Beachy Keen Overview

We’re all going on a summer holiday, no more worries for a drop or two….

Yes it’s time to get your flip-flops on as we’re heading to the beach for the Beachy Keen event!!!

Event Ends

27th June 2018 at 3PM PDT

Addicts Information

***This event is a one week mini event, so there’s really no time to be lounging in the sun on this one***

***At Part 5 of the main Questline, Totally Beachin’, you’ll see a new task appear for Joe, Look For Fishing Lures – this has a chance drop of 1 Fishing Lure***

Current App Version

I’m getting the full event on latest App version I see, Version 1.70.0.

Noticeable Changes


Glitches & Issues

Random zoomed in loading screens.

Quick Links

Addicts Area
Main Questline – Totally Beachin’

Main Questline

Totally Beachin’

As requested I’m going to put the main questline post up quickly and update it as I progress.


Beach Bum Death (Character Costume)
: 225  Clams.  4hr task to Always drop 1 Fishing Lure

***If you don’t have Death, you can buy the character for money, that’s real life money not game money***

Vacation Peter (Character Costume): You’ll be directed to create him in Al Harrington’s at Pt 1 of the main Questline. 4hr task to drop 1 Fishing Lure
25 Hawaiian Shirts (Common): Get from Peter Try On Hawaiian Shirts, Joe Shop For Hawaiin Shirts, Griffin Family Vehicle
18 Sunglasses (Common): Get from Clearing Beach Bro
8 Junk Food (Uncommon): Get from Jerome Stock Up On Snacks, Bruce Binge On Junk Food
11 Sandals  (Uncommon): Get from Mort Haggle For Sandals, Lois Try A New Summer Look, Tropical Restaurant Hut

Sunburnt Quagmire (Character Costume): You’ll be directed to create him at Pt 2 of the main Questline.  
300 Party Supplies (Always): Get from Clearing Beach Bro, Goin’ Fishing, Tropical Restaurant
50 Banana Hammock (Uncommon): Get from Seamus Sample the Swimsuit, Quagmire Show Some Skin, Coconut Car, Water Taxi
32 Beach Towel (Uncommon): Get from Clearing Beach Bro
60 Fruity Drink (Common): Get from Goin’ Fishing


Covered Wagon: Chance drop of 2 Cowboy Hats every 6hrs
Tropical Restaurant – 195  Drops 8 Party Supplies every 8 hrs

 Griffin Family Vehicle: Chance drop of 2 Hawaiian Shirts every 4hrs
Cost~ 45

 Tropical Resort Hut: Chance drop of 2 Sandals every 6hrs
Cost~ 35 

 Coconut Car: Chance drop of 2 Banana Hammocks every 4hrs
Cost~ 100 

 Water Taxi: Chance drop of 2 Banana Hammocks every 4hrs
Cost~ 150 


 Tropical Waterfall: No drops
Cost~ 500 

***Please remember to make sure you unlock or keep the 300 Party Supplies necessary to unlock Sunburnt Quagmire before buying this***

Event Main Currency

 Party Supplies (Always) – Clearing Beach Bro, Goin’ Fishing, Tropical Restaurant

You’ll see how much Beach Supplies you have by looking at this icon in the bottom right of your game.

Remember you need 300 Beach Supplies as part of Sunburnt Quagmires unlock requirements!!! So don’t go buying waterfalls…..

Event Materials

 Beach Ball (Common) –  Get from Meg Pop The Beach Ball, Chris Bat The Beach Ball, Buy from Store

 Fishing Lure (Common) –  Get from Beach Bum Death Pick Up Some Fishing Lines, Vacation Peter, Buy from Store, Joe Prep The Tackle Box (you won’t see this task until you unlock Vacation Peter)

Materials For Clams

 5 Beach Balls – 50 

 10 Beach Balls – 90 

 6 Fishing Lure – 90 

 12 Fishing Lure  – 162 

Beach Bro

These are the little baddies in this event and are quite simple to deal with, it’s just more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous events. Before you can clear them you’ll need to get a Beach Ball, you’ll get them here:

 Beach Ball (Common) –  Get from Meg Pop The Beach Ball, Chris Bat The Beach Ball, Buy from Store

Once you have a Beach Ball you will find Beach Bros walking  around your sidewalks.

Simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen.

Then move the Beach Ball until the green target circle is on a Beach Bro, you’ll know it’s in target as it will turn purple, then simply hit the check mark to clear the Beach Bro.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 8 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing Beach Bro’s are as follows:

Per Beach Bro Cleared
3 Party Supplies (Always)
1 Sunglasses (Chance)
1 Beach Towel (Chance)

Goin’ Fishing

Little Fish, Big Fish, Swimming in the water…

With the new event we are seeing the return of an old mini-game. You might remember it from the Peter’s Booty Haul event, almost 2 years ago now.

In order to be able to go fishing you’ll need to collect some fishing lure, you’ll get them here:

 Fishing Lure (Common) –  Get from Beach Bum Death Pick Up Some Fishing Lines, Vacation Peter, Buy from Store, Joe Prep The Tackle Box (you won’t see this task until you you unlock Vacation Peter)

Once you have a Fishing Lure just tap on the Goin’ Fishing Icon in the bottom right of your screen. This Icon will also show how many Fishing Lure you have.

After tapping on this, the Fishing Screen will appear.

You will see on the top of the screen the Rewards you have won from clearing fish. The amount of Fishing Lure you have available in the Lower Left. The CAST button in the Lower Right. (If you’ve no Fishing Lure it will show Buy More) Then in the center, you will see the Orange circle that is essentially your target that you will use to get the Fish.

This is really an “Aim n Shoot” kind of set up. You wait for a minute while the Fish swim around, then move the orange circle to target them. It will turn green when a fish is in target, but the secret of this mini-game is to try target more than 1 fish, so be patient and wait until you see a group of fish bunched together then target them and quickly hit CAST.

To do this put your finger on the Target in the middle of the screen and drag it around to where the group of Fish are that you want to get. You will see the circle turn from a RED/ORANGE to GREEN.


Once it is GREEN, that means you have Fish(es) in your target.

Tap on CAST to try and catch them. Remember you’ve a better chance of capturing more if they are really close to or/and on top of one another like above.


Once you tap on CAST, you will see the Fishing Line and Hook tossed out at the area you targeted. You will then be given Rewards depending on how many Fish you caught with your CAST. Here you will see I managed to get 4 Fish with one Fishing Lure.

The rewards you get will vary on how many fish you snag at a time.

Per Fish Caught
5 Party Supplies (Always)
1 Fruity Drink (Chance)

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the new Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


16 responses to “Beachy Keen Overview

  1. I just might earn Sunburnt Quagmire. I used some shirts to buy the water taxi and coconut car to earn hammocks. I need 14 hammocks and a few towels to unlock the skin. I’m not following the quest; just doing what’s needed.


  2. Always appreciate your feedback on this type of question, RT: Save the beach balls to get the 300 to unlock Sunburned Quaqmire, or use the beach balls to buy the buildings that provide other drops for Quagmire? With it being Sunday, I don’t see me being able to get enough beach balls to finish the questline plus unlock Quaqmire, although I’ve nailed four fish on my last two attempts.


    • RussianTigger

      It’s tough one, I’d buy at least one of the buildings that drops Banana Hammocks, the cheapest one, the Coconut Car. Then see how many Party Supplies you can collect by tomorrow, and how many Banana Hanmocks you have, that should give you an idea of whether to buy the Water Taxi or not


    • Do your maths first. I wasn’t going to buy any buildings because my hammock drops were (seemed) ok but the lure drops not so much. But then I realised that, in the time we have left, even whith 100% drops in the tasks I can collect (4 4h-task collects per day for me) I wasn’t going to get enough hammocks. So I bought the cheapest building. Otherwise there was no chance. I get what you say, I’m down to 77 party supplies now, even though I also managed to catch 4 fish with one lure twice in a row.
      If maths say that with your numbers you could do it without the building, then test your drops for a while to decide what to do, and if you trust your luck. It’s a little risky imo.


  3. Drops are terrible, IF I get the Peter costume, no shot at the Quagmire one, no great loss, I have been willing to spend money and/or clams in the past, but the last four events (this one included) have made me very reluctant to waste either…JMHO…


  4. It’s almost half way through the event, and I’m halfway towards getting Peter. struggling!


  5. You say under beach Death we can buy him with clams or money. How do you purchase characters for cash? I only have the clams option.


    • RussianTigger

      Real life cash, and that’s on,y available if you don’t have Death. It’s basically an expensive way to get a character if you’re so inclined


  6. I think it‘s impossible to get the Quagmire costume without spending money. To get the Peter costume it will cost me several days and than he is the only character that will bring fishing lures.
    No event for me.


    • RussianTigger

      Once you unlock ck Vacation Peter, Joe gets a Fishing Lure task


      • RT – Does Joe get the fishing lure task once Vacation Peter is unlocked or upon reaching part 5 of Questline? I’m thinking about skipping the Tropical Resort Hut from Part 3 of the Questline, but I’ll get it if I need to advance to Part 5 to trigger the Joe fishing lure task. Thanks!


      • Really? And there I was sending Joe to complete pending wild west tasks and quests. Why do I always miss this stuff. No wonder I never finish stuff; I should pay more attention :p


        • Joe’s ability to obtain lures only starts once you unlock Vacation Peter, so you probably haven’t missed too much to be fair.


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