Peter’s Booty Haul BATTLES- Groggy Gunboat

Fire up your cannons as there’s a high seas battle afoot and I just wanted to gather and share a little information so we don’t all start misfiring or shooting ourselves in the foot.

Upon reaching Pt. 3 of the main Questline See No Evil you will be prompted to repair the Groggy Gunboat. This has a 10sec repair and once repaired your gunboat will be ready to go into battle.


Pt. 4 of See No Evil will prompt you to man your cannons and Attack Blackbeards Fearsome Flotilla. Pressing GO will take you to the Attack your Enemies screen. You can see from this Peter, Pirate Queen Lois & Salty can all attack, but as of now we can only use Peter whilst we work on unlocking the others.


Once you select your character/s you will see the damage they can do, the cost of the attack, in this example it is 5 bottles of grog, (which you can collect from clearing drunken pirates), and the reward you will receive once victory is yours. The attack with Peter alone takes 3 hrs and the reward is 3 Limes and 2 Bags of Salt. Once an attack is underway you will see your gunboat firing on Blackbeards flotilla, if you click on it you will see the time remaining and confirmation of the reward you will receive.

Once the attack is complete you will see the following on screen, tap the tick and you will be able to collect your reward.



As soon as a battle is over as long as you have enough grog you can immediately start another attack.

You will also see an option to upgrade your Gunboat. To do this you will need Cursed Treasure and Limes to purchase Gunpowder from The Black Market. (For those wondering The Black Market is the building directly to the left of the House of Booty).


By upgrading you can destroy more ships in Blackbeards flotilla with each attack and obviously gain more rewards. It’s going to take you time to collect what you need for these upgrades, and I’m having some crashing issues when I’m upgrading, so give us a little time and we will have more about upgrading in another post.

The quickest way to increase your Gunboat crew is to concentrate on unlocking Pirate Queen Lois, as you can’t unlock Salty without her anyway. This means you may want to make your first purchase from the House of Booty, the Pirate Academy as it drops Captain’s Hats which are needed to unlock Lois’ skin.

So that’s our guide to attacking, thank you for sailing with us, we hope to sail with you again soon.



19 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul BATTLES- Groggy Gunboat

  1. Twice now I have had an opportunity to speed up the 3 hour timer without spending clams. Both times I have been attacking 2 ships, and when the second one goes under water my ship moves on to start shooting at the 3rd ship. I still had at least 30 mins on the timer but when I tapped on one of the sunken ships it ended the battle and I got my normal reward!


  2. When I first upgraded my ship there was a noticeable difference in how much damage you do. Now though, it seems to have gone the other way and I do less damage. Do the flotillas get stronger or is this a glitch?


  3. Is anyone else getting an error message trying to log on to the game? Ever since the last update I haven’t been able to play 🤔🤔🤔🤔


  4. How often do the drunken pirates appear?


  5. I’m currently attacking BlackBeard and there’s a little over 2 hours left on the attack. However, I can already see the yellow checkmark over the ship in the pirate’s cove (or whatever it’s called).
    Clicking the checkmark only brings me back to the attacking ship.


  6. Something is wrong with the timer on the Shipwreck Point clam generator. Mine shows 23 plus hours since 6:30 last night. I have sent Tinyco 2 emails but no response as of now. Anyone else having this issue?


  7. Amazon no update???????


  8. Still no update on Amazon.


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