Peter and the Masters of the Universe Week 2 is here…..and there’s NO timed characters

By the power of TinyCo a new event week is here!!!

Time to break out more Lycra as week2 of  the Peter and the Masters of the Universe event is here!!!

I’m now seeing the new content on IOS, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible. Until then you can throw caution to the wind as there is NO timed character to unlock.

Yes let me repeat the good news, there’s no unlock timer on Bly-At-Arms or He-Man. However you can get 50 Clams as a bonus for unlocking He-Man and using him to defeat a Horde Trooper within 7 days.

~ Russian Tigger


18 responses to “Peter and the Masters of the Universe Week 2 is here…..and there’s NO timed characters

  1. It seems almost impossible to get that many vials to defeat anyone


  2. FYI: If you don’t have Beast Man, you’ll need Boy At Arms to unlock He-Man. So for those of you who did not unlock He-Man and want to try for the 50 clams you might want to weigh your options:

    Orkos and Barbarians have drops for both He-Man and Boy Of Arms. So that means you might not benefit for both with one collection cycle. However, only three characters can battle the Horde Trooper: He-Man, Boy Of Arms, and Beast Man. But the Horde Trooper drops The Sword Of Power and requires 3 water elixirs at a time to battle. The Water Elixirs take 1 hr 45 minutes to make one of them. The water elixirs are also used to fight the Robot Knight which you also need three at a time to battle. So their are many time constraints to consider for the 50 clams.

    Good Luck


  3. Is TinyCo on crack? 5.25 hours to create enough Water Elixers to battle an enemy once with no guarantee you will win. I’m out!


  4. not sure to buy Beast Man or not .. i have just enough clams .. and i like this character .. but i feel the characters in week 3 and 4 are always more useful ..


    • He’ll definitely help in battling…She-Ra alone cannot knock out the Robot Knights by herself, so two battles at a cost of six elixirs (10 hours 30 minutes of creation time) are need just to defeat one Robot Knight…with him, it’s possible to defeat one with just one battle (3 water elixirs)…and the main week 2 baddie requires 24 hit points – it may take She-Ra four battles (12 water elixirs) to defeat him once, but it’s possible to defeat him in two battles with both…again, JMHO and all sales are final…


  5. Unless I am missing something, it looks ridiculously hard. 2 waters that take 4/8 hours to make 3 waters to have one fight, that you may miss or only partially hurt?


  6. Ahhh! This week looks HARD!

    2 Mystic Waters = 1 Water Elixer. 3 water elixers to battle either new villains. With only She-Ra or Barbarian Peter to collect MysWat until you earn Boy-at-arms, and BP’s task takes 2x as long as S-R’ s.

    And the only way to get 4 Laser Gloves for BoyAA’s is to fight Robot Knights. Which take 12 damage to kill; and S-R delivers 6 with 20% chance of a fatal blow but she could also miss…which lets just says that’s also a 20%, even it out. As well as how likely it is for the RK’s to miss or fatally damage her vs. their norm. On average she should be able to get in 2 hits before having to recharge before moving on to kill another. Moving on…

    So (w/o purchasing Beast Man) you need minimum 24 Water Elixers = 48 MysWats. You can earn up to 3 MW every 8 hours = 9 every day. Which means it could take just over 5 days to unlock BoyAA’s, minimum? Gahh!? Please someone tell me my math is wrong here

    And I don’t know if it happened for anyone else but He-Man’s 7 day challenge timer started BEFORE I’d actually “found” him, it’s ! followed immediately after A Barbarian’s Tale Prt 1 started.

    So to get He-Man you need 3 swords from Horde Trooper. Whom take 24 damage to kill. BoyAA’ s delivers 8. But he’s health is also 8, and HT delivers 16 damage. Minimum it could take 3 strikes for him to kill 1 HT.

    So you need 3 Elixers to attack = 9 to kill 1 HT = 27 to kill 3.
    27 elixiers take 54 Mystic Waters; which BoyAA’s can now also earn…but since I don’t know how long his task will actually be or his warm up once defeated I’ll just stop now.

    I can’t really fathom that it’ll be at ALL possible to start week 3 on time if you don’t either purchase Beast Man or Mystic Water from the shop.

    Also I don’t trust the the Mystery Box this week. The way they’ve worded it “equal chance” without specifying how many times the items could repeat (unlike the characters/outfits, which we know is only once ) could mean you get stuck earning the same item over and over again. Technically you could never earn a single character at all no matter how many times you try. I’ve asked TC to clarify that…but this seems like too big of a risk to spend clams on with very little chance of getting Battle Brian. Which is sad, because I REALLY wanted whatever version of B.Tiger they did for this event and had already decided to dish out clams for anything (even a deco for once) to get.


  7. Week 2 seems fun 🙂 and He-Man is not premium .. yay 🙂


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