Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town Week 1 Overview!!!

Let the festivities begin! I’ll bring the mistletoe if you’ll bring the wine!!!

That can only mean one thing. Yes, it’s time to be naughty or nice as Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town.


3rd January at 3PM PST


I’m travelling at this time, making festive visits to family and friends in the frozen North  but I’ll bring you the information as quick as I can.




There seems a lot going on but of an overwhelming event area but just sit back with an eggnog whilst I try to help you through all the event fog.

Apart from this you’ll find Santa has left us 6 new patches of land to the right hand side of town.


I’m not personally experiencing any with the Christmas update on IOS, but seeing lot comments of upgrade issues on Android and no event as yet on Facebook.

Also lots comments about crashing. I thought issue was my sketchy wifi but looks like it may be event related.

If you are having any other issues let me know in the comments.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – The Santa Pause


The Santa Pause

And here’s a snippet to get you started.

Part 1

Santa Is On Vacation
Learn About The Quahog Shopping Centre
Check out Santa’s Wishlist

Part 2

Infomercial Salesman are here!
Visa Santa For Advice – repair Willie Stockes in the event area
Learn About Shopping

Part 3

Clear 1 Informercial Salesman
Get 1 Glass Of Eggnog
Go Shopping At The Seen On Tubes Store


Marcus Skidmore (Costume): 250  Clams, has 4hr task to clear Informercial Salesmen

Should I Buy – Fun new character that will really help you get moving quickly through the first week of the event. But I think he’s one of these buys that is down to whether you find the character amusing or not, he’s not an impulse buy. So if the character makes you smile, then bring him to your town, if he doesn’t wait to see what comes later.

Willie Stokes (Character): You’ll be directed to place him for unlocking at Pt 2 of the main Questline The Santa Pause. Can shop at the At Seen On Tubes StoreThe character itself is NOT timed but there is a 40 Clam Reward if yo can unlock him within 7 days of repairing him.
19 Vodka (Always): as Seen On Tube Store
32 Dirty Beard (Common): Mort Stock Discount Santa Beards, Flow Holistic Clinic
21 XXL Underwear (Common): Bruce Wax Santas, But Wait! There’s More Buffet
134 Charity Buckets  (Always): Complete tasks on Santa’s Wishlist
12 Bank Deposits  (Rare): Joe Buy Christmas Presents, I Smash Cut Salad Bar

Santa Griffin (Costume): You’ll trigger the Side Questline to starting creating him at Al’s at Pt 1 of the main Questline The Santa Pause. Can shop at the At Seen On Tubes Store
11 Fake Beard (Common): Clear Informescial Salesman
18 Sleigh Bells (Common): As Seen On Tubes Store, Suck and Cut Salon
12 Huge Sack (Uncommon): Bonnie Search For Christmas Decorations, She-Atsu Massagers
13 Santa Hat (Unommon): Quagmire Buy Sexy Santa Costume, Jerome Decorae The Bar


North Pole Credit Union – 250 Drops 14x Clams every 24 hours until 4th January. (Now one thing that’s crucial is you must remember to collect promptly every 24hrs, you’ll need manually tap it to collect as Consuela’s Vaccuum does NOT collect from it automatically. So set a timer and make sure to collect those clams every 24hrs).

Should I buy – If you’ve clams sitting BUY, BUY, BUY the North Pole Credit Union!!! And as soon as possible to maximise the clam profit you can make from this.

***The other  Buildings for this Phase can be found in the The Quahog Shopping Centre – you’ll find full details in that section below***


Eggnog Stand – 100 Drops 1x Eggnog every 10 hours.

Should I buy – I’d have said snap it up at 50 clams but at a 100 think carefully. If you’ve bought Marcus you likely won’t need this, as he’ll get you extra Eggnog. This is a tiny 2×2 decoration that is only a must buy if you’ve no time to dedicate to playing but plenty money to spend.

Holiday Reindeer – 80 Presents


 Presents (Always) –  Get from the Oh Christmas Tree


 Eggnog (Always) –  Get from clearing Infomercial Salesmen, Eggnog Stand, Some tasks on Santa Wishlist

Remote Control (Always): Shop at the Seen On Tubes Store

Red Ornament (Uncommon): Get from clearing Infomercial Salesmen


There are 5 places of interest here:

1: As Seen On Tubes Store

2: Quahog Shopping Centre

3: Willie Stokes

4: Oh Christmas Tree

5: Blitzen’s Bar


This is where you send you characters Christnas shopping. It’s quite simple, you just tap on the building and you’ll see the shopping screen.

But remember you can’t shop until you’ve collected 1 Eggnog. Once you have one tap Shop to bring up the Character selection screen. But notice to the left of the image above that the store isn’t always available, it closes for 4 hours periods. So you can only send characters shopping when the “OPEN” sign is showing. If the Shop is open the Character shopping screen will look like this.

Simply tap on SELECT to choose the Character, at first you’ll only have Lois showing as available as you work toward unlocking Santa Griffin and Willie Stokes. Once you’ve selected your character or characters, yes you can select more than one once available, simply tap SHOP.

Characters Used:
Santa Griffin
Willie Stokes

Eggnog (Always): Get from clearing Infomercial Salesmen, Eggnog Stand, Some tasks on Santa Wishlist

Task Time: 2 hours

Chance Payout: This is per Character sent for up to 2 characters, however if you send all 3 characters you will get 5 of each item.
1 Remote Control (Always)
1 Sleigh Bell (Chance)
1 Vodka (Always)

Now there is a little twist to this, I mentioned it briefly above and it is that you can only shop whilst the store is open, this is initially for 8 hours before it closes for 4 hours, then you simply need to wait for it to reopen or speed up the process with clams. So try to utilise the time it’s open wisely and build up Eggnog whilst it’s closed.


Here is where you will trade the Presents you collect from under the Oh Christmas Tree to buy Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Week One…

She-Atsu Massages: Chance Drop of 2 Huge Savks every 6hrs
Cost~ 15 Presents

Suck and Cut Salon: Chance Drop of 2 Sleigh Bells every 6hrs
Cost~39 Presents

Nose Flow Holistic Clinic: Chance Drop of 2 Dirty Beards every 4hrs
Cost~ 78 Presents

Massage Chair
Cost~155 Presents

Smash Cut Salad Bar: Chance Drop of 2 Bank Deposits Token every 4hrs
Cost~ 230 Presents

But Wait! There’s More Buffet: Chance Drop of 2 XXL Underwear every 3hrs
Cost~ 223 Presents

Rabid Reindeer
Cost~320 Presents


Willie Stokes is the Christmas attraction to unlock this week. You’ll find full details in the Characters section.


The centre piece of the Christmas event and the all important source of the event currency, Presents. Now I know at first the tree looks rather sad and the whole mechanism is confusing but it’s not that bad. What we will be doing is upgrading the tree as the event goes on. As we upgrade the tree it will not only change in appearance but drop us more and more Presents to use to progress through the event.

So click on your Christmas Tree and you’ll see it’s current level, it’s current payout rates, and of course the cost and rewards if you upgrade it to the next level. I’ve marked these on the image above.

But to put it simply, the Oh Christmas Tree currently can be upgraded to Leel 5 and here’s what it will cost and more important what you’ll collect Present wise at each level. And remember it’s fun to watch as the Christmas Tree start to look merrier as you upgrade.

Oh Christmas Tree Level: 1
Drops: 4 Presents every hour
Capacity: 8 Presents
Cost to Upgrade to Oh Christmas Tree Level 2: 2 Red Ornaments

Oh Christmas Tree Level: 2
Drops: 8 Presents every hour
Capacity: 16 Presents
Cost to Upgrade to Oh Christmas Tree Level 3: 4 Red Ornaments

Oh Christmas Tree Level: 3
Drops: 16 Presents every hour
Capacity: 32 Presents
Cost to Upgrade to Oh Christmas Tree Level 4: 5 Red Ornaments

Oh Christmas Tree Level: 4
Drops: 24 Presents every hour
Capacity:48 Presents
Cost to Upgrade to Oh Christmas Tree Level 2: 8 Red Ornaments

Oh Christmas Tree Level: 5
Drops: 32 Presents every hour
Capacity: 64 Presents

The upgrade material is Red Ornaments.

Red Ornament (Uncommon): Get from clearing Infomercial Salesmen

Youll know you’ve Presnts to collect when you see a tiny Present symbol above you Oh Christmas Tree.

But again there’s a twist, in fact there’s 2. Firstly the Oh Christmas Tree will stop dropping once it reaches its capacity, so it simply doesn’t drop all day and all night without attention from us. We need collect Presents for more to drop. The Level 1 capacity is 8 Presents, so basically it drops 4 Presnts and hour so after 2 hours it won’t produce anymore until you collect the 8 already available.

The second twist is you can only hold so many presents in storage at a time, the base level is 40, so once you’ve build up 40 Presents you can’t collect any others, in order to hold more you’ll need to upgrade your Blitzen’s Bar which I’ll talk about next.


This is where you store all those Presents you’ve collected before you spend them wisely. You can see you current storage either on your Present counter icon at the top of your screen or by tapping on Blitzen’s Bar.

Basically at base Level you can only hold 40 Presnts in storage, this means you can’t collect more until you spend those.youll know the Presents waiting to be collected will take you over your storage amount when the icon turns red, you then need upgrade or spend Presents to collect more.

Now Level 1 with its 40 storage is fine for unlocking the first 2 items in the Quahog Shopping Centre, but once you hit the 3rd that costs 79 Presents you need to be able to hold more, and upgrading your Blitzen’s Bar lets you do just is. So tap on it and you’ll see you current and upgrade storage, along with the upgrade cost.

But to put it simply, the Blitzen’s Bar currently can be upgraded to Leel 5 and here’s what it will costs and more important what you’ll increase your storage to at each level.

Blitzen’s Bar Level: 1
Total Present Storage: 40
Cost to Upgrade to Blitzen’s Bar Level 2: 3 Remote Controls

Blitzen’s Bar Level: 2
Total Present Storage: 80
Cost to Upgrade to Blitzen’s Bar Level 3: 4 Remote Controls

Blitzen’s Bar Level: 3
Total Present Storage: 120
Cost to Upgrade to Blitzen’s Bar Level 4: 4 Remote Controls

Blitzen’s Bar Level: 4
Total Present Storage: 240
Cost to Upgrade to Blitzen’s Bar Level 5: 6 Remote Controls

Blitzen’s Bar Level: 5
Total Present Storage: 320

The upgrade material is Remote Controls.

Remote Control (Always): Shop at the Seen On Tubes Store


You will trigger them and learn about them at Part 3 of the main Questline The Santa Pause. You will find them wandering your sidewalks and you will need to use a Character to clear them.

Basically to clear them Tap on a Infomercial Salesnan that’s wandering  around, this will bring up details of the Character needed to clear them, it will also show you the rewards.

Simply tap on SELECT to choose the Character and put them on task to clear the Casino Worker. But as you can see you can’t do anything until you unlock Impersonator Peter.

Characters Used:
Marcus Skidmore

Task Time: 4hrs

Chance Payout:
1 Eggnog  (Always)
1 Fake Beard (Chance)
1 Red Ornament(Chance)

Spawn: A few times a day up to a MAX of 8 at a time on your game play screen


You’ll find a full post on this by clicking HERE!

Think of this as a “CHECK LIST” of items you will unlock, tasks you will perform, or things you will need to do to help earn Charity Buckets and all sorts of other items for the Event. There’s also a Clam reward achievement linked to unlocking Willie Stokes within 7 days.

You can get to the current Achievements Check List Screen by tapping on the Santa’s Wishlist Icon in the lower right corner of the game screen.

Once you complete an Achievement, just tap on “CLAIM” button next to it to gain your reward. Be vigilant on collecting rewards in order you trigger the subsequent task.

To go quickly to location of Achievement you need to complete, tap on the “GO” icon next to it.

Here is the list of what I currently see in my game for this Weeks Santa’s Wishlist (as you clear one or progress through Main Questline, another will appear)…

Bad Santa

Oh Christnas Tree

Getting Blitzed

Shop Til You Drop

But Wait! There’s More

Fear The Beard

WEEKLY PRIZE: If you complete 18 of the first weeks Achievement Tasks on Santa’s Wishlist you will unlock the Weekly Prize. This weeks prize is an the Swole Pole Strip Club.

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the first week of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


51 responses to “Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town Week 1 Overview!!!

  1. Still waiting for week 2 of Santa Griffin event. Really ridiculous Tinyco that you can’t release these on time. And no status, no information on when.


    • It’s released now, they actually don’t give an exact time for updates, releases anymore as things often change last minute


  2. GOOD GRIEF TINYCO. …. Where’s Week 2 for the Santa Griffin event? …. Way overdue. … again. Seriously you guys need to get back on track. Support is lacking and update for week 2 if this event is nowhere to be found. If I see come back next week one more time,… I’m done…… Totally taking the fun out of the game.


    • It’s here, and I think they can’t win, they make events hard players complain they’re not ready for week 2, they make it easier and some players are complaining they’re bored.


  3. Love the event so far.Finally i can finish week 1 in 1 week.


  4. slow start to event still havent unlocked santa peter 😦 and i always miss the shop being open when i log into the game 😦 so very slow on remotes


  5. Is it worth sending anyone shopping once you have everyone unlocked and upgraded? Sending all 3 characters gives 5 of each item even though we can’t use them, but are they actually being stored until the next stage? Like are my remote controls being stored so I can upgrade quicker next stage or should I hold on to all my eggnog until we know for sure?



    • It’s a complete guess, I’m sending them twice a day on the shop task, that will let me build up remotes incase needed but have eggnog still banked. I suspect the shopping will see changes in the next phase so both items may end up redundant, but need wait see.


  6. So, since Santa is taking this year off, it must be safe to assume Santa Claus isn’t going to be used in this years Christmas event?


    • Hard say as still few weeks of event to go, but the don’t use previous event characters in events that often. But I think they should make an exception for Santa


  7. Is rabid reindeer a character or deco?


  8. Has anyone had the issue where you send Lois to shop and come back and the shop is closed and she is kicked out and get nothing. Wasted eggnog 😦


    • Is this confirmed? Do you need 2 full hours to have it count, or if you are in before closing time you can finish shopping? I assumed you get kicked as stated here, but am wondering about others results…


      • I’ve just tested it twice in my game, I sent Lois to shop when there was less than 1 hour until the store closed, but after 3hrs I was able collect my rewards and then store showed closed for 4hrs

        Liked by 1 person

    • I sent her a few times near closing time or before I go to bed (which eventually means the closing time will find her in the shop), and I could always collect the items. The shop apparently waits for her to leave to close doors :P. Maybe you should report it just in case it was a glitch.


  9. I remember that in previous boss battle type situations you got two separate countdown clocks. When one “ready to battle” clock ran down, the next “cool down” timer wouldn’t start until you opened the game again.

    Well, with the Tubes Store you only get one clock combining closed+open states. More often than not I’ll open the game now to find the Tubes Store closed for four hours, three hours before I go to sleep. The store then opens while I’m gone, and shuts again about an hour or two after I return to the game.

    That’s just silly, and I’m not going to play that way if it means losing sleep. I’ve never forgiven TinyCo for that darn Yeti character.


    • I think they’ve brought us an easier event but using this mechanism of the shop closing to stop players rushing through. I basically looked at when it suited me store being open and uses 16 clams to reopen it immediately at time that suited me, I did this just once and that’s kind let me have it close and open at times friendlier to my schedule. But in general I like event, there’s no getting one thing to make another, to then try a chance at getting something else.


  10. I’m also having trouble with the north pole house clams. Mine is locked somehow in the inventory


  11. For those on iOS who are unable to download the latest update, as the App Store does not offer it, I suggest trying the following. If you go to Settings, General, iPhone Storage, Family Guy, it seems there is a new feature, where you can delete the App, but not the data. I tapped OFFLOAD APP (NOT Delete App), then went back to the App Store, and downloaded FGTQFS again. When I opened the app, I did NOT have to complete the tutorial again, nor “connect to my account”, it simply opened up, and loaded the new event, and I was up and running! This is a vast improvement to the reinstall process, and may be recent, as I never noticed this option before. I have recently applied iOS v11.1.2, but am not sure when this feature was added. (Note: I DO have my game saved to an email address, but am not sure that is a requirement for this to work, as I did not have to enter my account information. Better safe than sorry, of course.) Again, do NOT tap Delete App in the settings, as that will likely delete ALL the game data, and require going through the tutorial and reconnecting to your account, after reinstallation. Try Offload App instead.


    • This feature appeared a few months ago with IOS 11. It’s a quicker way to reinstall games and keep your data/progress, but anyone out there doing this I still advise saving your game to an account just incase something goes wrong.


      • I’ve new to iOS so might have sorted it quicker for myself if I realised it sooner but here is what I did.

        Went to the App Store and selected updates.
        Selected family guy but there was no update.
        Went back to the main update screen and swiped down.
        This refreshed the updates and there was now an update for family guy.


  12. the free clam – video watching system is not working at all. All the videos from Chris’s part are gone and I could only one watch video from Peter’s.
    Do you know anything about this?


  13. It is still crashing after i click on a character or 2/3 when it’s loading it’s crashing also 😦


  14. I am loving this event so far!


  15. Have an android Samsung J7 and at first it kept crashing when I’d click on Chris’ ✔ to finish infomercial guy . Seems to have cleared up now.


  16. I cannot seem to play this game. Every time I try to to open it and it crashes before I can even start doing anything. It is very frustrating and I am just going to wait till this event, which seemed like a lot of fun, and especially the falling snow is gone, cause it used to work excellent. Really too bad. Hope you all will have a wonderful christmas time


  17. Still getting upgrade cycle on iOS.


  18. Anyone else seeing Christmas tree drop presents 2 per hour instead of 4? I sent Tinyco a screenshot.


  19. JohnnyHolton404

    The new characters say the word sh!t on this game lol


  20. FIX FOR UPDATE: I was having the same update issues. I force closed the app and App Store, then reopened App Store and reloaded the updates tab. There was then an option to update the app. Once updates and opened, it asked to reload the game and then the event started. Hope this helps.


  21. App is asking me to upgrade to get Christmas event but when I try to update through the iOS App Store, it doesn’t give me the option to upgrade, only to open it. I have iPhone 6s Plus. All other apps and actions work, just not this app to upgrade. Any idea when it will be fixed ?


    • Lots issues going round on Apple, I’ve had reinstall apps to get them upgrade. I’d suggest doing this but only if you’ve saved your game to an account,


  22. Posted this morning & still being kicked out as soon as I connect to fb I’m upset I spent 250 on the north pole house & can’t get my clams


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