North Pole Credit Union Collection Reminder

Morning Merry Makers!!!

Just a quick post to remind any of you that bought the North Pole Credit Union that it’s crucial that you remember to collect promptly every 24hrs and that you need to manually tap on the coin icon above the building to collect as Consuela’s Vacuum DOES NOT collect from it automatically. So set a timer and make sure to manually collect those clams every 24hrs when you see the collection coin above the building.

11 responses to “North Pole Credit Union Collection Reminder

  1. I just collected and it has a clam above it now!


  2. Excellent reminder! I forgot about it and behind in collection by a day. This is different from the past when we could use Consuela Vacuum that suck even clams. Now we have to deliberately tap this building to collect clams, which can be easily missed.


  3. Thanks for posting this. Despite my commenting on it here, and playing every 2 hours, I STILL forgot and hit it late tonight! Really hope they change the symbol over this building type to a golden Clam.


  4. iam collecting on time ^_^
    speaking of clams .. i won 3 clams twice in a row (6 clams) from the Spin N Win Fidget Spinner 😀


  5. Thanks for the reminder… Had forgotten all about it and havent collected for at least 3 days. Wish they would have the clam symbol above the bldg instead of the coin. Meanwhile i still have the shipwreck point showing the clam symbol even though it’s been year(s) since that paid out clams.


  6. Just collected and didn’t get any clams. Anyone else having this issue?


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