Amazon Fire Players Zone!!!

Hi fellow addicts

Still getting many questions from Kindle players about why they don’t have the latest update and those rumours are growing ever louder that the game is no longer compatible with Kindle Fire devices. I still can’t confirm or deny this as I’ve not had it confirmed either way by my contact at TinyCo as yet, sorry but information is slow at this time. But a player has reported they are continuing to play FGQFS by installing the Google App Store on their Fire tablet, and I’m putting up this post so they can maybe share how they did this and if it’s caused any issues with their device. Basically this is for Kindle players to try help each other as my hands are tied as I don’t have a Kindle Fire to test this or anything else out on. Sorry guys.

And I will of course update you all as soon as I hear from TinyCo.

Update 3rd June – Update is finally out on Amazon!!!

~ Russian Tigger

8 responses to “Amazon Fire Players Zone!!!

  1. Amazon have me 2000 coins due to app issues so I was able to use them on the clam offer And use clams to get John Wayne. Hope to get through week two before event is over.


  2. Call from Amazon app support tonight and they have reached out to developer Tiny Co for the update and are still waiting. Amazon will call me again in 2days to advise status.


  3. I notice now that it has stopped saying there’s an update completely now. I am starting to think now that what TinyCo has done is make it so we don’t get annoyed with the message, but we may never get another event again through this version.


  4. Amazon put out an update today but don’t know what it updated. Game week one still not available.


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