Quest For Stuff Silly Snapshots

As we are playing through questlines, finishing up tasks, or grinding to get those “rare” items for our characters we occasionally catch a funny moment in our games and it just makes us smile. Today was one of those days when I opened my game and saw this….

If you’ve got a silly snapshot you’d like to show us all email it to us at and I’ll get it up on the site.

Russian Tigger

7 responses to “Quest For Stuff Silly Snapshots

  1. OMG This site is still going? **** this game needs no strategy hust more money than sense. Do something better with your lives everyone


    • I’m quite happy with my life as it is so I think I’ll stick around in Quahog a little longer if you don’t mind 😅😅😅


    • Such a senseless and thoughtless comment. No wonder you thought this game needs no strategy. You should spend some time to think about the efforts that goes into maintaining this blog and how many others benefited just because they like the game. Get some help, won’t you?


    • SebCody, do you really think that visiting a site about a game I play means I have a worse life than someone like you who spends their time making immature troll comments like that? This site frequently has vital info about glitches and often points out subtleties that can easily be missed. I would not visit here if it was not useful. If you play, how can you know what you missed by not checking out familyguyaddicts now and then? Sad!


    • Huh, Lol. Why would you care what game we decide to play? Just cuz you don’t like it or can’t succeed at it, we should all quit? Go spew hate somewhere else.


    • Wow! Net troll tells me what to do with my life. Yes Sir, right away Sir, whatever you say Sir. Here’s my advice to you: **************

      And now back to our regular moaning and whining about bad drop rates… Peace and love to everyone.❤

      BTW, something strange is going on in my Quahog, I have 2 Committee Officials walking around and 1 even in Ollieland.


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