Peter’s Booty Haul 101 – Octopuses Are Here!

Hi there shipmates. I’m getting a load of questions on Octopuses, and considering I’m not a marine biologist that’s something I never thought I’d say. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so for all those fellow addicts crying out “Where’s my Octopuses?” here’s the answer.

Firstly Octtopuses will NOT appear in your game until you reach Part 2 of this weeks main Questline, Trawl of Booty. This will activate the Octopuses in your game and instruct you to clear 10 Octopuses with Your Cannon. To do this you need to have collected cannonballs, you can get these from: Clam Options in Shopping Cart OR Seamus Bury Treasure OR Pirate Queen Lois Load Cannons OR Quagmire Use Salty Language OR Jolly Roger OR Charming Cove (House of Booty) – please note the drops are Uncommon.


Yes, that’s what we’ve been collecting those cannonballs for, to blast these octopuses. Now in order to get your Cannon crosshair to appear you need to click on Go in the Clear 10 Octopuses with your Cannon task. Once you have your cannon on screen you can aim and you will also see the option to fire on the octopuses.  After you’ve initiated your cannon with the task a small crosshairs box will then appear at the bottom right of your main game screen, right next to the event button. Clicking on this will in future bring up your Cannon crosshair which looks like this.

Cannon Crosshair

Now as one would expect those octopuses in our seas are all spread out, so you’re going to need to work to gather a few together to utilise each cannonball fired, as yes you can destroy more than one at a time.

Some are talking about corralling them using a maze of tropical fish, personally I’ve not tried this as I’m using the test my patience to the limit route whereby I tap an octopus to freeze it, wait, wait, wait for another octopus to wander close by, tap it to freeze it, now I’m tapping 2 octopuses to keep them frozen together, I wait for another and another until I have about 6 in small area, and fellow addicts it has to be a tight area as the blast radius from the cannonball is small. I tend be hitting 4 or 5 of my frozen octopuses this way.

Once my octopuses are all frozen, I quickly hit the Cannon button, aim in the middle of them and fire.


My results so far have been ok, I find by hitting an average 4-5 octopuses I get nice little amount cursed treasure, 1 or 2 whiskey and 2-3 tiger lily feathers, ( feathers only drop if you’re unlocking Peter Pan).


For any addicts who want to go down the maze route, here’s one Bunny created earlier.


Now a little bit of advice, you may want to have bought Peter Pan from the House of Booty before you blast through all your cannonballs, as one of his unlock items is tiger lily feathers and he needs a lot of them, 104 to be precise, and they aren’t an always drop, they are uncommon. So to best utilise each cannonball start unlocking him ASAP. Also note that Part 5 of Trawl of Booty requires you to clear a further 30 Octopuses, so you may want try get there in order for your clearing octopuses to count towards this.

So there you have it a quick guide to grabbing those octopuses by their tentacles, (TENTACLES, I said TENTACLES folks), and getting them to drop their haul of cursed treasure, whiskey and, em, feathers. All makes perfect sense doesn’t it.

Have fun, but remember folks octopuses have rights too…..


28 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul 101 – Octopuses Are Here!

  1. I’ve made a bunch of small areas and the octopuses go right through it. I might have to try a legitimate maze like bunny.


  2. Alexander Colloredp

    Hey, does the Jolly Roger drop Cannon Balls? When you click to see what drops them, it does, but on the booty haul, it does not.


  3. I have 2 mil coins so I’ll be buying fish. I found that the maze works well but you don’t have to make it Bunny complicated. Just need alot of straight lines and containment. In this way I can do the click freeze thing and if they unfreeze they can’t get far. I can get 6 to 10 gathered in short order. And they don’t scatter to the for winds when I go to get my cannon ball. I’m thinking if you can’t afford several hundred fish then just make some straight lines near the island. Anything that gets them lined up in one direction.


    • Bwahahahahah “Bunny Complicated”. I just play around with designs to see what traps them easier in groups of more. So no, no one has to copy my methods. I am the Bunny afterall and slight cray cray. 😉

      A simple spiral would work just fine. Or same back and forth in a small square in the middle of where they gather.


  4. It takes some patience and concentration but I can make the most of my cannon balls and do the “click freeze” thing and at least get 6 octopi at once, and many times 7 or 8. Once I got 9! I just wish you could get more than one fish at a time in the fishing game, but at least the purchase items are only like 30 and 16 so it won’t take TOO long:)


    • I’ve hit 7 octopuses using 1 cannonball and got 3 fish with one bait, really lucky as 3 fish passed on top each other. Takes a lot patience.


  5. This event is fun…playing in the water, I’m enjoying this.


  6. I’m having a hard time trying to move things to create barriers &/or a maze to help accumulate more octopuses in a specific area. I have about 20 fish to work with, ontop of the big Island which dishes out the 13 clams, the boats, and the sea serpent thing.
    I bought the approximate $13/$14 worth of clams to get the 10 canon balls (& I also bought the similar deal from last week), so I’m trying to get the most use out of what I bought. Does anyone have any tips for creating these alleged mazes lol? I’ve tried finding an example of a screen shot showing how other people are making them, but have been horribly unsuccessful in said search.


  7. Does the Jolly Roger actually drop cannon balls? If so, how many and how frequently? Is it worth the price?


    • It’s dropped about 3 out of 8 tries for me. Anyone else want to add their stats.


      • Sorry, I don’t have stats, but with the scarcity of cannon balls from other sources (and the fact that the Jolly Roger drops Cursed Treasure, as well), I decided it was worth it to buy it. Now I am also considering buying Charming Cove, but as I am often able to get 7-9 Octopuses per cannon ball, I may be able to get by with my current Cannonball drop rate. I sometimes just have to wait for more Octopuses to spawn, before it is worth using up a Cannonball.


        • I’m finding I now have cannonballs to spare as I’m clearing 6-7 octopuses by freezin them, so I’m not going buy Charming Cove. Going to stockpile some cannonballs and bait incase needed for the weekly challenge. I’m moving through phase quite well I think, although Peter Pan I’d still way out on the horizon. He will keep me busy rest of the phase I think.


  8. My game freezes every time I fire a cannonball at an octopus. Is anyone else having problems?


  9. Tried the fish barrier approach… Found that you can get them close to shore before getting into the “red” shore area… But the octopi actually can go around by traveling across the land at the shore. And while they will not normally cross the fish barrier in the middle, they seem to do this in certain areas of the water/ so maybe there are channels of sorts that the octopi follow regardless of any barriers placed in front. On a side note… The spruce trees can no longer be placed on water. I had a few placed in ocean just to test idea and for my own amusement, but when I tried to move them to new location in water found all areas red and couldn’t move them. So for now my little forest remains! Cannon balls I’m beginning to see as a potential bottle neck right now as all the new buildings require materials you need with the new ship, which of course requires shooting octopi to operate. Good luck to all of you scurvy dogs!!!


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