420 Guy Week 4 Overview

Looks like TinyCo thought it was high time we had another event, so here’s a little something to get us through the long days and nights ahead. Yes, welcome to Qweedhog where Week 4 of the 420 Guy event is in full bloom!!!


Wednesday 16th May at 3PM PDT.


***This is the final week of the event***

***There is no Farmers Almanac this week***

***Apologies if posts are a bit slow at this time but real life, yes I do have one of those, is hectic just now. But I’ll get the essentials up ASAP***


Version 1.67.2




Ongoing issue with trees encroaching onto cleared land. TinyCo have said this will be fixed after the current event finishes.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – Burnt Out


Burnt Out

As requested I’m going to put the main questline post up quickly and update it as I progress, you’ll find it by clicking on the Quick Link at the top of the post!!!


Alternative Medicine Dr Hartman (Character Costume): 200  Clams. Task to always drop 1x Tax Dollars every 4hrs

PB & J Stewie (Character Costume)
: Top prize in the You Jelly? Mystery Box, costs 145  Clams per try. Tasks to always drop either  1x Special Gummy or 1 Ice Cream Sandwich every 6hrs

Drug Sniffing Dog Brian (Character Costume): You’ll be directed to create him in Al Harrington’s at Pt 1 of the main Questline Burnt Out. Task to drop Ice Cream.
9 Police Hats (Common): Get from Brian Try On Old Uniform, Hot In The Box
19 Utility Belt (Common): Get from clearing DEA Agents
8 Flashlight (Uncommon): Get from Seamus Go Night Fishing, Stoner Dorm
14 Badges  (Rare): Get from Joe Flash His Badge, Bonnie Role Play, Tie The Room Together Rug Shop

Dylan Flannigan (Full Character): You’ll be directed to unlock her  at Pt 2 of the main Questline Burnt Out.  
17 Chain Wallet (Common): Get from clearing Thugs
2 Angry Music (Always): Get from Highsterdam University
19 Spike Cuff (Always): Get from bribing Anti Marijuana Elf
10 Earrings (Uncommon): Get from Connie Go Shopping, Hippie Bus

35 Cargo Pants (Uncommon): Get from clearing DEA Agents


Costs 145 Clams per try. No duplicate prizes, so basically once you win an item it leaves the box.

PB&J Stewie – Character Costume
150 Clams – Games Currency
5 Bongs – Event Material
18 Ice Cream – Event Material
15 Tax Dollars – Event Material
4 Special Muffins – Event Material
5 Special Gummies- Event Material
15 DEA Papers – Event Material
Clevelands Hot Chocolate – Moving Decoration
Jazz Cigarette Dispensary – Building

My Results: I won the 15 DEA Papers and then PB&J Stewie. So just 2 attempts for me to win the main prize from this Mystery Box. Total Spend 290 Clams.


***The buildings for this Week can be found in The Farmhouse – you’ll find full details in that section below***


You’ll  see option to unlock the premium White Labrador Farming Plot in the store, as well as in the event area.

Baby Dreams Premium Plot – 90  Grows 4 Baby Dreams every 4 hours.

Trippy Science Stand – 125  Drops 2 Water Bongs every 8 hours.


 Bud Coins (Always) – Get from completing tasks in the Farmers Almanac, Dispensary Exchanges


 Tax Dollars (Common) –  Get from Tracy Buy Groceries, Joe Fundraise, Farmer Peter Get An Agricultural Subsidy, Alternative Medicine  Dr Hartman Reject Insurance Plans, You Jelly? Mystery Box, Buy from Store

 Bong (Always) –  Get from Craft in the Greenhouse, You Jelly? Mystery Box

 Ice Cream Sandwich (Common) –  Get from Craft in the Greenhouse, PB&J Stewie Have A Banana Split

Fudge Striped Cookie (Always): Get from bribing anti marijuana elf

 Baby Dreams (Always) –  Get from Baby Dream Plot

 Bong Water (Common) –  Get from Cheech Marin Make A Bowl, Bruce Take A Glass Blowing Course, Tripping Science Stand

Ice Cream (Always): Get from Drug Sniffing Dog Brian Go For Ice Cream, You Jelly? Mystery Box

 DEA Papers (Common) –  Get from Quagmire Sign A Release Form. Tommy Chong Get A Medical Card, Bonnie Renew Handicap Permit, Buy from Store

 Blizzy (Always) –  Get from Craft in the Greenhouse, Method Man Light Up A Doobie

 Special Muffin (Always) –  Get from Craft in the Greenhouse

DEA Permit (Uncommon): Get from clearing DEA Agents

 White Labrador (Always) –  Get from White Labrador Plot

 Muffin Mix (Always) –  Get from Farmer Chris Make A Muffin

Dutch Paper (Common): Get from Herbert Grab A Roll, Bruce Roll A Dobbie, Hemp Muffin Stand

 Alarm (Common) –  Get from Cheech Sleep Through Alarm, Jerome Install Security Software, Mellow Yellow Mystery Box, Buy from Store

 Doobie (Always) –  Get from Craft in the Greenhouse, Pipe Popper Mort Protect His Stash, Mellow Yellow Mystery Box

 Special Gummy (Always) –  Get from Craft in the Greenhouse, Mellow Yellow Mystery Box

Gold Chain (Always): Get from clearing Thugs

 Sour Clam (Always) –  Get from Sour Clam Plot

 Sugar (Always) –  Get from Farmer Lois Buy Milk

Rolling Paper (Common): Get from Joe Raid Evidence Locker,  Chris Recycle, Mellow Yellow Mystery Box, Buy from Store

 Bags Of Grass (Always) –  Get from Craft in the Greenhouse, Hippie Death Reap What He Sowed

 Special Brownie (Always) –  Get from Craft in the Greenhouse

Grinder (Always): Get from Mort Bust Neil (drops 3),  Lois Restock Paraphernalia  (drops 2), Daily Grinder

Best Bud (Always): Get from the Best Buds Plots

Chocolate (Always): Get from Farmer Peter Shop For Ingredients


15 Tax Dollars – 128 


This will be your “Manufacturing” area where you will combine new materials to make the more Products to exchange for Bud Coins.

Here are the new items you will manufacture in Week 4 ..


Needed to manufacture: 3 Baby Dreams & 1 Bong Water

Time to manufacture: 2hrs

 Ice Cream Sandwich

Needed to manufacture: 2 Baby Dreams & 1 Ice Cream

Time to manufacture: 2hrs 30 mins

You can be manufacturing up to 6 items in the Products Queue at a time. If the queue is full you will have to wait until one finishes before adding more into the Queue. You can also still manufacture Bags Of Grass, Special Brownies, Doobies, Special Gummies, Blizzy and Special Muffins.

You’ll find full details of where to get the materials needed for manufacturing in the materials section above.


Here is where you will trade Event Currency you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Week 3…

Tie The Room Together Store: Chance drop of 2 Badges every 4hrs
Cost~ 100 Bud Coins

Stoner Dorm: Chance drop  of 2 Flashlight every 6hrs
Cost~ 60 Bud Coins

Hat In The Box: Chance Drop of 2 Police Hats every 8hrs
Cost~ 100 Bud Coins

Hippie Bill: Chance Drop of 2 Earrings every 8hrs
Cost~ 150 Bud Coins

Bong-O-Phone: No drops
Cost~80 Bud Coins

Highstardam University : Chance drop of 2 Angry Music every 4hrs
Cost~ 420 Bud Coins


Here is where you can exchange your Products for Bud Coins to purchases prizes in the Farmhouse. I’ll update this as I get new exchanges.

If you’ve got any exchange issues, please report them in the Bud Coin Shortage post HERE!!!

This is what is the exchanges I’ve seen for Week 4 in my game so far:

50 Coin Exchanges:
6 Bongs + 4 Fudge Striped Cookie

55 Coin Exchanges:
2 Bongs + 2 Fudge Striped Cookies + 3 Special Gummies + 3 Special Muffins

75 Coin Exchanges:
2 Bongs + 2 Fudge Striped Cookies + 1 Ice Cream Sandwich
4 Bongs + 5 Fudge Striped Cookies + 2 Ice Cream Sandwich


These are where you’ll grow your Baby Dreams to use to manufacture Products.

When you start this week of the event you will see the last 2 plots ready to unlock. The plot with the silver padlock is free to unlock, the Plot with the gold plot of premium and will cost you 90 Clams to unlock to use it.

Once you have unlocked a plot you can start to grow Baby Dreams. The freemium and premium plots generate the same 4 Baby Dreams every 4hrs.

To grow your Baby Dreams, simply tap the padlock to unlock the plot. You will see the plot with a water drop above it, simply tap this to water your crop then wait 4 hours for it to grow before collecting your harvest. You’ll know it’s ready when the sickle appears above it, just like the crops in previous weeks.


These are the little baddies from last week and you’ll still need clear them this week to get Utility Belts and Cargo Pants. Before you can clear them you’ll need to keep collecting those  DEA Papers.


These are the little baddies from last week and you’ll still need clear them this week to collect Chain Wallets, so keep collecting those Security Alarms.


Similar to previous events, there’s a big boss to battle, and you’ll find him wandering your sidewalks with a timer above him. And to get him to drop materials you need to bribe (attack) him with your hard-earned Tax Dollars. You’ll use these to bribe the Anti Marijuana Elf at Levels 1-5. However the amount of Tax Dollars needed increase each level. So first grab yourself some Tax Dollars.

 Tax Dollars (Common) –  Get from Tracy Buy Groceries, Joe Fundraise, Farmer Peter Get An Agricultural Subsidy, Alternative Medicine  Dr Hartman Reject Insurance Plans, You Jelly? Mystery Box, Buy from Store

Once you have some resources gathered you will be able to bribe the Anti Marijuana Elf.  Once you tap him you will see the Attack screen, showing how many of Tax Dollars are required to battle at that level. You’ll also see the rewards for feeding him at that Level, and the time you have left to defeat him to 5x before he reverts back to 1x.

And that’s it, you basically want bribe him to as high a level you can or fully defeat him before his 24hr timer runs down. Once it does he will go to sleep and you’ll need wait just 5 minutes for him to return to start attacking again at 1x.

And here are the Requirements and Rewards for the levels:

Level 1X
Cost to Attack: 4 Tax Dollars
Reward: 2 Fudge Striped Cookies & 1 Spike Cuff

Level 2X
Cost to Attack: 7 Tax Dollars
Reward: 4 Fudge Striped Cookies & 2 Spike Cuff

Level 3X
Cost to Attack: 11 Tax Dollars
Reward: 6 Fudge Striped Cookies & 3 Spike Cuff

Level 4X
Cost to Attack: 16 Tax Dollars
Reward: 8 Fudge Striped Cookies & 4 Spike Cuff

Level 5X
Cost to Attack: 22 Tax Dollars
Reward: 11 Fudge Striped Cookies & 6 Spike Cuff

Remember if you wake him from his sleep with clams he will come back at the level you last attacked him at, not 1X.

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the final Week of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


27 responses to “420 Guy Week 4 Overview

  1. Do we get to keep the gold plots that we buy after the event?


  2. I’ve elf sta 3x. After he Wake up, star at 1x Again. What i have ti do ti continue at 3x?


    • RussianTigger

      You can’t if you run out of time. You’ve only 24hrs to beat him up to 5x, every time timer runs out you go back to 1x. But attacking at 1x and 2x gets you same as you’d get attacking at 3x. Unless you save Tax Dollars for days you’ll Struggle go past 3x if playing freemium


  3. Has anyone made an attempt at getting PB&J Stewie yet? If so how many tries did it take?


  4. At last the Facebook version is back up and running, 3 weeks to late but at least it is now working.


  5. For those who’ve bought the Dr Hartman costume: Is he not always dropping tax dollars? He hasn’t dropped at least twice for me so far. A little annoyed to have spent the 200 clams for him and not work properly.


    • RussianTigger

      He’s dropped each time for me but I’d definitely message TinyCo if he’s not in your game

      Liked by 1 person

      • Okay thanks. I sent in a message. Looks like I need 60 tax dollars to take down the elf through 5x and get the remaining 16 spike cuffs I need, and I’m already cutting it close as is (have 12 tax dollars currently). After spending the 3500 clams I’d saved up over the years on this event, I don’t wanna miss out on the last character!


  6. I uninstalled it on my kindle fire, intending to try to solve the problem by then reinstalling it. The whole app has now disappeared from the appstore so I cannot reinstall it!


  7. It’s let me back on my game now so don’t know what was wrong


  8. So my first task for the week was to send Tracy, Joe and Peter on their quest to get Tax Dollars. All three of them dropped nothing!! What a poor way to start out the week.


  9. I got a load error and can’t get on the game anybody else got this


  10. Anyone else getting a config error for block 88? Or is it just me?


  11. Anyone else unable to start the game due to a load error? Something about empty block. Annoying because I have actually used clams in this event 😡


  12. Anyone else getting a “Load Error” message and can’t log in?
    I’m getting something about “Config empty for id block88 in FGExpansionMapData” and can’t get past the log in screen.


  13. Just started getting an error Config empty for id block88 in FGExpansionMapData on both ios and android. This just started about 2 hours ago.


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