Peter’s Booty Haul – Marine Mystery Box

It’s a mystery, and there’s no sign of those pesky kids or Scooby Doo to solve it, so instead you get me bringing you this post. I know li’l old me is disappointing but hey what if I sweetened the deal with a few Scooby Snacks? No, okay I’ll just get on with throwing you some information instead.

The Marine Mystety Box is now live in our games, bringing with it a plethora of prizes.

Marine Mystery Box

Cost ~ 150 Clam Icon clams

The prizes should you wish to try your luck are:

Mermaid Bruce (Character Costume ~ Always drops lemons) 
Merpeople Rock (Animated decoration)
2 Gunpowder Kegs
10 Cinnamon
175 Clams
Ticking Croc (Animated decoration)
135 Cursed Treasure
12 Lime
10 Grog

Mermaid Bruce

We can’t give you any odds on these, they really are a game of chance, and remember the event materials can repeat. So the decision is yours whether to risk your clams on these fellow addicts. Did you chance your luck? Were you lucky? Share your luck, good or bad, in the comments.

But hey,  at least in the end we didn’t need Scooby to unmask the man in mask, or in this case the mermaid costume, as we all know it’s Bruce.





12 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul – Marine Mystery Box

  1. I haven’t seen a post about the Fun In The Sun Mystery Box yet. Since the contents are all old characters/costumes, I’m not sure whether it’s just something that the fine Addicts haven’t had time to put together yet or whether you’ve already got everything in it so don’t know that it dropped. In my game, it had one character (Jillian) and seven costumes (Rollerblading Bikini Peter, Steroid Stewie, Hot Meg, Barmaid Lois, Sexy Firefighter Chris, Stripper Bonnie, and Cheerleader Bonnie). 150 clams to open.


  2. I got crappy decoration….ugh


  3. Too many clams to risk for only one really good prize. I got lucky last time and got Stewie Robin on second try, I’m not counting on lightning to strike twice with Merman Bruce…:)


  4. I got 10 cinnamon but I don’t know what it’s used for? Can someone tell me?


  5. Mermaid Bruce is not dropping Lemons for me!
    He’s only dropping Limes and it’s a 24-hour quest.


  6. Got merman Bruce first try. Lucky me


  7. Felt like taking the risk and got 10 cinnamon. Could have been worse I suppose.


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