Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town Week 4 is here…..and no content is timed!!!

Ho, Ho, Ho!!! Merry F… Frickin Christmas. Yup it’s time to put the more jingle in the bells, as the final week of Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town is here.

Yes, the festive fun continues. and you can throw caution to the wind as with it being the final week there is NO timed character to unlock.

~ Russian Tigger

20 responses to “Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town Week 4 is here…..and no content is timed!!!

  1. im glad i didn’t rush into anything … i would’ve regretted not getting Jillian …
    btw what are the Laptops for ?? theyre dropping from Krampus scaring the Moms …


  2. i think i’ll hold my clams and buy Black Jesus …


  3. Damnit, I moved onto week 3 but I haven’t unlocked Krampus yet not finished the Week 3 “naughty list”. But of course none of my actions are counting towards them anymore… e.g. I need to clear 12 security guards, I cleared 8 and still need to clear 12. Same with clearing Lingerie Angels… I need 2 more, cleared 1, still need 2 more.


    • They should still count, hope you’ve messaged TinyCo


      • They didn’t count, but they did fix the issue within 6 hours or so. It wasn’t such a big deal getting the extra challenges ticked off. They messaged me a day later to say they’d pushed out a fix, but I already knew 😉


    • may be a memory problem, clear cache etc. (or reinstall etc.)


      • Unlikely as I play on an Android emulator and I’ve given my “device” 4 GB RAM, and disk space can grow another 5 TB if it really wants to. I reported the issue to TinyCo and they said they’d pushed out a fix… but I’d already noticed it was fixed long before they got back to me


  4. Can see why they gave me a free Santa…since you build him a summer outfit. Hopefully everyone has him now! Would’ve liked if Elf Stewie was directly for sale and not mixed with so much random junk. Would’ve bought him.


  5. The final grand prize is the dog, and I have had him since the first Christmas event! No need for me to try and get all the achievements, other than I need the drops! *chuckle*


  6. im confused .. I LOVE the little drummer boy .. he is one of my favorite characters in song ………. ever …. on the other hand .. Black Jesus is so freaking cool !!! i now have 280 clams and if I buy the Drummer Boy i can say bye bye to Jesus , but the drummer boy helps with the event .. but i don’t really care about vacation santa even if i don’t unlock him …. so little drummer boy isnt the essential to me (unlike Reindeer Brian who was critical in getting Krampus) … i can get to 350 clams by Jan 3 for Black Jesus … so i don’t really really know what to do … I mean theres’ a huge chance Black Jesus will be back sometime in the future and i may be able to afford him then … but Little Drummer Boy – if he comes back in the future he will be useless … what should i do ? 😦 😦


    • Oh that is a dilemma, think what will still make you smile once the event is over. Yes Little Drummer a Boys use will be very short lived, but he’s got a sentimental pull for you. Black Jesus will drop you clams sometimes, it’s always nice to see that drop, he just gave me 2 few minutes ago and I still smile even after having him a year or so. I think with clam drop if Black Jesus will come at a high price like just now, whereas Little Drummer Boy could appear in a best of or character box in future, or even half price like we’ve seen with Greek gods this year. But the chance you take is he never comes back…. I personally don’t think either freemium unlock costume is worth spending clans on to assist you getting them, so it’s all about what will make you smile after


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