Family Guy Episode Recap: Brokeback Swanson

Hey there Clammers!

As we tap away in our own lil Quahog that we created either since last year to even recently, we like to reflect on just WHERE all this content is coming from. The Amazing Family Guy Episodes that are released weekly for our viewing pleasure.

There are so many things going on each Episode that we may not have caught them, overlooked them, or may have giggled right along with everyone else. So for a look at what we just saw on TV … or for our Out Of USA Neighbors, a look at things to come for you.

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Note From Bunny: This post was brought to you by the generous help of one of our very own Addicts Readers Mellie! Thanks!!


~At the Drunken Clam, the guys are sitting around having a drink. They see a commercial about running with the bulls; it’s called Seriously Wicked Bull Run. They send Joe to get some beers and decide that they are going to run with the bulls but not tell Joe, Quagmire tells them they can’t run with a guy in a wheelchair because he’ll be dead weight. At the car wash while Brian and Stewie are waiting on the car to be washed Brian meets a girl, named Tori. Brian asks her what her afternoon is like and she tells him she doesn’t have any plans and they can get lunch and see what happens. Stewie says to himself that this will not end well.


~Back Peter’s house the guys are packing up the car and Joe wheels over and ask what they’re doing. Peter tells him that they are competing in a Chef Boyardee look- a-like contest. Joe tells them they are going to lose because they don’t have the chef hat. Peter tells Joe that they have to go because they are late. Joe rips his clothes off and says guess where I’m going and I got the hat. Quagmire then tells Joe that they are running with the bulls but didn’t want to invite him because they didn’t think he could keep up. Cleveland then says that they thought it would be dangerous and didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Joe then tells them that his handicap has never held him back. Peter goes on to say that you just peed in your bag, Joe tells him and you can’t say you didn’t just pee while talking.

Brokeback Swanson (1)

~At Tori’s place, Brian and Tori are in the bed, when Tori’s husband pulls up. Brian is like what your married, Tori says yes and he is jealous so you might want to go, and he is a navy seal. At that time the husband comes in and is like what’s going on. Brian suddenly starts acting like a dog and rolls over to get a belly rub. The husband is rubbing Brian’s belly and says you must be health you got a wet nose and you smell like sardines. The husband goes to take a shower and Tori tells Brian that as long as he thinks Brian is heir new pet they can continue their fling.

~Now at the Seriously Wicked Bull Run, they start running from the bulls. Cleveland thinks to himself why do I let them talk him into these things.  Peter tells Cleveland and Quagmire after this they should go hit alligators with sticks, Cleveland says your read my mind. Joe is rolling along when someone from the crowd throws a bottle cap onto the road. Peter looks back and sees it and yells for Joe to watch out. Joe tries to miss the cap but hits it with his wheel and it flips him over. Joe then gets trampled by the bulls, and one bull throws Joe up in the air. The guys come back to help Joe, and Joe tells them that he can’t feel anything from his neck down, and can’t move a muscle. Cleveland yells he is completely paralyzed.


~At the hospital, the Dr. Hartman comes in, and tells Joe that he is completely paralyzed and will need complete care. Lois tells Bonnie to let her know if she needs anything. Bonnie tells her to get her mail forever because she is leaving.  Back at Tori’s, Brian is still doing the pet thing. The husband calls for Tori to come in the living room to see how the “dog” is sitting and looking like he is watching television. The husband leaves to go to work, Tori says he has no idea then asks Brian if he wants to take a shower with her.  At Joe’s place, the guys are helping Joe. Joe tells the guys that he doesn’t want to be a burden on them and that they should go on with their life. Peter tells Joe that they can’t just leave him. Peter puts the remote, can of chili, a can opener and a magazine in Joe’s mouth. Quagmire takes all of Bonnie’s underwear so Joe isn’t reminded of her. Cleveland says that he feels bad for leaving Joe alone and that he can’t take care of himself, Quagmire is like we are all he’s got now. Peter thinks that Joe is fine. Lois and Stewie are at the park.  Lois tells Stewie to go play in the sandbox while she reads. Stewie runs into Brian on his way to the sandbox. Stewie asks Brian why is he on a leash. Brian tells Stewie that this is the guy whose wife he is banging.

Brokeback Swanson (3)

~Back at Joe’s Cleveland tells Joe that he can’t just sit there, so he brought something to read to him. Cleveland is reading him the crossword then decides to read from the Jet magazine.  At Tori’s house, Brian is laying in the floor while Tori and her husband are in the bed. Brian decides to leave; as Brian is leaving the husband grabs him and chains him up. He tells Brian that he needs him now more than ever because he believes that his wife is cheating. The husband played a voicemail that was on Tori’s phone, and says when he finds the guy he is going to rip his head off. This kinda scares Brian. Back at the Drunken Clam the guys look like they are wore out. Quagmire tells Peter that they can’t take care of Joe, it’s a lot of work and they don’t know what they are doing. Cleveland agrees, and believes he’d be better off with a nurse. Quagmire says they looked into it and got Joe a spot at the Quahog State Home. They take Joe to the State Home; before they leave Peter tells Joe that he watched his favorite movie.  Joe says you finally watched Backdraft, what did you think; I thought it was stupid Peter tells him.

Brokeback Swanson (4)

~Now at the Clam, Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland are talking about Joe. Quagmire says he’ll get better care and Cleveland feels bad for leaving him and Peter says that Joe will be fine and will fit in great, not like when I went to Hogwarts. Flash to Hogwarts and the hat sorting, the hat tells a couple of students what group they’re in. Peter has the hat on his head and it says housing for reregistered sex offenders.

~Back at Tori’s house Brian is still chained up and trying to get lose.  Tori comes out of the house and Brian tells her look what Vic did (the husband), Tori tells Brian that she is going to live with her mom in Baltimore, because Vic has lost his mind. Stewie shows up and ask if the gross hook up from the car wash end poorly. Brian wants to know how Stewie found him. Stewie tells him that a tracking device was put in his neck when he had that rotten tooth taken out. Brian ask for Stewie’s help, and tells him that her husband is crazy and the only reason he hasn’t killed him is cause he thinks Brian is his pet dog. Stewie is going to figure something out, Brian tells him to hurry because he is trapped like a baseball announcer. Flash to a baseball game where the pitcher is taking forever to throw a pitch, and the announcer going on and on.

Brokeback Swanson (5)

~At Peter’s house, Lois asks peter where he has been. Peter tells her that he got asserted for throwing a tv/vcr combo off the damn. Off of what damn asks Lois. Off the damn overpass, Peter says. They both laugh hahahha.  Then Peter tells her it was bad it hit a school bus. Lois tells him to talk to Joe about putting in a good word. Peter not finding the words ask Lois if she wants a back rub. Lois says that the only time you offer a back rub is when you got something to hide. Flash to gun shots and people and chickens running down the stairs, then Peter comes down and see Lois and ask if she wants a back rub. Peter tells Lois that they put Joe in a smelly home for the goofy. Joe is your friend how could you do that, ask Lois. Peter says they could not take it any more with Joe being completely paralyzed. Lois tells Peter to go get him out. Chris and Stewie go to Tori’s house to get Brian. Vic tells him that he is his dog now and they can’t have him. Chris says that he figured he would say that so he brought VP Joe Biden. VP Joe Biden thanks him for shooting the guy they said was Bin Laden, and then tells him to give them back their dog, and he does. Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland go to the State Home to get Joe. The guys tell Joe that they are sorry for leaving him t the home. The nurse tells them that they have to have a release from the doctor.  Peter calls the doctor, they all hear ring and want to know where it’s coming from. Cleveland says it coming from Joes back. Peter says that Dr. Hartman must have dropped his phone when looking at Joe. Joe is like thank God he had been here that all week.

~Back at the clam all the guys are having drinks, Joe says that Dr. Hartman’s phone was pressing against his spin and that’s what was causing the paralysis.  Quagmire says they are sorry for dropping the ball like that, Joe says that’s alright I’m back on my feet again…well you know what I mean. They all laugh.

Brokeback Swanson (6)

And that’s it, Hope y’all enjoy



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What did you think of the Episode? Any favorite moments? Thoughts? Let us know.

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