Peter and the Masters of the Universe – Mer-Meg and Her Dragon Poison Drop

fg_materials_heman_wk3_dragonpoison_62903@2xBy the power of TinyCo here’s some good news. Just wanted to let you all know that Mer-Meg’s Dragon Poison drop task, Flirt With Dragons is a good one. It’s a 4hr task that ALWAYS drops 3 Dragon Poisons. And it only takes 8 clams to speed it up. So don’t panic that time is going by and it will be impossible to attack Granamyr, you’ll be able attack him just fine once you get Mer-Meg unlocked.

~ Russian Tigger


11 responses to “Peter and the Masters of the Universe – Mer-Meg and Her Dragon Poison Drop

  1. Hi there..cant seem to find your post on granamyr… about the 5 levels needed to defeat him..the amount of potions needed and the rewards..thanks


  2. I unlocked her 4 hours ago after some great drops this morning (3 fish scales in a row from 2 char + building). Lois is still a few days away though…


  3. Good news – I’m not too far off from unlocking her, but with Lois a long way away, I figured it would be a maddening grind to collect enough to hit him twice…


  4. Sweet. I should have Meg in a day or 2. Glad I didn’t spend 260 odd clams on the 4 dragon poison in the store!


  5. Thanks RT! I came here specifically for this reason. I was killing it the first two weeks in this game. Sitting on days of extra time, and then this week is like I hit a brick wall. Drops are awful, battles are going horribly, etc, etc. Good to know that I can hopefully play catch up in a few more days.

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    • Yep the 3rd week is always hard. Seems like i make it to week 4 with like 2 days left everytime. Looks like it will be 3 or 4 more days to unlock the Lois character so maybe I won’t be to far behind. You know that Skeletor Stewie is what were all wanting and or course they put him week 4!


  6. Awesome!


  7. GOOD !!!!!! ill most probably get her tonight or tomorrow morning


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