Where Are You Now – Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town Week 2

Hey there holly jollies!!With the Christmas event upon us I thought it was time to see how everyone is getting on. Yes whether you’re dashing through the event or a little stuck here’s where to share your progress.  Yes it’s Poll time, so best get busy Addicts. And remember the results will show and update as players answer, so it will also let you gauge where you are compared to others.

Thanks as always and feel free to leave any other helpful feedback or thoughts in the comments. And of course if your feeling like the Grinch you can vent it out in the What The Deuce post HERE.

~ Russian Tigger


10 responses to “Where Are You Now – Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town Week 2

  1. Ah, the dreaded week 2 syndrome. Twice as much effort required to collect to shop means twice as long to unlock the primary new character. No bonus clams for me.


  2. ugh I still don’t have this sloshy snowman it’s slowing me down. This level was by far the hardest unless u had jack frost and I don’t have her.


  3. I can’t believe 20% of the poll respondents aren’t enjoying this event. I personally am finding it to be a lot of fun. It’s not too easy, but it’s not crazy hard either. Takes a little thought and planning instead of just clicking here and there. The only thing I don’t like is the outrageous clam cost to speed up some of the main actions.


  4. I was on pace to pick up Sloshy with about an hour to spare for the clams (needed one more visit to Balls), but when I logged in now, to my horror, Lois was walking away from the store…apparently due to my closing the game too quickly 4 hours ago. Guess I’ll finish it off tomorrow morning, no clams for me this round. Boo.


  5. im 99% sure i’ll miss the 40 clams reward as i have only 9 hrs left and there’s no way i can upgrade the bar in time for the coals … and if i spend 160 clams to get 40 back it’s a stupid move !!!


  6. I’ve collected all the characters (got Jill on the 2nd try–wasn’t going to blow clams on any more than 2 attempts, either), got all the buildings, completed the quests, tree and bar are at level 8…The only thing that’s annoying is the waiting. You have to wait X number of hours to clear salespeople to get the alcohol to go shopping. If the store is closed, you have to wait up to 4 hours for it to open. Then you have to wait for your characters to finish shopping. Then you get SOME of what you need to unlock characters and buildings. You also get a few of this or that as required on the Wish Lists. The problem is, you need a LOT of this or that to eventually unlock Willie or Sloshy or whoever is next. It’s very time-consuming. It sucks when stores are closed and you can’t do anything to further yourself along. For example, I got Sloshy in 5 days, but it could have been 4 if not for the fact that TinyCo sometimes forgets most of us have jobs, and can’t play around the clock, so we might miss some opportunities to hit those stores while they’re open, and end up waiting an additional 4 hours until the NEXT time they open.

    Other than the time you have to invest in it when you could be getting something else done, it’s been alright. Not difficult at all.

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    • I should have added, there’s also the matter of collecting stuff to upgrade your bar and tree, and the waiting to collect all you need to make the upgrade. You might really need help collecting some items certain buildings will drop, and you’re ready to move on to the next building, except for the fact that it requires more presents than the bar will hold, so you have to wait to get enough to upgrade, so you can’t unlock a character because you can’t get certain items because you can’t get the building because you can’t get more presents because you can’t upgrade your bar! Ugh!


    • Totally agree. The shops being closed is the dumbest thing they’ve done in a while. In Week 2 we’re already restricted by Peter being the only one able to collect (assuming non-premium) so sometimes it’s hard to get even one round of shopping in per day. And it annoys me that the shops often open and close at the same time… so I either have my characters all busy, or some of them standing around doing nothing for 4-8 hours.


  7. My only complaint is Chris’s getting red ornaments. In my game, they seem to be a ‘rare’ uncommon drop. My tree is three short for an upgrade and I know for a fact I have had at least 8 non-drops this past week. So I will miss out in clam reward by about an hour (at least, since I need 12 hours, but clock on reward is at just under 11.


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