Remeet The Quagmires Overview

Let’s get Giggity Giggity!!!

Yes, the Remeet The Quagmires Event is here and it’s time for us to work together to get the multiverse back on track!!!

But before you start to get your characters confused here’s a very safe guide to  the event  to help you through.


23rd May 2018 at 3PM PDT


***This is a one Week mini-event so there’s no time to be wasted, so keep on top of those drops***

*** Meg Quagmire, Stewie Quagmire and Chris Quagmire all full characters not costumes***


Version 1.68.1




I’m not personally experiencing any. If you are having any issues let me know in the comments.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – Who’s Your Daddo?


Who’s The Daddo?

As requested I’m going to put the main questline post up quickly and update it as I progress, you’ll find it by clicking the link in the Quick Links section above.!!!


Chris Quagmire (Full Character): 220  Clams. Can be sent to dumpster dive at Dick’s Junk Yard

Meg Quagmire (Full Character): Can be sent to dumpster dive at Dick’s Junk Yard. You’ll be directed to place her along with the Wacky Waving Inflatable Condom at  Pt 1 of the main Questline. The building costs 100  to place then you need to gather the following materials.
20 Purses (Common): Clear Strippers
11 Pink Beanies (Common): Jerome Shop For Hats, Bruce Have A Bad Hair Day, Terminal V
7 Boy Band Posters (Uncommon): Quagmire Listen To Boy Bands, Giggity Goo Lube Factory
8 Unflattering Jeans (Rare): Mort Dress Like A Dad, Anthony’s Aloha Attire, Ron Griffin 

Stewie Quagmire (Full Character): You’ll be directed to place him along with the Baby Maker 5000 at Pt 2 of the main Questline. The building costs 500  to place then you need to gather the following materials.
10 Gerbil Balls (Always): Rearing Rodents Pet Supplies
10 Rupert Quagmire (Uncommon): Sexy Stewie Flirt With Rupert, Lois Buy Toys For Stewie, Chin Implants Billboard 
35 Love Guns (Uncommon)Clear Strippers
5 Game Controllers (Rare): Dumpster Dive at Dicks Junk Yard
300 Porno Mags (Always): Clear Trippers, Dumpster Dive at Dicks Junk Yard


Anthony’s Aloha Attic – Chance drop of  2 Unflattering Jeans every 3 hours.
Costs 18 

Terminal V – Chance drop of  2 Pink Beanie every 8 hours.
Costs 25 

Giggity Goo Lube Factory – Chance drop of  2 Bad Boy Poster every 4 hours.
Costs 30 

Lois Doll Stash – No drops
Costs 200 

Chip Implants Billboard – Chance drop of  2 Rupert Quagmires every 8 hours.
Costs 175 

Rearing Rodents Pet Supply – Always drops  2 Gerbil Balls every 4 hours.
Costs 125 

 4 Rubber Glove – Costs 69  Clams.

 10 Rubber Gloves ) –  Costs 145   Clams.


 Porno Magazines (Common) – Get from Clearing Strippers, Dumpster Diving at Dick’s Junk Yard


 Dollar Bills (Common) –  Quagmire Go To The Bank, Bonnie Strip Part Time, Peter Gamble

 Rubber Gloves (Uncommon) –  Clear Strippers, Buy from Store


These are the little baddies in this event and are quite simple to deal with, it’s just more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous events. Before you can clear them you’ll need to get some Dollar Bills, you’ll find a full list of where to get them in the event materials section above.

Once you have a Dollar Bill you will find Strippers wandering your sidewalks.

Simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen.

Then move the Dollar Bill until the green target circle is on a stripper, you’ll know it’s in target as it will turn purple, then simply hit the check mark to clear the stripper.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 8 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing Strippers are as follows:

Per Stripper Cleared
5 Porno Mags (Chance)
1 1 Love Gun (Chance)
1 Purse (Chance)
1 Rubber Glove (Chance)


You will be directed to place this once you reach Who’s The Daddo? Pt. 2. It costs 200  and you’ll find it in your store.

In order to go Dumpster Diving you’ll need Rubber Gloves and at least one of the following characters Chris Quagmire or Meg Quagmire. You’ll find a full list of where to get Rubber Gloves in the Event Materials section of this post.

Once you have 3 Rubber Gloves and have either bought Chris Quagmire or unlocked Meg Quagmire, you can send your character/s Dumpster Diving. Simply click on Dick’s Junk Yard and you’ll get the selection screen.

We’ve seen this mechanism before in previous events, basically you select the character/s you want to send away on a mission, (Dumpster Diving), and hope they return with the drops you require. Sending both characters will increase your odds of a Game Controller dropping, but isn’t essential, Meg Quagmire can do it herself. You’ll see the odds of a drop in the right hand column.

If a character shows as locked they are unavailable to use, as Meg Quagmire shows above, this is because I’ve not unlocked her yet, but this can also show a little clock if they are busy on another task. Either way you can’t use them at that time.

And here’s what it will cost and the payout you’ll get. Remember Porno Mags are an always drop but Game Controllers are a rare drop.

Dick’s Junk Yard
Cost of Dumpster Diving – 3 Rubber Gloves
Who you can send Dumpster Diving – Meg Quagmire and/or Chris Quagmire
Time of Undercover Mission – 90 seconds

Chance Payout:
40 Porno Mags (Always)
1 Game Controller (Chance)

There you have the overall basics to get you through the new mini Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

22 responses to “Remeet The Quagmires Overview

  1. I did this in the wrong order — completed the event and then picked up Chris Quagmire right at the end, just to have the full set of 3 characters. It looks like he wouldn’t really have been helpful to buy earlier anyway, since Meg Quagmire had nothing else to do as well as the dumpster diving.

    Chris Quagmire cost me 220 clams (the article says 200 clams).


  2. Should we get the 200 magazines for the questline and get the Lois Doll Stash
    as soon as we get the 125/175 magazines go for the buildings that drop Stewies items?


    • RussianTigger

      Go for buildings that drop Stewies items


    • I have found that one of the key strategies in this game is spotting things that are just distractions, trying to get you to spend resources for something you do not need to progress. I guess it is hoped that we will fall behind and have to spend clams. The doll stash appears to be a dastardly distraction as the questline can often be when completion is not necessary, for example, to go on to the next week of an event.


  3. It seems that none of the buildings are dropping what they are supposed to, I’ve had Anthony’s aloha attire since yesterday and it has yet to drop any pants. Today I got the building that is supposed to drop the magazines and I haven’t got any drops from that building either. Is this a glitch? I messaged tinyco but haven’t heard back yet. At this rate it doesn’t look to good.


  4. I bought Anthony’s aloha attire yesterday and it has yet to drop even one pair of pants! Is anyone else having this problem? I contacted tinyco about it thinking maybe there’s a glitch but haven’t heard anything yet.


  5. same eternal problem with the main currency (dollar bills) ; it’s common but acting as uncommon .. 1/3 or 2/3 or 0/3 every 4 hours is too low an outcome .. the main currency should be ALWAYS !


  6. So I just realized that the porno mags are the same currency required to buy the buildings and I had bought the first one which is why I only had 2 in my count for Stewey. But this poses and even bigger problem as by my calculations we will need 870 porno mags to get the buildings and still have 300 for Stewey and with the dollars not being an always drop – I just got 1 in 3 on my last hit – at that rate it will take us 10 plus days to get what we need, 870/5 = 174 hits @ 4 hours a hit/3 = 232 hours/24 hrs day (if you don’t sleep all night) = 9.6 days (and that is only if they all drop every hit) for a 7 day event! Does anybody see anything that I am not seeing that would make this event successful. The last 2 events I was unable to collect the final character because of ridiculously low drop rates and I can see this one heading south also.


    • RussianTigger

      Concentrate on the drop buildings is my advice, ignore the Questline buildings. But remember you get 40 Porno
      Mags for searching Dicks Junk Yard, you don’t only get them from Strippers, so get Meg Quagmire unlocked and working at the Junk Yard


  7. Stewie needs 5 controllers. If controllers are a rare drop then, in theory, going to need to 3-4 dumpster dives a day to get a single one. Even under the premise of a good day where you get 2 drops that’s still a minimum of 3 days, and also presuming all other item drops for Stewie are spot on.

    There’s only 5 days left of the event, i dont know about other players but I’ve collected every 2-4hrs (except when asleep) and it seems i’m still a long way from unlocking Meg Quagmire. and without her I can’t dumpster dive for Stewies controllers anyways

    Seems like this event week wasn’t intended for freemium players and more a way for TinyCo to earn some ££/$$s back from people buying clam packs to unlock characters.


    • RussianTigger

      Controllers dropped well for me, I got all 5 from 7 searches but these random missions have been unkind to me in the past so I get your concern


    • Got Meg today and sent her to the junkyard multiple times (as many as I could with the gloves I accumulated- can’t recall exactly how many). I ended up with 4/5 controllers and enough porno mags to get both buildings that drop for Stewie. Granted my dollar drops have been good and I skipped the Lois building in the main questline but it looks achievable. Good luck!


    • I unlocked Meg Quagmire earlier today and had 19 gloves ready to go for the junkyard. So I had 6 tries at the junkyard and got all 5 of the controllers. Maybe I had great luck but along with RT’s post, they don’t seem all that rare.


  8. Already hating this event. Poor drops for the money. Sent all three eligible 4 times and have gotten only 1 drop per three. Going to take forever at this rate.


  9. I have cleared 4 strippers so far and only received 2 porno mags. It says common with chance to earn 5 per clearing. At this rate I will have to clear 600 strippers to get the required 300 to earn Stewey Quagmire. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think this is a glitch? If not I may as well quit right now as there is not enough time to get the dollars required to clear 600 strippers.


    • RussianTigger

      Did you buy a building with some porno Mags, Alha Addict is 18 and that could be where you’ve spent them


  10. Is this a one week or two week event?


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