Truth, Justice & The Quahog Way Character Profile: Poison Ivy

Hey there Superheroes!!!!

Long time ago in a galaxy… nope that’s not it!

Once upon a time in a land far far away… hmmm not quite!!

Who will save the planet from the Evil Villains plot? Who will fly in to save the day? Who will shut up Meg? Stay tuned….

With this new Truth, Justice & The Quahog Way event, we also get some new Characters. Like Poison Ivy!


Let’s take a look at what Poison Ivy can do in our silly lil games.

Poison Ivy is a new Character added during the sixth week of Truth, Justice & The Quahog Way 2016. She was part of the content released during the extension and this made her a very difficult unlock due to the short time frame. As with many characters in the game in order to get her you have to collect stuff! Lots of stuff. You will be directed to unlock her with the Itching for a Cause Questline…...

Unlock Poison Ivy

She requires

30 Poison Arrows (Common)
6 Fertilizer (Uncommon)
8 Watering Cans (Rare)
7 Vine Lingerie (Rare)
Get the Arrow Cave from Wayne Tower

Once you have finished collecting all the Materials the character requires, you will be able to unlock her as a permanent addition to your game.

Poison Ivy Unlock

She does come with a Questline, Itching for a Cause.

Poison Ivy does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn $$$ & XP!

Let’s take a look at some of Poison Ivy’s Tasks:

Task Time Earns
Grow Out of Clothes 4hrs 5030
Creep 6hrs 6545  
Set a Trap 6hrs 6545
Give Killer Kisses 8hrs 8050  Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board
Put Down Roots 10hrs 9059
Check out the Foliage 24hrs 150100

**Note: Within an Event, tasks may change and vary as the Phases come and go. So some of these tasks will be temporary. Others may be one time use. Some will stick around even after the Event. We won’t know until the Event Ends.

And there you have it, the complete breakdown for Poison Ivy.

What do you think of the Poison Ivy? Where are you on unlocking her? What do you think of her tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!




7 responses to “Truth, Justice & The Quahog Way Character Profile: Poison Ivy

  1. I never got to see Poison Ivy and I was at lvl 20 for the last week. I greatly dislike missing out on even getting too see characters. I’m willing to spend a little but it’s a waste as I don’t get to enjoy the full challenge. I played every day, sometimes several times a day but missing out while maxing out on level rankles.


  2. I thought this was the best balanced event they have had since the Valentine’s Day event in 2015. I would give it a solid 6/10.


  3. I’m painfully close to getting poison ivy. I need 15 more kryptonite to unlock the last two necessary buildings. All 6 characters are chasing pills. The four characters for joker thugs are now in 6 hour cool down, and there’s roughly eight hours remaining in the event. Haven’t even bothered with the storyline as it just uses my pills haha. Mostly a freemium player but have purchased a few things to keep myself happy. I bought Harley, and have purchased a nine pack to finish off lex once. Otherwise totally freemium this event and have gotten all unlockable characters (I’ll see about ivy) and skins, except stu. Freemium is still a viable option for all the non believers out there!


    • Hope you get the last Kryptonite you need. If you get stuff towards an exchange for 8 Kryptonite and are a few short, the clam cost to complete the exchanges are sometimes quite low, I only found this on the 8 Kryptonite exchange, so if you’re a few short might be the way to go.


  4. I really wanted this character. I’m not a big DC person. I’m more of a Marvel guy. But even then, I’m not even too fond of Marvel either. Comic book characters aren’t really my thing. But that doesn’t make me not turn a blind eye on good potential. Heck, without this game I wouldn’t have found a new fondness of Star Trek at all! While DC isn’t exactly something of my taste, the Batman series is something that I do have a little liking for. Which is why Poison Ivy like Harley, Joker, and Batman; were important to me.

    It sucks to be honest, I’m nowhere even close to ending the fifth week, and here we are at the home stretch and the last couple of hours. I could technically go out of my way and buy a ton of clams to spend and fast forward events to buy her, but even logic speaking, that’s a waste of money.

    It’s a shame. I really wanted Poison Ivy, but it’s not bound to happen. Hopefully like last New Year’s, they will have a recall box with other characters no one got and wanted, so you can buy them.

    Oh well Tiny Co, you tried your best. This isn’t meant to be a WTD, I think I’ve explained my valid points of flaws with genuine critique the last time.


  5. I’m actually pretty happy with this event – the fact they extended it seems as if TinyCo is listening when people (rightfully) complain it’s too hard to complete an event,especially at the end when time and character constraints become unmanageable and, frankly, not very fun…we ARE playing this game for fun, are we not?

    I did spend clams early on for premium items that allowed me to at least keep pace including Superman and Harley. I was able to earn all of the other characters (including Poison Ivy) as well as all outfits with the exception of Robin Stewie – I’ve spent for the Mystery Boxes a couple of times before and was very disappointed. (If they made the boxes 25 clams with the guarantee of not repeat prizes, I might be willing to spend for 4 or 5 boxes…just a thought, TinyCo…) I also avoided the ‘freakin’ hard’ items in Wayne Tower- overpriced decos have no appeal to me, so I was able to stockpile Kryptonite each time for the next phase.

    I found this event manageable while challenging and fun, so as I said, I was pretty happy overall.


    • I found myself feeling stressed multiple times and finding many flaws. Not those types of flaws that other people prefer to go around by, but genuine things that could’ve been improved. Things such as drop rates and who drops what. I’ve found myself with so many money bags from those spider things (sorry, I’m not really a DC person, so as one who’s completely new, hngg, please forgive me); yet I don’t even have a reason for them. Not one single thing in the Kryptonite trade-in area has shown up. Stuff like that, and other things. Even as a paying premium player, it’s a little saddening.

      Oh well, I hope this event could be placed aside for a new one. It’s just, not fun anymore. This specific event, that is. It’s taken me at least two weeks now for week 5.

      It is what it is, and I would’ve liked to have Poison Ivy in my game. oh well.


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