Speculating With Stewie – What’s Next!!!

Okay, Okay, it’s not really Stewie, it’s me, Russian Tigger, sorry to disappoint you all again, maybe Stewie will join us once he’s a little bit older. But until then you get to read my rambling thoughts once more, aren’t you the lucky ones?

So another long event is reaching its end and this is where we usually start wondering what will be coming next in our games, and my mind usually enters Stewie mode as I ponder about things.

And what did I come up with, well a lot of things I can’t admit in public, and a few thoughts  I can share, so let’s go.

So on the topic of Family Guy Addicts, most of you will be aware Bunny has decided to bid blogging about FGQFS a fond farewell. It feels like the end of an era, but Bunny will feel blessed to be hopping off to blogging retirement with all your kind words ringing in her Bunny ears. And I want to add to those and wish her all the best for the future.

But now what? Well I’m going be honest I had no prior warning about Bunny’s decision to leave, I honestly found out when you guys did, so I’ve not had a whole lot time to think about things but wanted to answer your questions regarding the future of the site. Yes I am going to try keep blogging about the game here.  This site started with the launch of the game and I’d like to see it continue until the end of the game. But whether this is possible depends on a whole lot of things that I don’t control, but what I can promise you is I’m working to try keep our community going. And it may help me if you use the comment section of this post to stress how much you want the site to continue.

But please be patient as I try to get things together, and remember us bloggers have real lives and sometimes they need to come first. And this is where I need you guys to continue to play your part by helping each other in the  comments etc.  Ok, enough of the serious talk, let’s get back to the game.

What’s next? Another big event or a mini event? Or now Family Guy is back on TV might we see an episode tie in?  What do you think? Me I’m thinking a mini event to help us recover from the horrors of Holl-oween, which to be honest has been a real treat of an event from what I’ve seen.

But what do my fellow addicts think? What does the future hold?  Vote in the Poll below.

~ Russian Tigger


28 responses to “Speculating With Stewie – What’s Next!!!

  1. Like many others here, I was so sad to read about what happened to Bunny as well as her decision to leave the site. But RT, you have also been an enormous help–PLEASE continue to keep up the site the best you can! I am an addict, but this game wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without this site. I’m sure I speak for many when I say we count on it to help get us through. It helps with strategy and planning ahead, decision-making, purchases, answering our questions, and sometimes even just understanding how something works, like killing an enemy. I’m glad to read that you don’t consider it a waste of your time. I think those of us who have relied on you are thankful that you and Bunny have spent your precious time on this! Maybe if TinyCo is willing to pass along Bunny’s special game and giant stockpile of clams to someone else, you would have the help you need?


    • Thanks, much appreciated!!! Im hoping I’ve done enough for TinyCo to give me a test game, time will tell. But all your support helps.


  2. I really think the format of this site is severely outdated. And with the loss of Bunny, making endless posts and moderating comments seems like a complete and utter waste of your time. I cant imagine the endless hours youve spent reading comments and replying to the same questions over and over again.

    Why dont you consider going to something like a message board format where the community can help the community if they have questions? So many of these small details would be answered by the people who browse this site. Go on the EA board for the Simpsons game. Its not out of control.


    • The game had that with Reddit & Discords, but not everyone is looking for that, some were looking for more and that’s where the Addicts site comes in. Put it this way the new Futurama game has lots of message boards but still people asked for an Addicts site. And I honestly don’t consider any time spent answering players questions as wasted, it’s what I signed up for when I offered to help out. And we’ve a great group of commenters who readily answer other players questions.

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  3. some sort of mini event for US Thanksgiving, featuring Nicole (wife of Ernie the Giant Chicken)…


  4. i would say will be a mini event after seeing the latest episode i see a few things that i hope end up in future events halloween has been fun as always hope get a shot in january at john wick and the candy man building up my clams now through november and see what christmas event has to offer keep up the great work on this site as always.


  5. Hi RT, I imagine it’s going to be very tough for you to keep this site going, in the absence of more contributors. I’m sorry I can’t help more due to family challenges. Already having a hard time to keep up with the game as it is. But if it helps and as what I have always advocated, just do the essential posts, and leave out the basic stuff. Doing each post along with screenshots can take up so much time that I feel you can focus only on the ones that really matter. That leaves you a bit more time for yourself, health, family and work without getting burned out. If there is anything you think I can help, let me know please.


    • Thanks, supportive as always, and please don’t worry I know some prioritising of posts will be necessary, but hopefully as a community we can pull it off.

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  6. While I appreciate that Bunny does a lot of work in the background, it has been RussianTigger that kept me coming back to this site for the past 1-2 years. I would really like for this site to continue, but I also really want to stop playing this game haha

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  7. I think I speak for many of us when I say that we’re really feeling the loss of Bunny. She’s one of the things that made this site what it is for me.
    That being said, RT, you have given so much of your time and effort to this site and have helped so many people. I would be honored to call you the captain of our lil ship. I have faith in you to continue doing a fantastic job.

    For me, FGQFS is synonymous with Family Guy Addicts. Every morning, I check my game and then I check this site to see if anything new has been added. And I refer back to this site often while I’m playing the game. A large part of my enjoyment of the game is the strategizing and planning ahead. Something that would be rendered much less possible without this site. I would love to help keep this site going in any way I can. Even if that’s just helping people out in the comments, as you said in the post, which I will gladly do whenever I see an opportunity. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

    As for the actual question in the post. I’m guessing the next event will be 2-3 weeks tops. I think they’d want to devote the entire month of December to a holiday event. Since they game Halloween 5 weeks, they may want to give a holiday event 5 weeks, and in that case I think they’d put the extra week in November rather than January so they can use the beginning of January for the Best of 2017 event. Since there’s only 3 weeks left in November that leaves 2 or 3 weeks for an event.
    Have we ruled out the possibility of a district? It’s been so long since I’ve been around for a district dropping, that I’ve forgotten how it usually goes. That would be a good way to fill our time for a couple weeks leading into December while also keeping the November release significant. And a ton of people have finished the entire main game excluding Tan Lines.
    No matter what, I’m excited to find out what’s happening next. I love surprises. 🙂

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    • You know I was going put a District as an option then though, no, that’s a ridiculous suggestin, not going to happen. So you know that’s probably what will happen, lol.

      Thanks as ever for the support, hopefully we can steady the ship and keep navigating through the madness of FGQFS together.


      • It’s so strange to me that they seem to have moved away from the districts in favor of endless events. The first 10 districts we’re released within the first year or so and then in the last two years there’s only been one district (not including Tan Lines because it doesn’t seem to work the same way as a regular district.

        It would take a regular player about 6 months or so to blow through all 11 districts (based on my experience) so you’d think they would be a bit more focused on bulking up the main game. I’ll be happy no matter what though.


        • It’s very similar over in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, started with districts at launch, now into events, although there’s still a district waiting to be unlocked. Tapped Out is the same now, it’s copied the event on,y formulae. Hey I guess as long S we’re getting new content, and the last couple events have run well, players seem happier on here.


  8. TinyCo has some of my money ONLY because of this site. I never would have become an addict or felt ok spending money without this community. Sure, there are things in this world much more important than this little game, but the positive, encouraging environment built and maintained by Bunny, you, and others added a little light to the world. The importance of that should not be under-valued. Thank you.

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  9. I’m very sorry to see Bunny go. I wish her & her family the best. I have faith that you (RussianTigger) will do an excellent job in filling in her shoes. I strongly hope TinyCo. feels the same way. It would be really disappointing if this site was no longer available to us addicts. Thx for all your help RT.


  10. I finally got enough Stewie bucks to purchase the evil monkey in the closet a few days ago and when I made the purchase I got a pop up that said I would be seeing him in a couple of weeks. Was thinking that this might be an indication of what may be coming in the next event. Has anyone else had this pop up when you bought the evil monkey?


  11. I have written it before and seen many others write it that I wouldn’t be playing this game without the help and support of the family guy addicts. I’m limited due to work and sleep and selfishly rely on this site to help me progress and keep me interested. RT you have been doing a fantastic but without Bunny’s TinyCo access it seems like a hell of a lot of commitment. Hopefully you can recruit a couple more addicts and keep this site going, hint hint cathyonester and Katie.

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    • Thanks Jay, I’m in contact with TinyCo regarding my work on FWOT Addicts, so hoping I can try expand that to some QFS help in order try keep things going.


    • I didn’t realize Bunny was the only one with tinyco access. Can a bunch of us write to them, tell them what this site means to us, and ask them to get in contact with RT or someone else she appoints? It might be a long shot, but surely tinyco must see the value this site has to their game’s community, and therefore their business. If not we could always tell them.

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      • Yes, despite high volume work and posts I’ve done I don’t have TonyCo’s ear for FGQFS. I have recently though been working with them for RWOT so I’m hoping the hard work I’ve done there will help me in my quest to have the same here. But it’s outwith my control, so got to wait and see. But thank you for your willingness to support me and the site continuing, it’s that kind of community spirit that’s made me want to continue.


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