Wet Hot Quahog Summer Phase 4 Is LIVE!!

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to Camp we go!!!

TinyCo have dropped a long, hot, summer kind of Event into our silly lil games and it’s stuffed full of all sorts of goodies to get us all hot and bothered.

So what does this Summer Event have in store for us? Let’s dive in and take a look at the Final Phase of  Wet Hot Quahog Summer!!


I’m going be updating this as I move along in my game as I don’t have access to any test game info just now, so just keep checking back. But there are a couple things I want to bring your attention to:

Firstly you do not have to have completed the Phase 3 Main Questline to access this phases content, as long as you got as far as Pt. 3 of Welcome To Camp Griffin way back in Phase 1 you’ll be able to see this content.  Sometimes it pays to do our polls and give TinyCo a nudge about players struggles.

Secondly, there’s no new Camp to battle this week, so essentially Camp Wars are at an end unless you’re still working on unlocking Director Susie. Please note if you are they haven’t adjusted the difficulty, so if you’re struggling to win battles you may want to do what I did, knowing I had only 12hrs left on Susie’s timer but with some Water Balloons banked as I was stuck trying to upgrade my campers, and knowing I wouldn’t need them for any new Camp Wars this phase, I just started to lose wars, getting 2 Pianos each time, and after 4 defeats I had the 8 I needed to unlock Susie, so if you’re just a few Pianos away, that might be the way to go.

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.50.1 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

QUICK LINKS (coming as soon as I can get them done – please be patient, but if there’s something you want prioritized tell me in the comments and I’ll try to oblige) 

Park Ranger Boss Battle
Camp Wars Phase 2
New Achievement Tasks
Main Questline Phase 4


The main Questline for Phase 2 is Pitched Battle


Scout Ten: 220 Clam IconClams, Spawns Scouts every 8 hours

***For buildings purchased with event currency please see the section “Camp Mess Mall” further on in the post***


Owl Tree: 250 Firewood

Oops Delivery Van: 65 Spears

***For decorations purchased with event currency please see the section “Camp Mess Mall” further on in the post***


Sasquatch (Character): Main Prize in the Summer Fun Mystery Box (see Summer Fun Mystery Box section below for full info). This costs 150 Clam IconClams per try. Has individual tasks to drop Bear Repellant, Litter and Matches.

Youth Scout Herbert (Character Costume): 250 Clam IconClams, Has individual tasks to drop Eating Contest Badges, can also man the Cannon in the Camp Defense Tower and participate in Camp Pranks.

Troop Leader Lois (Character Costume): You will trigger a side Questline to start unlocking this costume at Pitched Battle Pt. 2.
80 Scout Guides (Always): Defeat Park Ranger
12 Green Neckties (Always): Get from Rock Climbing Tower
66 Mousse (Common): Lois Beat The Humidity OR Peter Combat Hat Hair OR Get from Pup Tents
12 Scout Cookies (Rare): Get from Ropes Course OR Get from Secret Tree House

Wild Brian (Character Costume): You can continue to collect Spears to unlock this costume, new Achievement Tasks have been added.
470 Spears (Always): Complete Achievement Tasks


Whittling Badges (Always): Drop from Clearing Scouts OR Attack Park Ranger OR Youth Scout Herbert


5 Bear Repellant: 125 Clam IconClams

5 Litter:  140 Clams 

5 Matches: 150 Clam IconClams


A clam offer popped up when this Phase triggered, it’s called Positive Negative  and if you purchase $9.99 of clams or more you’ll get the Negatron character for free. You’ll find full details about this character HERE.


This costs 150 Clams Per try, and the prizes are as follows:

Sasquatch (Full Character)
Wizard of Oz Stewie
Chopper Cop Quagmire
Dino Chris
Rollerblade Bikini Peter
Slasher Cat
Adventurer Peter
160 Clams


There’s some additional Achievement Tasks been added to help us unlock Wild Brian, however what I’m seeing still makes me think he will be VERY difficult for most of us to unlock. I hope I’m wrong, we’ll see at the end of the event I guess. As usual you can access your Achievement Tasks by tapping the icon below.

I’ll get a post up with details of the individual tasks soon, but for now here’s what I’ve seen playing through this Phase so far.

So basically you need to keep completing Achievement Tasks until you’ve gained the 470 Spears required to unlock Wild Brian.


These are the new little baddies in this event and are very simple to deal with. Once you see them wandering your sidewalks simply tap them to clear them and earn rewards.

The rewards for the individual scouts are as follows:

Blonde Scouts
Chance Drops of: 1x Litter & 1x Whittling Badge

Cubby Scouts
Chance Drops of: 1x Bear Repellant & 1x Whittling Badge

Pansy Scouts
Chance Drops of: 1x Matches & 1x Whittling Badge


Similar to previous events where you need to collect materials to attack the Park Ranger Boss at Levels 1-5 in order to gain rewards.

So firstly in order to be able to Attack the Park Ranger in this you will need to tap on her, you’ll see her wandering your Sidewalks like in the image below.

Once you tap her you will see the Attack screen, showing what resource you need to battle at that level, this will be a set amount of either Bear Repellent, Litter or Matches. You’ll also see the rewards for Attacking her at that Level. Basically keep collecting material and attacking her until you fully defeat her or her 24hr timer runs down. Once it does she will go into a Cool Down for 6 hours and you’ll need wait for her to return to start attacking again.

In order to attack you’ll need the following, however whereas the numbers you will need will be the same as mine at each level, the material may differ.

Bear Repellent (Rare): Clear Cubby Scout OR Sasquatch Hold A Turf War OR  Buy from Store

Litter (Common): Clear Blonde Scout OR Sasquatch Pick Up Litter OR Buy from Store

Matches (Common): Clear Pansy Scout OR Sasquatch Prevent Forrest Fires OR Buy from Store

And here are the  Requirements and Rewards for the levels I’ve seen so far:

Level 1X
Cost to Attack: 1 Bear Repellent OR 1 Litter OR 1 Matches
Reward: 10 Whittling Badges & 1 Scout Guide

Level 2X
Cost to Attack: 3 Bear Repellent OR 3 Litter OR 3 Matches
Reward: 30 Whittling Badges & 3 Scout Guides

Level 3X
Cost to Attack: 7 Bear Repellent OR 7 Litter OR 7 Matches
Reward: 70 Whittling Badges & 7 Scout Guides

Level 4X
Cost to Attack: 15 Bear Repellent OR 7 Litter OR 7 Matches
Reward: 150 Whittling Badges & 16 Scout Guides

Level 5X
Cost to Attack: Verifying
Reward: Verifying


This is where you will go to purchase Event Items. Clicking it will bring you up a screen that you can scroll along to show you  all the items you can purchase this Phase. They are all unlocked so you can purchase in whatever order you prefer, but be mindful of what items you need for drops and what you need for the Main Questline.

These items are what you can get with the Whittling Badges you collect, they are listed below from left to right.

Totem Pole:
Cost ~ 140 Whittling Badges

Rope Course: $20 & 15xp every 6hrs, Chance Drop X1 Scout Cookie  every 6hrs.
Cost ~ 50 Whittling Badges

Pup Tents: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance Drop X2 Mousse every 4hrs.
Cost ~ 200 Whittling Badges

Rock Climbing Tower: $40 & 15xp every 2hrs, Chance Drop X2 Green Neckties  every 2hrs.
Cost ~ 260 Whittling Badges

Secret Tree House: $20 & 30xp every 4hrs. Chance Drop 1x Scout Cookie every 4hrs.
Cost ~ 200 Whittling Badges

Griffin Teepee:
Cost ~ 280 Whittling Badges








There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for Final Phase  of Wet Hot Quahog Summer.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you are most excited for? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

62 responses to “Wet Hot Quahog Summer Phase 4 Is LIVE!!

  1. Does anyone happen to know how much the individual items cost towards Troop Leader Lois? I’m thinking of skipping the building which gives the Green Neckties as with that being an ‘Always’ I’d expect those cost less each than the Scout Cookies cost each, so even though I have one of the SC buildings I think it may be wiser (and cheaper) to get the 2nd SC building than to get the GN building and just pay whatever those 12 Neckties cost after HOPEFULLY completing all the other items!

    i.e. if Green Neckties cost 5 each then 12 = 60 clams, but Cookies might be 30 each in which case even 3 of those would cost 90 clams – and with those being a ‘Rare’ I suspect that may be the case.

    Can anyone confirm this please?


    • RussianTigger

      Sorry I’ve unlocked so can’t say, not sure if anyone else can?


      • Thanks RussianTigger anyway, I can at least say that the Sprays are 5 clams each, which when you look at how much she was from the off then even 60 x 5 clams would only have been 300 of the total so it does kind of point to the Rare items having a heavy swing to them, I think.


        • Okay, managed to track this to now see that the Sprays are 5 each, and the Cookies are 25 each.

          I also suspect the Scout Guide Books are something like 15 each with the Neckties possibly something like 7 each but not confirmed those two yet and running out of time.


  2. Anyone elses game keeps blinking off and crashing?


  3. You guys are talking about bears and such and I can’t even get hotdogs to get the final thing I need for Brian. It’s impossible to get stuff you need once your past that part.


  4. All my defenders are lvl 5 and i keep going it stops on streak 15 as if u beat 15 it goes to 14 beat again 15 and so on in a 14 15 14 15 pattern. I believe i have gotten everything from this event although i did not see any timed characters that someone mentioned.


  5. I am so glad they did not introduce new characters for the final week. Gives us a breather finally! Costumes are a meh for me, unless its one for Stewie, which nowadays are premium. Last few weeks have been horrendous, with the camp wars (started out fun, then nightmarish as we try and beat the later streaks for umpteen times), and timed character (again!).

    Will save more detailed comments once RT launches the Poll for the Event. For those who are trying to complete Lois’ costume and finish the event, have fun, and good luck!


  6. I am trying to do Camp Wars – Streak 11, but whenever I keep trying…the game closes on me. Is this happening to anyone else?


  7. Troop leader Lois needs mostly buildings and the badge cost is stupid. I started Wednesday, have maybe half what I need for the first little building. So I am skeptical on her outfit in any kind of time before event ending.

    Wild Brian looks pretty good, with the increased payouts for stage 4 actions.

    The park ranger is ok, but the don’t spawn scouts fast enough to give you all the various items you might or might not need for a phase. I got to 3x this first cycle.

    Susie was a bust. I have fought streak 11 8 times, lost every time, because they spawn only mimes, twice as fast as I can spawn campers. The mimes also ignore the water cannon. Messaged tinyco got the usual non answer. She wasn’t worth 700 clams to finish her off.

    I happened to have every character and costume, so the mystery box gave me sasquatch immediately and then I came up 10 clams on the clam prize

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  8. Recommended campers:
    Campfire man: level 2 (mine is level 4)
    All Star Athlede: level 3 (mine is level 3)
    Swimmer: level 3 (mine is level 3)
    Jock: level 3 (mine is level 3)
    Deer: level 3 (mine is level 3)

    Still, I can’t beat streak 11.. for umpty times in a row 😦


    • All Star Athlete had to be Level 4 in my recommended Campers for Streak 11, I only won it once she was L4. If you’re getting the requirements from the Camp Wars Button that shows 6, that was actually requirements for Roll Call Part 6 which related to Streak 9.


      • Yeah, mine still says “Recommended Campers – 6” with these numbers:
        CM: 2 [Me = 3]
        ASA: 3 [Me = 3]
        S: 3 [Me = 3]
        J: 3 [Me = 3]
        D: 2 [Me = 3]
        I’m stuck on 11 as well


        • RussianTigger

          Recommended for 6 was linked to Roll Call Pt 6 which was for an earlier streak, for some reason the Camp War icon stopped linking to what was needed for the higher streaks and stuck at 6. From you’re list your All Star Athlete needs be at L4


          • It looks like that’s pretty much impossible to level up the ASA as I haven’t had a Standard Care package in a week. I’ve been pranking Belly Flop (2nd one) almost non-stop since week 2 and almost never get packages (or hot dogs which is all I really want).


            • Same here, non stop pranking, had 2 packages in the past week and non of them gave me an all-star athlete card… it’s ridiculous that she needs to be level 4… my campfire man, jock AND deer are higher levels then required… the extra 10 damage that she will have and the 50 extra health are negligible compared to the extra’s of my Jock and Deer…

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              • For streak 11 i beat it only once Jock and Deer were level 4. I also noticed the mimes appear half as fast once they were level 4. So i think its rigged to be impossible until you meet requirements. No cannon needed. Jock & Deer 4, Cat 1, Swimmer 3, and the first guy Prankster at 5. Then it worked. I say only focus on getting Jock and Deer to level 4 opening fancy packages. Fill in with whoever else and you should be fine. Do not try going back to open standard packages if your Jock and Deer arent level 4.

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                • Yeah, that’s what happened to me. As soon as I got Jock & Deer to level 4 I was suddenly able to battle properly. In fact I then was able to beat 12 & 13 using the same characters. I’m just waiting for some more balloons before I try 14.


      • This event is frustrating because as soon as you move onto the next part, there is really no way of getting previous packages to be able to upgrade, like the cards to upgrade the all star athlete are only from the standard care packages which are non existent as the only way of getting them is from pranking and they very rarely drop. Even substituting the cat actor, for one of the weaker characters doesn’t seem to help


  9. With 12 hrs for susies timer I definitely won’t get her had 0 clipboards in 5 days straight that’s with 3 characters and the building for potential drops I’ve quit trying now and working on Loui’s outfit

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  10. im still stuck at streak 11 from last week with only 55 pianos and trying desperately to level up my deer and jock


  11. Level 4 of park ranger needs 15 items to attack
    rewards 150 whittling and 16 books


  12. In over four days I can’t get any clipboards to drop for susie, three people working on it every two hours solid for that entire time and out of all of that I average maybe, maybe two a day! I messaged tiny co and they said they have the developers look at it but this is just awful and I am a premium player Also my clam dropping panty tent added two hours to its drop. How is that even possible?


    • RussianTigger

      Clam Panty Tent still a 24 hour drop in my game, have you maybe been collecting a little later each day so time it’s ready is later, that happens to me.


  13. Missed out on Susie, due to like 50 clams worth of pianos. I used to go ahead and spend a few bucks, but it was because I wanted characters for tan lines. But there’s nothing to buy now. As long as they make this game hard for even those of us that spend money, I’ll not pad their pockets anymore. Susie never should have been timed. But they want us to spend after working so hard, cause now those of us that were Soooooo close have the decision of letting everything we did be for nothing, or spend a few dollars. I’d say smart on their part, but, people seem to be leaving the game. I don’t want it to end! I hope they wake up and make it fun again.


  14. I’ve written off this event and hope that the next one will fare better. I don’t think I’ll be able to get Susie or Ben since the game keeps freezing and crashing whenever I start streak 6 for week 3. The drops have been horrible and even playing as a cheap premium player I’m not getting any leg up. Any ideas on how to stop the crashing? I don’t really care about the characters other than having more people to waste away in the hotel. Still love the game but geez they need to clean up their act a bit.


  15. Just wanted to so say: l’m done with Family Guy TQFS. These events are getting ridicously annoying and impossible to accomplish, probably even as a premium player. TSTO is still giving some satisfaction in terms of realism to set some goals and achieve the prices as intended but TC is nowhere near to even assist a freemium player to reach some goals.

    I actually can’t progress in my event as i haven’t had a single hot dog drop for almost 14 days which is ridicoulous even fore rare items.

    i’ve started with the futurama game a few weeks ago and I’m not that unhappy with it at the moment but seeing that some special event missions for a fairly new game (officialy published on the 29th of June) already request a level 15 status for some special event missions ( the official app is not older than a month ) but not able to to provide the nedessary chips amount is really really frustrating when you’re really trying to work it out by playing almost every three hours (sleep rest hours excluded) so it doesn’t help in improving to adjust my currently fairly negative impression of Tiny Co (and for that matter their partner or subsidiary JamCity). probably I might up giving up that game as well.

    I do want to express my gratitude though to RussianTigger, Bunny and the rest of the family guy addicts crew to help getting some answers, help, assistance and provide guidance during these confusinging times.

    Many thanks for all your hard work in keeping us players informed and engaged with these games.

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    • You need to repeat earlier missions to gain extra chips for level-up; whenever you have spare fuel try to use it. I have plenty of characters at level 15+ this way without spending any pizza. The event mission requirements did go up to scientist level 23 though, which I didn’t achieve, so I wasn’t able to complete them all to 100% before it ended.


  16. first event i didnt really bother that much to play only got to phase 3 2 days ago will be lucky if i even unlock joe costume and drop rates for hot dog medals suck but like i said i wasnt too intrested in this event so just been playing leisurely and not freaking out like other events hehehehehe


  17. I haven’t started Susie’s timer yet as I hope to spend a few days getting prepared; instead I’ve spent a few days making no progress whatsoever but if the event ends 26th then I guess there’s nothing to lose going ahead now otherwise there’ll be less than 7 days left anyway!


  18. Naughty TC, £9.99 of clams for the T-Rex….after Ted-Gate I had said no more clam purchases….but I had to. Used said clams to get get Sasquatch….. disappointed in myself for not being able to say no…. bad Gstq10000


  19. Well I know its a small thing but the font they chose stinks. It’s hard to tell the 1’s from the 7’s. this event was over before it started for me. The drop rates were just ridiculous. I agree with Krztoff6. TinyCo has written off freemuium players altogether.

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    • RussianTigger

      To be honest premium players have struggled badly with this event also 😨

      Liked by 1 person

      • Which kind of proves the point about freemium players. As hard as it is for premium players, free playing is pretty much impossible. The only reason I’ve gotten as far as I have is I gave in and biught out Joe as well as speed up several packages. There is no way to complete this event without spending at least 200 clams.


        • RussianTigger

          With the randomness of drops, there is no guarantee even with spending a lot of clams you’ll complete some events. And that’s a big problem for TinyCo as they need premium players to spend money to support the game.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Let’s just say that I may have needed my game reset and TC may have accidentally gifted me a very large amount of clams.. I hadn’t played for over a year before that, and I used to be a (very) premium player. I’ve had to speed through everything, packages, wait time on the balloon fights, buying characters, (that you’re supposed to gather things for), at the last second. I am in shock, how many clams I’ve spent since the game was reset. Everything seems to be worse than when I quit playing over a year ago. I also can’t work right now because of a back injury, so I check in quite frequently. It’s pretty ridiculous.


  20. Had four items and the clams in my mystery box, did my research and found out two full characters and two costumes were up for grabs. 50/50 shot at a character. Figured that was worth 150 clams. In a tremendous stroke of luck I got Sasquatch. Price point was right and chance was right for me to give it a shot.

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  21. Perhaps this would have been acceptable if Susie didn’t have a timer. But I think many of us ran out of time to level up enough to fully compete in Camp Wars. Now Tinyco leaves us with a final week of worthless activities. Will they ever learn or do they not care!

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  22. After getting everything else in the mystery box, i only have the Sasquatch left Does anyone know the task hours for each item he can get? I am trying to decide whether or not to get him to.


  23. Am too off the pace to get Wild Brian and Troop Leader Lois and will most likely run out of time. Currently on Streak 5 of Phase 3 where I just had my first defeat of this phase… Not quite figured out how often the little scouts reappear after the last time you get rid of the last bunch to get goodies to take on the Park Ranger. Currently on Level 4, whilst trying to keep other parts of the game progressing. Not as easy as you think!


  24. So even though ive been werking on Brians achievements through the whole phase, suddenly today came up with the dialogue to create him and now there is a task on my sidebar for him. However.. Now the achievement page located at the bottom no longer has an arrow to go between Joe and Brians achievement lists. The only option i have is thru the sidebar with the option to create him for over 2000 clams..? I have no way to get to the achievement list for him to keep collecting spears from tasks. Did i miss his deadline..? What is going on here?

    Also even though im on part 6 of phase 3 Peter had an exclamation that started what looks like phase 4 main questline saying scouts are here..? What the hell happened to my game? So confused!


  25. Wait, what? After so much difficulty in this event, my Susie timer’s about to run out, and then there’s nothing left to unlock in the last week except a few costumes? What a terribly planned, terribly executed event this has been.


  26. I’m guessing Tinyco has given up on freemium players all together. Mathematically this week seems impossible without buying the scout tent. How often are the scouts supposed to show up anyway? It seems to be 4 every four or five hours, which is not enough to sustain badges or get enough of the ither items for the ranger. And mousse is dropping at a 50/50 rate. I’ll try for a day or two but if the numbers dont improve it’s going to be a waste.


  27. Best mystery box in a long time. I only had Sasquatch and 150 clams in it. Passed on Herbert costume. Phase 4 looks like it will be a cinch. I did pass on all the other mystery boxes.


  28. So, basically after all the fighting it boils down to phase 4 which is nothing more than unlocking a costume for Lois. Thanks RT for the info!


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