Peter’s Booty Haul 101 – Giant Squid

Update: For those who aren’t seeing Giant Squid in their games, don’t panic, he will show up at some point before Pt. 7 in the main Questline Treasure Punting,  

Ahoy there fellow addicts. There’s a new boss in Quahog for us to defeat, and I’m not squiding you when I say this one is tough.

But feeling merry on a combination of grog, whiskey and bourbon I’m going into battle with only some broken oars and rusty anchors as my weapons. If you’re wondering if I survived, well obviously I did, as I’m here telling the tale.

But I squid you not, he’s one mighty challenge to defeat to 5X.

Giant Squid

The Giant Squid is similar to other bosses we have seen in events in that he’s the big baddie who keeps on giving, but how do we get him to drop his haul. Well we need to attack him with broken oars OR rusty anchors. The only problem is you don’t know which item you need until you complete each attack on him, so there’s an element of luck in these fights.

The amounts of broken oars OR rusty anchors needed will be the same in every players game for each defeat level but the type of item won’t be. Many players report success in these battles by stocking up on a bunch of each item before attacking, I’ve personally done this but with the short respawn time I’m seeing in my game for the giant squid, this will be difficult at first. But very possible once you have unlocked Fancy Seamus and buy the buildings that drop from The House of Booty.

The amounts you will need to defeat him are as follows:

Battle ResourcesAnchor

Battle Resource Attack Level
1 Broken oar or Rusty anchor 1X
3 Broken oars or Rusty anchors 2X
6 Broken oars or Rusty anchors 3X
12 Broken oars or Rusty anchors 4x
15 Broken oars or Rusty anchors 5X

Now I’m going be honest I’ve not managed to hit him at level 5X before the Giant Squid times out. You only have 24 hours to defeat the Giant Squid up to 5X and I just can’t collect enough to get to that yet, I defeated him at 1X, 2X, 3X and 4X, then just started collecting for a fresh attack once he timed out and returned. You can of course spend clams to bring him back at the level he timed out at, but it’s a hefty amount so I’m personally not going there.

The loot you get is two-fold, Cursed Treasure for buying items in the House of Booty OR Powder Kegs from The Black Market OR  Items from the Store AND of course for unlocking characters. You will also collect ship wheels which are needed to unlock Davy Jones & Fancy Seamus.

What you will get at each level is as follows:

REWARDS imageCursed Treasur

Rewards Attack Level
1 Cursed Treasure & 1 Ship Wheel 1X
2 Cursed Treasure & 2 Ship Wheels 2X
3 Cursed Treasure & 3 Ship Wheels 3X
4 Cursed Treasure & 7 Ship Wheels 4X
5 Cursed Treasure & 15 Ship Wheels 5X

You will need 66 ship wheels to help unlock Davy Jones and 19 to unlock Fancy Seamus.


Now how do we get those Broken oars and Rusty anchors, well it’s a combination of character tasks and building drops.

BROKEN OARS Oar (Always drops 1)

Make Jerome Serve Liquid Courage (4 hrs)
Make Pirate Queen Lois Try on Eyepatches (4 hrs)
Make The Captain Battle the Soggies (4 hrs)
Make Fancy Seamus Polish his Look (4 hrs)
OR Buy packs from Store

You will also get 1 Broken oar every 4 hours from the Sperm Whale Suite (from House of Booty)

RUSTY ANCHORS Anchor (Always drops 1)

Make Jerome Get Seasick (4 hrs)
Make Pirate Queen Lois Buy Anti-Wrinkle Cream  (4 hrs)
Make The Captain Get Picked up in Grocery Stores (4 hrs)
Make Fancy Seamus Go Peg-Shopping (4 hrs)
OR Buy packs from store

You will also get 1 Rusty anchor  every 4 hours from the Sweet as Sugar Mill (The House ofBooty)


The battle modus operandi is similar to that of previous boss battles, click on The Giant Squid and at the bottom it will tell you 1: What item and how many you need to defeat him at each level 2: the rewards for defeating him at that level, and 3: how much time you have left before he disappears.

Squid Screen

Once you have gathered the required broken oars or rusty anchors the attack button will appear, press this to complete the attack at that level.

Squid Attack

Now once he times out, he respawns very quickly and you can start attacking him at Level 1X again. After he timed out in my game he respawned almost within minutes.


25 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul 101 – Giant Squid

  1. I’ve had the octopus for 4 days,but, have been unable to attack, as the requirements keep increasing exponentially. The more stuff I acquire, the more I need to attack. Wtf?


    • The Squid has 5 Levels. If you do not attack it at all and let it reset, it will go back to the 1 Level again and ask for less supplies. The payouts will be less too. 🙂


  2. I see TC decided to throw another curve at us with this boss battle: No down time, which means no chance to stockpile. As soon as the timer runs out/he’s defeated it immediately comes right back.


    • I think they did this as players were complaining about the downtime of bosses in previous events, TinyCo are damned if they do, damned if they don’t on this one. You can still stockpile, just don’t battle him for 24 hours while you gather oars and anchors, that’s what I’m gong to after completing the weekly challenge in order try hit him at 5X just once.


  3. I finally got access to the Giant Squid today and the rewards must have changed because it’s asking for 12 anchors on level 4, but the payoff is 7 wheels, not 4. I was going to wait based on the above posters math chart, but 7 is a lot better to collect than 4.


    • Glad he’s arrived in your game. It’s 4 Cursed Treasure and 7 ship wheels. I’m managing hit him to 4X but haven’t managed the 5X unfortunately where you get a nice 15 ship wheels. Good luck.


  4. I did some math on the squid battle payouts and wanted to point out that, depending on your goals and the timing of the respawns, it may not be worth trying for the higher levels. Based on the cumulative number of oars/anchors you need to pay out to have completed each level (1/4/10/22/37) and the cumulative amount of treasure (1/3/6/13/28) and ship’s wheels (1/3/6/10/15) you receive, the absolute best payout is the first level only (1:1 for both treasure and wheels per resource paid).

    The payout for wheels goes strictly down from there:
    Attack 1: 1.00 wheel/resource
    Attack 2: 0.75 w/r
    Attack 3: 0.60 w/r
    Attack 4: 0.45 w/r
    Attack 5: 0.41 w/r

    The payout for treasure dips down but comes back up for the last attack:
    Attack 1: 1.00 treasure/resource
    Attack 2: 0.75 t/r
    Attack 3: 0.60 t/r
    Attack 4: 0.59 t/r
    Attack 5: 0.76 t/r


    • Thanks for that breakdown 😀


    • Awesome breakdown on that math!!

      I did the simple math for wheels: 66 + 19 = FOREVER.

      Those wheels are at an impossibly super high number for an unreasonable 2 characters working on oars/anchors. But good call on the 1:1 payout!


      • I think trying get the 2 buildings that drop Broken oars and rusty anchors from House of Booty is a must, along with unlocking Fancy Seamus, to hit the 5X


  5. As seems to be par for the course, the Facebook users have gotten off to a late start. It’s 1:00pm EST, almost a full day later, and week 3 has not started, it seems. We have access to Crunch, and I believe our fishing allows for the gears, but no giant squid, nothing further for the week. Here’s hoping it’s fixed soon.


    • Other players don’t have Giant Squid, Bunny is trying get verification of when he should appear in the game. Check the characters don’t show the tasks yet, if they do you may be able stockpile resources.


    • It is now coming up with a message on the facebook version saying the giant squid looms over Quahog waters! Update your game now to stop him!, with an update button that does nothing but take you into the game. Which is strange as there is no way of updating the facebook version.


    • Even reaching part 7 in the facebook game doesn’t show the squid, even with it asking to attack him twice in that part.


  6. Thank you! I’m getting 8 flags from the groggy (level 13 or14), & 23 from the sloshed (level 8 or 9). I’m so precise… Lol. I could care less about Stewies skin but if Adrian Beaky is an actual character it might be worth chasing. Unless CC is voiced, I’m going entirely freemium on this one. So far, so good.
    Thank you again, RT, for the awesome & especially detailed info!


  7. Is the Giant Squid supposed to be in the whirlpool to the left of the event area? Because my whirlpool has disappeared..? Don’t know if that happened for everyone in the latest update or just me – I went to see if it was a known issue, but funnily enough, I opened the FAQs and I saw that the top one was FAQs on iOS10 is causing the game to freeze and then my game froze so I couldn’t learn more about where my whirlpool is. 😦


    • Yes, the giant Squid is right in the vortex on the left, in front of where Daggermouth is. TinyCo FAQ is below this, however I’m not at Pt. 7 of Treasure Hunting and haven’t started Release the Squid, so not sure exactly what triggers him, I know I was at Part 4 of Treasure Bunting and had placed Davy Jones, maybe something to do with that. Sorry I can’t give more accurate answer at this time but I will try get more info and update you.

      TinyCo FAQ below
      You fight the Giant Squid by reaching either one of two quests: Treasure Hunting Pt. 7 or Release the Squid Pt. 1. You will need to acquire Broken Oars and Rusty Anchors in order to fight the Giant Squid.


    • I’m having the exact same problem. I wrote to TinyCo and they’ve yet to get back to me.


  8. I’m not quite there for the giant octopus battles yet as I just unlocked Peter Pan 5 hrs ago, but, going forward, I have 2 questions. First, does the amount of pirate hats or flags or whatever they are (for the leaderboard) increase as you level up u’r boat(s)? Or do they stay the same. 2nd, is Captain Crunch voiced? If he is I might get him but, if not, I definitely won’t. In my opinion, hearing those lines from the show is half the fun of the game. Paying real money for silence doesn’t make sense to me & is something I have no intention of doing anymore.
    Ya’ll do awesome work here! Just wanted to shout my appreciation!


    • I will ask about Captain Crunch and update you.

      You collect flags for the Leaderboard and they do seem to increase with levels, although I can’t say by how many as I’m already at Level 12 in my Gunboat and Schooner and just started levelling up my Brig. The following figures are all only using 1 crew member. The Boozy Brig I’m at Level 4 and getting 34 flags. It seems to give you 1 flag extra for each upgrade. On my Groggy Gunboat at Level 12 I’m getting 7 flags and on my Sloshed Schooner at Level 12 I’m getting 26 flags. However before you consider going crazy levelling up, remember the other resources you get can go down as you level up as the raid levels increase, so try to remember flags aren’t the only item you need. I levelled up quick to get info for this blog but now I’m getting poor drops on lemons and limes, so it’s getting harder to get kegs to upgrade anything. Hope this helps.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Captain Crunch is not voiced at the moment, still trying find out if he will be in future.

      Liked by 1 person

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