Where Are You Now – Fear And Loathing In Quahog

Hey there Gamblers!!

With this event feeling like a bit like walking a tightrope, I thought it would be a good idea to find out how we’re all doing.  Yes it’s Poll time, so best get busy Addicts. And remember the results will show and update as players answer, so it will also let you gauge where you are compared to others.

Thanks as always and feel free to leave any other helpful feedback or thoughts in the comments. And of course if your feeling like me, a bear with a sore head, you can vent it out in the What The Deuce post HERE.

~ Russian Tigger

24 responses to “Where Are You Now – Fear And Loathing In Quahog

  1. I hate this event


  2. This is the first event where I haven’t been ready for the next week when it drops. I am sure part of it is due to this event not beginning until a Thursday, and I anticipate starting part 2 at some point today. I am sticking to always choosing black, and have only had about a 25% success rate over the past 2 days…


  3. placing the wagering whale certainly helped a bit as i now get to spin the whee twice and if i choose black and don’t win i keep it on black .. if it wins i switch to red .. this strategy seems to be helping a little bit .. but im really far away from unlocking David Copperfield as i need more than 10 saws and more than 10 posters still …. probably 14 and 12 smthg like that … with about 1 day and 15 hrs remaining on the bonus … other items are dropping ok (jackets .. straight jackets etc)


    • I’ve noticed it typically doesn’t land on the same color more than three straight times (I’ve spun only 19 times so far, though). I bet black my first 18 tries, and only hit it six times. After getting two blacks in a row, I went red on the 19th, and hit for a third straight time. I had a hunch it wouldn’t come up black again. I’ve see three reds in a row, but never three in a row on black. I have not seen any green yet.


      • I have played the wheel 36 times now (I bought a package at the very beginning that gave me 10 coins/5 plays)…I have played black 34 times and green twice…I did not hit either green, one of which landed on a black the other on red…of the 34 black plays, I’ve hit 5 wins…total…

        I don’t think there is a pattern, it’s an algorithm that predetermines win rate…if you win the algorithm lottery, you win, if not, you lose, that simple…

        I have a hard time believing the wheel is ‘truly’ random, OK, I know, there’s no such thing as a truly random number generator in computers, but in real life, they are pretty good or people would not be flocking to casinos to play video poker…here, the algorithms determine the percentage of winners and the percentage of losers, and, IMHO, this event is programmed to give far more losers than winners…

        I am not a computer scientist, but I am a chemist with a graduate degree, I understand statistics and I deal with statistics on a daily basis.

        I see that Phase 2/Week 2 has dropped, I am at 16/38 for the fourth building in Phase 1, so not even close, David Copperfield is still a >1300 clam buy for me which means he ain’t happening anytime soon, I have yet to earn the Peter costume despite diligently playing the game on a regular basis…

        Ugh…this is going to be a long, depressing event…

        I may complain now, but the fact TinyCo has given RT the proper game means I’m still in this game for the future…


        • I’m now 12-for-36 on the roulette wheel. STILL haven’t seen a green. 37 out of 80 until I can get the giant slot machine. Down to 598 clams to unlock Copperfield. Since one of the buildings and having Peter do karate can get the straitjackets, I’ll probably all collect those first, and since I’m not getting the cigarettes to help me get the saws, nor am I getting the autographs, I’ll then say to hell with it, and use clams to unlock Copperfield, so as not to waste any more time starting week 2 and going to work on Penn. I got Teller from the mystery box, and I very well can’t break up the team, can I? At least Teller has an action that can also earn you coins to use at the roulette wheel, so that helps. Would have been nice, though, if one of the prizes in the mystery box could have been a couple dozen or so coins. It just sucks that the roulette wheel hits your color at such a poor rate, because if I could get the cigarettes and send Peter to give them to casino workers, I have an excellent chance of getting the saws. I’ve gotten a saw 11 of the 12 times.


          • By the time I got the last straitjacket, I only needed one autograph and two magic saws, so I went for it and FINALLY got Copperfield without wasting clams. I got the 21 magic saws in 23 attempts where I sent Peter after casino workers. On the roulette wheel, I’ve improved to 23 wins in 55 tries, but even with a whopping 55 spins, I still have yet to see it land on green. At that rate, I’m not going to waste turns betting on it.


  4. This really sucks. It was an idiotic idea to set it up like they did. So, unless you want to waste clams on a second character (Joe), or worse, BUY clams to waste on a second character, you only have the one character (Lois) who can earn you tokens to play the roulette wheel. Then, unless you possess an incredible ability to guess where it will land, if you just bet the same every time, you win maybe 1 out of 3 times (that’s how it’s going for me). So, it takes longer to get those capes to unlock Impersonator Peter, because that’s the only way to get them, but even if you have him, it takes that much longer to get the cigarettes you need for him to clear the casino workers, which is the only way to get the magic saws you need to unlock David Copperfield–and this is why there’s no time limit on him. Because TinyCo KNOWS it’s going to be nearly impossible to do this in seven days. The extra clams are your reward for beating the odds, like winning the lottery. If Penn & Teller and Liberace are going to require more of the same B.S., I’d like to know, so I can drop out of the event now. I don’t have that kind of free time to invest in it.


    • since the wheel RNG hasn’t improved, TC doesn’t seem to care whether folks progress and obtain those characters anyway. Unless it does, I’m out!


  5. I am doing okay in this event but it’s only because of how persistent I have been on collecting tokens from Lois, a big stroke of luck, and I’ve been grinding since day 1. I’ve spun this roulette wheel over 30 times and I’ve only managed to win 4 times. My only saving grace is 1 of my 4 wins was a lucky hit on green. If I hadn’t hit that to help me get Peter I would have quit this event days ago. How the hell did they program this lousy roulette wheel anyway?! For so many players having such terrible results there must be something wrong with the programming on the wheel. Either that or TC is downright cruel but I truly don’t believe they would do something like that. I mean I usually have terrible luck at gambling but there are a fair amount of people that have good luck, what gives?
    By the way I thought I found a pattern to the wheel, better yet a slot for a win on green. That pattern stopped after the second round (14th spin), haven’t seen a green in the last 16+ spins. Good luck fellow clammers!


  6. cant get impersonator Peter, since i cant win at roulette. and the only way to get the cape is to “Play the roulette”. It claims it is an always drop, but it only drops if you win not “play”.


  7. Was definitely discouraged at first but once you open Impersonator Peter it definitely picks up, especially when you get the building that drops silver dollars.


  8. The event is certainly going a bit slowly at the moment, but I enjoy the concept… As long as you can wrap your head around the apparent complete randomness of the wheel, you should be fine. (Since almost nothing in this game is guaranteed, except “Always” drops, we should all be used to this!) 🙂


  9. You should have, just for completeness, put in an option for “can’t start yet”.


  10. I always gamble green.


  11. I answered “no” to enjoying the event so far, but I feel like I need to add something. When I find the events in the beginning bad, usually end up getting the characters or finishing the main questline anyway. So, NO, definitely not enjoying the event so far, but if history repeats itself, this will probably end up being a successful grind.


    • I wish I could agree with you as I have experienced the same in the past, but I am 4/~32 (don’t know the exact amount, no less than 28 and around 32) in roulette wins in the first five days…five days ago, Copperfield was +1800 clams to unlock, right now, he’s 1500 exactly with less than two days to go on the clam bonus…for me, this one is not a grind but a total failure, the last three events had ‘grind’ portions and were personally successful as one just needed to complete what needed to be done…in this one, you either win or you lose, and if you lose more (a lot more, in my case) than win, you just lose…grind all you want, there’s a very probably scenario where you just lose and never advance…


      • Sorry to hear that dude…. Wish you better luck. The roulette wheel hasn’t been too nice to me either. But I did hit on green twice which helped out immensely. Plus once I had Peter, I had like 12 packs of cigarettes that helped me clear casino workers. And that helped a lot again with the silver cards. I’m about to get Copperfield tonight and still need to run his task overnight probably before advancing to the next phase which I’m assumming is dropping tonight. So I’ll be about 12 hours behind. Good luck though. Hope it gets better for you.


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