Wet Hot Quahog Summer: Camp Wars Players Strategies

So…. ummmm… CAMP WARS. They’ve caused nothing but camp chaos this last week for many of you. The peace and tranquility of our summer getaway event has been well and truly shattered, but as ever through the fog of confusion, one thing shone through, and that’s the Addicts readers constant desire to help their fellow players as many of you shared you’re glitches and then strategies of how you were winning Camp Wars.

Yes there were missing visuals, glitches and a glaring lack of support from TinyCo, the Camp Wars brought a whole new kind of bedlam, and whilst some of us were actually winning, many more of you were losing battle after battle and therefore asking in the comments how on earth we were doing it. For the best part the answer was “I don’t know”, lol. But we shared what we were doing and thankfully although there’s not a singular strategy that works in every game, each of our strategies seemed to help some of our fellow players.

But a long time and regular reader Sunnydale15 rightly pointed out to me that as the strategies were in among a lot of comments across various posts some players might miss them, so it might be a good idea to pop them into a post for those that are still struggling to win and get past the Streak 5 necessary to complete this weeks main Questline.

So in no particular order, and sadly with no guarantee which one will help you, here’s the strategies that have been shared and saw positive feedback from other players. Thanks again to all who shared with us, really when this game gets tough, you lot really pull together and continually do what TinyCo fail to do, help players to keep playing. I’d follow any of you into a pretend battle any day. Thanks.

AlexBad’s Strategy
The basic rules on my opinion:
1. Start sending Camp Pranksters (tap tap tap)
2. As soon you pushed back, send Popular Girl (make sure to have at least one fighting, also stop sending them as soon you managed to stop the rival campers and send Camp Pranksters or Campfire Man instead, otherwise you will lack of attack power and you simply will be overrun!).
3. Release Campfire Man at once you manage to stop the rival campers (it’s take precious time to accumulate 200 energy!)
4. As soon you upgrade to MAX start mixing campers (a lot Camp Pranksters a few Popular Girls and Campfire Man (amount depends on streak level)).
5. Energy upgrade should be done only then camper energy still recharging (so you don’t waste time) and also not pushed back.
6. Upgrade campers and/or cannon leader (can be a big difference!).
7. Don’t forget to use water cannon! Best to use it when having at least 3 or more rival campers in it’s range (but don’t wait too long!).

Annabelle’s Strategy
For those that are still stuck, this is how I did it:
Level all the way up to MAX without sending out any campers
Use the cannon to push back the campers a bit and release 2 boys and 1 girl
Continuously release 2 boys and 1 girl (I had to do this for at least a couple of minutes)
Use the cannon again to push opposing campers back and release a fire guy immediately afterwards
Keep releasing 2 boys and 1 girl
Once the opposing campers start getting pushed back towards the middle of the bridge, release a couple of fire guys
Eventually, all your campers will get across

David’s Strategy
I had lv 2 prankster, lv 2 girl, and lv 1 fire guy, along with Peter at the canon. My strategy was to “sacrifice” at the beginning and just leveled up to max before sending out any campers. This allowed two opposing campers to immediately get all the way across. After that, then I just use a strategy similar to those posted here already. Send out pranksters and girls and eventually a fire guy here and there. And use Peter’s canon whenever it was powered up. (This is because all the action will be by the Griffin camp at the beginning.) Here is the math logic to back up why this worked for me. By not having anyone oppose the first couple of opposing campers that make it all the way across, I am not “wasting” any hit points on those opposing campers. That is, those opposing campers don’t get to damage any of my guys (as compared to sending out guys first and then leveling up in which case those guys would just die with no benefit while I’m leveling up). I hope that makes sense. Again, I don’t know if this will work for others, but it finally got me past Streak 5. Cheers.

Gstq10000’s Strategy
I couldn’t get past level 5 for ages… I then changed strategy.
I now release 2 boys 1 girl, 2 boys 1 girl while in between upgrading and using the cannon and continue this and then when I push them back a bit I release a fire guy… won 5 and 6 straight off…

Russian Tigger’s Strategy
Hi guys, I stockpiled a few Water Balloons over last 2 days in order I could test a theory, and please bear in mind this is JUST a theory. I basically suspected the energy meter level seemed to make the difference in whether I won or lost a Camp War, and my suspicions proved correct after I did a few tests battles. Firstly I’m battling with a L2 Camp Prankster, L2 Popular Girl, L1 Campfire Man and Scoutmaster Peter as a Leader. And I only won the tougher Streak 5 and 6 battles and started to push rival campers back towards their camps when I upgraded my energy production button to the MAX, so even although I only needed to upgrade it enough to release Campfire Man at 200 energy in the wars I continued to upgrade it, thus allowing my energy bar to fill quicker and this is what appears for me to have made the difference between being trapped by their campers in my own Camp, and pushing them back and allowing my Campers to invade their camp. On the attempts I only upgraded to the 200 energy bar, I lost, in the battles I upgraded it to Max, I won. I tested this at Streak 5 & Streak 6, and later once I’ve Water Balloons I’m going test it at Streak 7. Is it coincidence or is this the strategy you need, well I can’t say for sure but I think if you’re struggling try it yourself and let me know if it helps, I hope it does.

Now one other thing, there seems to be an issue with Pt. 8 of the main questline’s task: Beat The Battle Continues in Camp Wars. We are seeing a lot of comments that despite having completed it by winning Streak 5 the task hasn’t checked off, if you’re having this problem, please let TinyCo know, although the task has checked off fine in my game we have reported it to them. But I’m trying gauge how widespread the problem of not winning Streak 5 or being credited for it is, so please answer the question below if you’ve got time.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped out their fellow players!

~ Russian Tigger


23 responses to “Wet Hot Quahog Summer: Camp Wars Players Strategies

  1. did they just change the difficulty for level 5? I’ve been really struggling with it the last 3 days or so, but today I smashed it.


    • Yes,it seems like they just recently made it a lot easier. The energy seems to replenish much more quickly. After losing a few times in a row, today I easily won, like more easily than ever before. I only have Peter, but I don’t think I even had to use him. My campers were halfway down the bridge before I knew it. Now if they would just fix the drop rate on Quaqmire’s braces. Still only at 3/8. Messaged TinyCo about it. Will have to see if they help or not.


  2. Apologies in advance for a long post. I thought I try taking my “sacrifice at the beginning” strategy to the max, namely: Don’t send out any campers and just level up and *moreover* wait for the energy bar to fill to the max before sending out any campers! So about 7 opposing campers get through while this is happening. But now you can release a bunch immediately such as a fire guy, a girl, a prankster, and another fire guy. The point of such a sacrifice is that once the tug of war starts, the fact that you are down 7 in the score doesn’t matter. It really comes down to whether the pile moves one way or the other because once the pile moves in one direction, it is unlikely to move back the other way. This strategy especially gains a lot if the camp wars game was programmed in a way where campers can attack whenever something is in range. (We don’t know.) This strategy would allow you to have more campers fighting than the other team (because ironically after scoring, the opponents don’t get to fight any more). So mathematically, by allowing a bunch of opponents to score at the beginning, your campers are doing more damage; it is a bit counter-intuitive. Anyways, I haven’t lost a battle since employing this maximal delay strategy. (It is quite possible this strategy is overkill, but I do enjoy using it. 🙂 )

    I thought of the following simplified analogy to explain the counter-intuitive advantage gained by this strategy. Suppose you have 10 campers with 2 hit points each and 2 attack each and the opponents have 10 campers with 3 hit points each and 3 attack each. You might think that there is no way you could win. But suppose you let their first 4 campers through. Now because you were saving your energy, you immediately release 5 campers. Two of your campers (4 hit points 4 attack) take out an opposing camper and score, then another two take out another and score, and so on, and you end up scoring 5-4 instead of ending up 0-10 which is what would happen if the campers fought one on one. This is an oversimplification but hopefully gets the idea across. Cheers.

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  3. Ariana Turner

    On streak 8 and it’s hasn’t checked off on pt. 8 of my main question ☹️


  4. Great post, RT, as this is what this site is all about…I read your thoughts earlier about the key being to max level to win, I was stuck on beating Streak 5, since then, I have been able to level up all the campers at least once through care packages, during battle, maxing out and judicious use of the cannon has allowed me to win through Streak 9 with no loses, getting ready to battle 10…Once you are maxed out, keep sending the campers, but hit them with Campfire Man at the end more than the others, that will push them back quickly…JMHO….I think having the collective thoughts of a whole lotta addicts is really helpful..


  5. Up to Streak 10 now……maybe it was answered already, but does anyone know how far it goes up to?


    • RussianTigger

      After you win Streak 10, you just get Bonus Streaks, they seem a bit easier to win in my opinion, but you just get the same rewards.


  6. Of course, YMMV but it seems like as long as I get to the max upgrade level, I can win (with judicious use of the cannon). The order of players selected doesn’t seem as critical as getting to the max level. I was stuck on 5 forever because I was only leveling up to where I needed to be for the Fire Man, and then I won levels 5, 6, 7, and 8 following the max upgrade strategy.


  7. I beat level 5 and 6 by releasing a ton of popular girls, then sending out 2 fireman, and boom easy as pie


  8. At last😀 Streak 5 and 6 beaten using Peter and levelling up asap then just sending our as many as possible along with throwing in several fire men. Still waiting on 4 zit creams for kid quagmire.


  9. Does ANYONE else have the blue ‘Swedish’ Camper? The one that needs 300 Energy/Lightening to release/activate?

    I bought a gold Care Package just to see what was in it, and got the ‘premimum’ Camper. As I don’t have plans to buy more, I think he’ll ve on level 1 for the entirety of the Event.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has found a productive way to use him? Seems rather ridiculous for the PREMIUM CAMPER to take so much time to charge up; why isn’t he reasonably strong & quick?!? Gah! I can’t figure out if it’s worth it to send him out…


    • I bought him and I have tried to get out of level 5 for about 2 days now and by the time I am even able to get him to power up I’ve lost. No matter how many people I put out there they never move the other side back and the cannon doesn’t move them back either. It’s such a waste of the 50 clams and the game play… It very frustrating.

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  10. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing so I just clicked like a madwoman on everything and I am beating them just fine.


  11. still on streak 8, but no luck beating Welcome to Camp Griffin Pt. 8 yet


  12. After getting Quagmire and following the tips I’ve finally been able to get past Streak 5. My current level is Streak 8, although I didn’t realise the quest should’ve popped after 5 (it hasn’t in mine) as I was going to keep trying until I found out which level I’m supposed to be at.

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    • Same here! Gonna msg TC now, since until I read this post, I assumed I must not have reached the correct Streak ( I think I’m on Stk7 or Stk8, now that I have KQ).


  13. Just completed streak 10 no strategy as such quagmire on Canon (he’s the better one) I just tap which one lights up first upgrade to level 2 and press the Canon fire button when ready. Playing blind with no visual is quite hard so I just tap and hope for best had no losses with quagmire


  14. Thanks for the tips everyone!! The method of leveling up to max right away worked for me as well.


  15. RT, my pleasure!

    I truly love this site as there is so much to learn from everyone, who are so unselfish to share their own methods and winning ways, no matter what challenges we face in our little game. Keep up the great work guys!

    Annabelle strategy continues to work for me, and gets easier once you have Kid Quagmire. I have now won Streak 8 with her strategy. Though I would add that you may want to just do one upgrade per cycle of 2P 1G for Streaks 7 and beyond as number of coaches do increase. But do stick to the same formula!


  16. I did finally win my last two battles using the method of leveling to max right away so I’m on Streak 7. However, I’m still on Pt. 7 because I haven’t gotten Kid Quagmire yet because it took so long to get the Archery Range for controllers due to not being able to get care packages quick enough due to not initially being able to defeat Streak 5 in the few chances I had due to slow gathering of water balloons…. <– how's that for a run-on sentence? 🙂


  17. just defeated streak 7, leveled up to max using no players then girl – boy- fire- girl – fire – fire – fire – fire -fire- girl – fire – fire – etc. and water cannon when ever ready. took about 3 minutes. (won the weekly too)


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