New Item In Store: Battle Elephant

We often see you requesting a clam generator in your FGQFS event wish lists, and once again our overlords at TinyCo have heard you and delivered, as they’ve just dropped another one into our games.


The Battle Elephant is now available to buy for 250 clams and will drop 14 clams every 24hrs until March 16th 2018. So if you’ve clams to spend, go check out the Battle Elephant now.

I know it’s not been long since TinyCo dropped the last clam generator into our games, but I still wanted to remind you why they are so popular. These basically see you purchasing a premium building/decoration for clams, it will then drop 14 clams every 24hrs until a set date, in the case of this item it will drop 14 clams every 24hrs until the 16th March 2018. If you have the clams to purchase items like this I will ALWAYS recommend you do, as you will always end up better off as long as you time your purchase, and daily collections, right.

The new clam generator we are talking about here is the Battle Elephant, and if you have 250 spare clams burning a hole in your pocket, I recommend you BUY, BUY, BUY. And as soon as possible as the Battle Elephant is only set to drop 14 clams every 24hrs until 3/16, so if you purchased it today, Tuesday 2/13, you would have a potential 31 clam drops of 14 clams over this period, that’s a total of 434 clams, plus you’ll get 14 immediately upon buying and placing it, so there’s actually a potential 448 clams to be collected, and that’s a profit of 198 clams on your original 250 clam investment. So BUY, BUY, BUY.

Now one other thing that’s crucial is that you must remember to collect promptly every 24hrs, and you’ll need to manually tap it to collect as Consuela’s Vacuum does NOT collect from it automatically. So set a timer and make sure to collect those clams every 24hrs.

What do you think about the Battle Elephant?  Did you buy it ?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

~ Russian Tigger


20 responses to “New Item In Store: Battle Elephant

  1. Didn’t realize what the elephant was yesterday, but bought him first thing this morning.


  2. I usually buy these, but I’m passing on this one… for now. If I buy this I’ll be down to 80 clams or so, which means I’ll be short for the final week stuff. This is the only event where I’m enjoying buying items (Beastman & Sorcerer), so I don’t want to miss out on whatever is next week. I only have to wait a few hours anyway… so I can always buy the elephant tomorrow if there’s nothing I like


  3. tempting ..
    i will just wait and see if the Week 4 Premium Character is worth it or not .. if not i will buy him tonight and would only lose a couple days … still profitable …


  4. Saw the elephant last night but didn’t buy it because for some reason I didn’t read its purpose. Logged in today and the game promotes it making it clear so bought it straight away.


  5. Thanks for the heads up!!!! Saw the red exclamation mark but thought it was just another junk box or deco. Purchased!!!


  6. I always buy these. Tho if I could make a suggestion for Tiny Co, I’d make it 22 or 23 hours. 24 hour rotations means you can only fall behind on the timing. Tho to be fair if you miss a day or so you still profit.


  7. I love when they have a Clam Generator drop Item, It’s always so worth it.
    I also like the Craft 8 GRASS ELIXIRS in 24 Hours, Get 3 WATER ELIXIRS Free. I have a feeling we’re going to be needing all the help we can get for part 4 of this event.


  8. i never get clam tv offer any more just a pop up teaseing me with it i had 262 clams saved so this was a no brainer to get add 14 a day plus random jesus neighbour and wheel clams drop its worth it.


  9. Bought it! No brainer. If only it was animated.

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  10. And two idiots on facebook are trying to tell everyone this is a horrible buy. They keep sayin you give uup 250 for 170. I keep pointing out you get 420 but they insist that you lose clams on this deal. Some peole make my head hurt.


  11. Done! Makes total sense as long as you have the clams up front.. And it’s helpful for collecting since the Chris side of my clam tv no longer has videos. Not sure what happened there but it seems maybe 5-7 clams a day less available for me to collect without those extra videos.


    • Yup, Chris no longer has video offers and when I click on the Peter side (watch videos) it only works once every few days. Most days, when I click on “watch videos” the little TV just shakes forever and no videos load. I am getting only a few clams a week lately. Anyone else have the same problem? (I did buy the elephant, thanks for the heads up, RT)


      • Yes clam TV is playing up for me also. I’ve brought it to TinyCo’s attention again.


      • The clam TV stuff can be great when it works and suck when it doesn’t. I accumulated almost 3000 clams by doing a bunch of the “download and play our app to a certain level” offers but the system is buggy and you could do all the work and get ******* out of the reward if they don’t register that you completed the offer, and their customer service proof requirements are impossible to provide. I had 2 out of 10 offers denied because of this. If you do want to take a chance on these make sure to start them when the double clam offers are in effect.


      • I have the same ‘freezing’ problem. Force closing and memory cleaning helps me. Sometimes I have to do it several times and I even have to wait a while, but I still get my ten clams a day.


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