New Item In Store: North Pole Credit Union

We all had a clam generator on our FGQFS Christmas wish list, and the TinyCo Santa has only gone and delivered by dropping one in our stores.

The North Pole Credit Union is now available to buy for 250 clams and will drop 14 clams every 24hrs for a limited time. So if you’ve clams to spend, go check out the North Pole Credit Union now.

I know it’s been a while since TinyCo have dropped a clam generator in our games, so i’ll remind you why they are so popular. These basically see you purchasing a premium building/decoration for clams, it will then drop 14 clams every 24hrs until a set date, in the case of this item it will drop 14 clams every 24hrs until the 4th January 2018. If you have the clams to purchase items like this I will ALWAYS recommend you do, as you will always end up better off as long as you time your purchase, and daily collections, right.

The new clam generator we are talking about here is the North Pole Credit Union, and if you have 250 spare clams burning a hole in your pocket, I recommend you BUY, BUY, BUY. And as soon as possible as the North Pole Credit Union is only set to drop 14 clams every 24hrs until 1/5, so if you purchased it today, Wednesday 12/5, you would have a potential 30 clam drops of 14 clams over this period, that’s a total of 420 clams, plus you’ll get 14 immediately upon buying and placing it, so there’s actually a potential 434 clams to be collected, and that’s a profit of 184 clams on your original investment.So BUY, BUY, BUY.

Now one thing that’s crucial is you must remember to collect promptly every 24hrs, you’ll need manually tap it to collect as  Consuela’s Vaccuum does NOT collect from it automatically. So set a timer and make sure to collect those clams every 24hrs.

Also worth pointing out is the full Christnas event is NOT here yet, this is just a little early bird offer!!! But hopefully this means we will see it later this week!!!

What do you think about the North Pole Credit Union?  Did you make the purchase?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

~ Russian Tigger


22 responses to “New Item In Store: North Pole Credit Union

  1. How comes this was advertised as ‘clams forever’ but, now event has finished, the clams have dries up….but forever is still going.
    Any plans to re-instate the 24 hour collect ?


  2. I picked it up, and the pickup time is around 8pm so that works well for me! Woohoo!


  3. i have 233 clams so its gonna be another 2 days til i buy it … ill still be winning clams though …


  4. Due to sleepy tapping, stupidly bought the ticket office thingy in mini event so not enough clams left and I’m damned if I’m spending real money, so annoyed with myself 😠


    • Maybe try message TinyCo that you purchased the wrong item, see if they can help.


      • I did it on the first day of the event RT so probably not worth it as it looks like “buyer’s remorse”. Serves me right for not concentrating, it’s not the first time I’ve done it and probably won’t be the last either lol. Really shouldn’t play when I’m half asleep.


    • I did that once in another event, I contacted them and explained what happened. I was totally honest. The worst they can do is say no, right?…. but they refunded me. Totally awesome of them!!


  5. CrouchingDragon

    Purchased. No brainer!


  6. 184 potential additional clams for a 250 investment means buy now, which is about a 40% return on your investment, RT and others are absolutely right, the clam generating items are the only BUY IMMEDIATELY items offered, IMHO…as soon as I saw this, it took me about 20 seconds to click, ‘buy’…


  7. Like to grab them whenever they are offered, hope this is a good omen for the Christmas event.


  8. Bought it as soon as I saw it in the store. Clams profit is always welcome.


  9. No, I don’t think I will buy it. I’ll save the 250 for the event itself when I need it. I did one ofnthese before and it was not, to me, worth the bother. The fun is coming though! Wondering what it’ll look like this year. 😊


    • Free clams is always worth the bother for me 😀😀😀


      • It’s not a “bother” at all if one is normally opening the game every few hours at least so there’s zero chance of not collecting all or nearly the maximum number of clams during the period.


        • Yup, and even if you do lose some minutes, or an hour here and there and you lose a couple of collections you’ll still make a good profit in clams.


  10. It was certainly on my wish list and I bought int immediately. Always a good investment if you buy early.


  11. Thanks for the head’s up. I had completed the mini event so have been ignoring the game (which, honestly, has been freeing!).


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