Peter’s Games Week 1 Event Overview!!!

It’s time to take to the slopes as a new event is here!!!

Time to break out the thermals as we’re heading for some Winter Olympics fun in the Peter’s Games event!!!fg_materials_wo_medal_62737_v02@4x


7th March at 3PM PST


Please note Peter & Joe do not drop Fruit Baskets, it is their costumes Gary Ratowski and Bobsledder Joe that have the drop tasks.




It’s nosing again and we’ve 2 new blocks of land to the right of your game, these cost 330,000 coins each to clear.


If you purchased the Battle Elephant you’ll see it now shows a coin instead of clams at collection time, but don’t worry it still drops clams.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – A Host Story



A Host Story

As requested I’m going to put the main questline post up and update it as I progress, you’ll find it by clicking HERE!!!


kyrieirving_animation_v13-shoppic-001@4xKyrie Irving (Full Character): 220  Clams, has 4hr task to always drop 1 Fruit Basket

Should I Buy: I think a lot will depend on how you feel about this even and if you’re a sports fan. But that always drop of 1 Fruit Basket every 4hrs will be very handy. He will help you get through this week of the event as you’ll be able to start attacking the Committee Official quicker.

Gary RatowskiGary Ratowski (Character Costume): You’ll be trigger the side Questline to starting unlocking him at Pt 1 of the main Questline A Host Story. Has task with chance drop of 1 Fruit Basket.
6 Fake Badges (Rare): Quagmire Ticket Hot Chicks, Joe Arrest Cop Impersonators
45 Hockey Pucks (Uncommon): Clear Curlers
10 Hockey Jerseys (Uncommon): Peter Watch Hockey, Bonnie Be A Puck Bunny, Hockey Cup Donuts
10 Hockey Stick (Common): Herbert Play Street Hockey, Ski Cabin

bobsledjoe_walk_v001-shoppic-001@4xBobsledder Joe (Character Costume): You’ll be trigger the side Questline to starting unlocking him at Pt 2 of the main Questline A Host Story. Has task with a chance drop of 1 Fruit Basket.
54 Ski Helmet (Rare): Clear Curlers
13 Ski Goggles (Rare): Mort Stock Goggles, Joe Prptect His Eyes, Ice Bar
11 Unitard (Uncommon): Bonnie Shop For Workout Clothes, Cool Running Supply Co.
45 Gloves (Always): Defeating Committee Official


Hockey Cup Donuts: Chance Drop of 2 Hockey Jerseys every 6hrs
Cost~ 12 

Ski Cabin: Chance Drop of 2 Hockey Sticks every 3hrs
Cost~ 20 

Yellow Sno-Come Shop: Chance Drop of 1 Fruit Basket every 4hrs
Cost~ 28 

Cool Running Supply Co: Chance Drop of 2 Unitards every 8hrs
Cost~ 65 

Ice Bar: Chance Drop of 2 Ski Goggles every 4hrs
Cost~ 75 


Topsy The Roid-Raged Horse: Always drops 7 Gold Medals every 8hrs
Cost~ 180 


10 Snowballs ~ 97 

14 Fruit Baskets ~ 200 


 Gold Medals (Always) –  Clear Curlers,  Attack Committtee Official, Topsy The Roid-Raged Horse

You can see how many Gold Medals you have by looking at the Gold Medal Icon at the bottom right of your screen.


 Snowball (Common) –  Quagmire Shovel His Driveway, Jerome Make Frozen Drinks, Chris Have A Snowball Fight, Buy from Store

Fruit Baskets (Common): Kyrie Irving Multitask, Gary Ratowski Stop The Puck, Bobsledder Joe Miss The Podium, Yellow Sno-Cone Shop, Buy from Store



These are the little baddies in this event and are quite simple to deal with, it’s just more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous events. Before you can clear them you’ll need to get some Snowballs, you’ll get them here:

 Snowball (Common) –  Quagmire Shovel His Driveway, Jerome Make Frozen Drinks, Chris Have A Snowball Fight, Buy from Store

Once you have a Snowball you will find Curlers wandering your sidewalks. (You can hit 4 at a time by only having a small piece of road).


You’ll see here I reduced my road to 1 piece, then I simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen.


Then move the Snowball over the small piece of road when at least 4 curlers are on it, then simply hit the Fire to clear them. As I say the maximum you can hit with 1 Snowball is 4 curlers.

I am seeing immediate response and up to a maximum of 16 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing Curlers are as follows:

Per Curler Cleared
1x Gold Medal (Always)
1x Hockey Puck (Chance)
1x Helmet (Chance)



Similar to previous events, there’s a big boss to battle, and you’ll find him wandering your sidewalks with a timer above him.

And to bribe (attack) him, you as always here need to collect a resource, Fruit Baskets. You’ll then use these to attack the Committee Official at Levels 1-5 in order to gain rewards which will help you in the event. So first grab yourself some Fruit Baskets.

Fruit Baskets (Common): Kyrie Irving Multitask, Gary Ratowski Stop The Puck, Bobsledder Joe Miss The Podium, Yellow Sno-Cone Shop, Buy from Store

***Please note Peter & Joe do not drop Fruit Baskets, it is their costumes Gary Ratowski and Bobsledder Joe that have the drop tasks***

Once you have some Fruit Baskets  in order to be able to bribe the Committee Official you will need to tap on him. Once you tap him you will see the Attack screen, showing how many Fruit Baskets you need to battle at that level. You’ll also see the rewards for Attacking him at that Level, and the time you have left to defeat him to 5x before he reverts back to 1x.

And that’s it, you basically want attack him to as high a level you can or fully defeat him before his 24hr timer runs down. Once it does he will go to sleep for 6 hours and you’ll need wait for him to return to start attacking again at 1x. If you don’t want to wait you can use clams to Awaken him faster at the level he was at when timer ran out.

And here are the Requirements and Rewards for the levels:

Level 1X
Cost to Attack: 2 Fruit Basket
Reward: 5 Gold Medals & 3 Gloves

Level 2X
Cost to Attack: 4 Fruit Baskets
Reward: 10 Gold Medals & 6 Gloves

Level 3X
Cost to Attack: 7 Fruit Baskets
Reward: 18 Gold Medals & 12 Gloves

Level 4X
Cost to Attack: 11 Fruit Baskets
Reward: 28 Gold Medals & 21 Gloves

Level 5X
Cost to Attack: 16 Fruit Baskets
Reward: 40 Gold Medals & 33 Gloves

There you have the overall basics to get you through the first week of  latest 2 week mini event to hit our games. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

43 responses to “Peter’s Games Week 1 Event Overview!!!

  1. Last night, my Committee Official only slept for 6 minutes, not hours (or was I dreaming?)


    • The sleep timer automatically starts upon his shutdown unlike previously when it only started if you went into your game, could this solve the mystery? Or do I need to call for Scooby Doo?


  2. I’ve had 16 curlers around whenever I go to bomb them. I long ago removed my city streets and made sure there were no hidden remnants. Just a single square right now. (I place 3 more squares just to be sure there are enough of them after 2 bombs. They like to stack, so I can’t count otherwise.)


  3. Seeing a lot of comments regarding amount of road and curler overlap … if it will reduce some stress out there I can tell you that I’ve a 3 x 3 square of road (so 9 pieces total) and have never missed when aiming snowballs (consistent also with my experience with previous similar events). Always hits the max of 4 and I can easily see how many are there. Additionally, any characters out with animated tasks don’t interfere and you can see them do their thing as well. I agree with others as well that snowballs seem to be much less frequent than “common” would suggest!!


    • Great tip Christo. I can attest to this being true and actually say that I use a 4×3 block of roads (so 12 squares) in my game and I’ve gotten 4 curlers with every snowball since the event started.


  4. Can you help? I’ve scoured my land to see if there were any roads I missed, but I haven’t. I even deleted my roads to see if the committee official (and other things that walk around) would wander to a hidden road I hadn’t seen – but to no avail. I haven’t had a new curler respawn since last night. I have so many snowballs now but nothing to use them on.


    • Do you have any road, you must place at least 1 piece.


      • Yes, I have only one small sliver of road.


        • You probably have Curlers stacked, extend it to 3/4 bits and see if they multiply


          • I have 5-6 bits now. I have literally zero. They’re not stacked. They’re not there at all 😦


            • Sorry, I mean literally zero curlers.
              I’ve checked my entire land to see if there are any hidden roads and there aren’t. 😦


              • Go to Joe or Peters costume, select the item that needs you to bomb curlers click on it and see if it takes you to any


                • Thanks RT. I did that earlier and it finally worked.
                  First I tried scouring my land for roads. I even clicked on the roads on the upper left hand corner so all the buildings would be see-through. Couldn’t find any curlers or other roads other than my main one.
                  Then I erased the main road I had to see if the other walky characters would go somewhere else but they didn’t really.
                  And finally I did that – went to peter’s costumes and brought me to this building – and I still couldn’t see it until I moved a building! UGH! What a nightmare.
                  There was one bit of road there. I still don’t really understand why they all wandered to that one spot instead of the 4-5 length road I had. Ah well, it’s fixed. Thanks for indulging me, RT.


            • You need to message TinyCo


  5. Would you get the Sno Come Shop before The Cool Running Supply and Ice Bar ?I didn’t purchase Kyrie and need only 7 pucks for Pete Ratowski.


  6. Now they’re not respawning at all 😦 It’s been like 12-14 hours


  7. FYI! Got Cool Running Supply co. It drops unitards every 6 hours as opposed to every 2 hours as stated.


  8. 0-1 snowball out of 3 tasks each time is NOT common at all … they’re rare !!


  9. Overall the requirements don’t seem too bad for this week other than my snowball drops are scarce. I’m averaging one drop everytime I send the three characters on task to get them. Hopefully this gets better for a “common” item. I do however like the format that allows me to purchase whatever buildings I want in the order I want. A couple of the previous events I’ve been forced to purchase buildings that dropped items I had already collected all of, while I could have really used other buildings.


  10. i’ve almost unlocked Gary Ratowski, what do you guys think will be the best tactic to unlock Bobsledder Joe: buying the Yellow Sno-Come Shop first to start collecting fruit baskets for the gloves or save up my gold medals for the buildings Cool Running Supply Co and Ice Bar and afterwords buying the Yellow Sno-Come?


  11. The snowball drop rate is atrocious. I’m averaging one every four hours. Not quite what I would consider common.


  12. Fatigued from the last event that I was thinking I will sit out this mini event. Alas, Kyrie is offered! Strange if I buy Kyrie but don’t complete the event. Yet, there is a Week 2, and not sure who else is offered. Could it be LeBron James? That would be my motivation to complete Week 1… Anyone knows?


  13. Anyone have any idea of this event will have any full characters? I am really not very interested in costumes, just more to scroll through to find one you need.


  14. If I put down just 1 road square, all but 2 curlers go wandering all over the place. With 2 road squares they all stay on the road. They do respawn instantly.


  15. Do you know the spawn rate for curlers? I bombed my first 4 and 2 are left hanging out. I think I bombed them last night so I would expect more to appear. I’m waiting for more to spawn so I can get the maximum per snowball of 4 curlers.


    • I’m seen my about 12 in my game now, was 8 earlier, do you have a bit of road done others might be on. If your not seeing an instant resplendent I’m guessing every 4hrs. But I’m about clear some in my game and will confirm if they are still respawning immediately.


    • If you have just 1 tiny road square, the curlers are all stacked up together. If you add a 2nd road square, they will separate and you can count them. In my game, it looks like 2 but there’s really 12 or so.


    • Check your guys! In my game, they constantly replenish, and they are overlapping each other. It looks like i have 2, but there are 4, or more.


    • I just checked it with a batch and The definitely respawned immediately, I extended my piece of road and saw at least 16.


    • I only had one curler this morning – it’s been about 8-10 hours since I played.
      I bombed it to see if they were on top of each other but sure enough, there was only one.


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