will notice that there are 3 boats in Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron, but when you initiate your very first attack you will only  damage one of these and receive the lowest reward available. The rewards you get are Lemons, (used for buying gunpowder kegs) and Cinnamon (used to purchase items in the House of Booty).

The main reason to upgrade your Schooner level  is it will initially allow you to do more damage and destroying more boats in Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron means collecting the higher rewards that come with this. What follows is a quick guide to the rewards I got in my game, depending on my Schooner Level, the Raid Level and the crew used in the attack.

It’s absolutely impossible for me to give you a breakdown of the rewards at every upgrade, raid level or with each crew member due to the way the game varies, many players will be at different upgrade levels, different raid levels and will have different crew available to attack, depending on how quickly they have unlocked Peter Pan. So I’m just going to give some examples of my rewards and other players can share theirs in the comments.

Okay now we get to the nitty, gritty part, so tighten your seat belts as I take us through the crazy world of Schooner rewards.

Once you enter the attack screen you can see and do the following, 1: select your character/s, 2: see the damage they can do, 3: the cost of the attack, in this example it is 6 bottles of whiskey, (which you can collect from clearing octopuses or Tinker Bell’s task Make Small Talk), and 4: the reward you will receive once victory is yours.


This was my attack screen at Level 1 using only Salty to attack, you will see with destroying 1 ship the rewards are 2 Cinnamon and 6 Lemons.

At Level 2 with 1 crew member, Salty, my reward was 3 Cinnamon and 9 Lemons, however during this attack all 3 ships were destroyed and the Scurvy Squadron was strengthened to Raid Level 2.


This meant I had to upgrade my Schooner, and at Level 3 using only Salty to attack the rewards were back down to 2 Cinnamon and 6 Lemons. So I upgraded to Level 4 and as you can see below the rewards increased again, with just 1 crew member, Salty, to 4 Cinnamon and 9 Lemons.


However as you can see this destroyed all 3 ships again and the Scurvy Squadron strengthened to Raid Level 3, so now if I attacked with 1 crew member, Salty, I would only get 3 Cinnamon and 3 Lemons. So once again I upgraded first to Level 5 where my rewards with 1 crew member, Salty, were 4 Cinnamons and 9 Lemons, but I skipped this and immediately upgraded again to Level 6 only to find initially the reward was the same as Level 5, 4 Cinnamon and 9 Lemons.

But after attacking with just Salty, the 3 ships were destroyed again and the Scurvy Squadron strengthened to Raid Level 4 and below was my attack screen doing a second attackat Level 6 using only Salty to attack, the rewards falling due to the increased strength of the Scurvy Squadron to just 4 Cinnamon and 3 Lemons.

So in order to increase my rewards I did another 2 upgrades, taking me up to Level 8, here using just 1 crew member, Salty, my rewards increased to 6 Cinnamon and 9 Lemons.

But despite my attack screen showing I would only damage 2 ships, at the end of the attack it showed I’d defeated all 3 and the Scurvy Squadron strengthened again to Raid Level 5.



Now with the enemy at Raid Level 5 my rewards went down at Level 8 to only 5 Cinnamon and 3 Lemons.


Which meant, yes you guessed more upgrades.   upgraded to Level 9 and with using just 1 crew member, Salty, and was getting 6 Cinnamon and 6 Lemons.


I’ve now stopped at Schooner Level 10, (Scurvy Squadron is now at Raid Level 6) and enjoying lower rewards of  6 Cinnamon and just 3 Lemons with one crew, but as you’ve read in this post if I’d stopped upgrading at an earlier Level I would actually be earning higher rewards. I only kept going to get you all the information you need should you wish to Level up quickly. But my advice is upgrade with care, as sometimes higher levels = lower rewards.

But I’m not worrying about my current lower as I’ve now purchased everything I need from the House of Booty, so the rewards being dished out are adequate for me to try to stockpile some cinnamon and lemons incase needed for the next phase.

I hope this explains the varying rewards a little, to be honest these are one of the more awkward posts to put together because we will all be getting different rewards depending on levels, crew etc. Some of you may have unlocked Peter Pan and be attacking with 2 crew for even higher rewards. If so please feel free to share your results in the comments.

Something else I will add is this weeks main Questline only requires you to upgrade your Sloshed Schooner to Level  3, but you will need to get your Groggy Gunboat to Level 8, so spend your gunpowder resources wisely whilst keeping this in mind.



4 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – Sloshed Schooner Rewards

  1. So if I have read this post correctly…if I don’t upgrade, I get crappy rewards. If I do upgrade, I’ll defeat all ships (once), and get good rewards (once), forcing the Raid level to increase which puts me back to crappy rewards. So remind me…what’s the point in upgrading…?


    • It’s not about why bother upgrading but more about getting to a level that allows you complete main Questline and maximise your rewards. What it shows is don’t burn through all your resources trying get to the maximum levels in this but strategise by looking at my info. If you get to a Level where rewards satisfy the main Questline and suit your collection needs then stop there without worrying your missing out on massive rewards a few levels up. Also as post says the Raid level doesn’t increase with every single upgrade but shows you when mine did. Others rewards and ships destroyed will vary if they have Peter Pan, that’s why I state this is just a guide from my game.


  2. Very helpful. Thank you!


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