The Good, The Bad And The Griffins Final Week is looming…..

Howdy Addicts

Its time to get your spurs back on as we’ll soon be  heading back to the Wild West for the fourth and final week of the The Good, the Bad and the Griffins event!!! However I just wanted give you a heads up that real life will have me away from my game and the site for most of the day so any posts on the final weeks content will be late. 

As it’s the final week there will be no timers, just a necessity to unlock any character or costume you want to keep in your game by the event end date, 20th June @ 3pm PDT. But if there’s anything I spot that’s crucial to our progress  before real life takes me away from you I’ll put it in the Week 4 is here post. So pay close attention to that this week.

~ Russian Tigger

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