Quahog-Con Week 3 is here…..and Will Robinson is NOT timed!!!

It looks like Week 3’s Cosplay is coming our way!!! Not got a costume? No Problem! You can still play the Quahog-Con event.

I’m seeing the full event on IOS, app version 1.72.0, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible. Until then you can throw caution to the wind as there is NO timed character to unlock.

However I know this event has been tough so thought I’d continue with the polls to ask if you’re ready to move into the new weeks content.  Please vote in the poll, it’s only going to be open for 24hrs.

But once again let me repeat the one bit of good news, there’s no unlock timer on Will Robinson, although you can earn 40 bonus Clams if you unlock him within 7 days.

~ Russian Tigger

12 responses to “Quahog-Con Week 3 is here…..and Will Robinson is NOT timed!!!

  1. Surely there is no way on Gods green earth to possibly earn Will Robinson in a week due to the ridiculous requirements for the wrist communicators!
    You grave to collect 2 toys/action figures/models taking 8 hours, to craft 1 script, taking a further 2 & a half hours! That yields 1 ( yes 1) wrist communicator! Then if you want to try the next level up that requires 3 scripts, so 6 toys (24 hours) plus another 7& a half hours build time for…..wait for it……TWO wrist communicators!
    What a croc! Utterly UTTERLY impossible!


  2. I’m embarrassed to say, I’m not even close to finishing week 2! I still need to collect 6 skinny jeans as well as a scarf and a few other things. Those will be simple. I am still on part 6 of PLARS, I kept forgetting to craft jeans to move on! I have to trade with dude 5 times again!
    I guess as hard as y’all say week 3 is, I better stay in week 2. Lol

    They did add tasks to earn memorabilia and other stuff faster. I was able to start crafting more than 1 item at a time! Yeah


  3. 8 hrs minimum of collecting items to craft one book for the movie producer .. ha !!!


  4. Don’t like to be the Harbinger of Doom guys, but if you thought Week 2 was hard going then you aren’t going to like Week 3 one little bit!
    Still need to collect all manner of guff to trade with the Memorabilia Collector, and now have to collect a similar amount of completely different guff to do the same with a new guy, the Movie Producer, all to earn enough points to get a new costume for Chris and a new character that, like everyone else in this event, HAS NO CONNECTION WITH FAMILY GUY!!
    Still, as a bonus, there are three more statues to spend your clams on…
    Sorry for the rant RT, but this event is so loaded against the freemium player that it is sorely trying even this old Englishman’s patience…


    • RussianTigger

      Been a tough few days for any Englishman 😞 But this event is very difficult even spending Clams so for freemium players, impossible no matter how much time you put in.


    • Well, I see on Part 3 of the main questline, you’re required to trade with the memorabilia collector three times, but he’s not giving out anything besides stickers. Hopefully, after completing this task, nothing further will be required of him, and you can just ignore him (at least until Week 4) and focus on the movie producer.


  5. I have a feeling that Week 3 is going to be the last section I am able to complete, if i can bring myself to try Week 3 by the time I get through Week 2. I would like a Lost in Space Robot, so if thats something available freemium I might push through


  6. Have you heard anything from tinyco/jam city why the game has recently been removed from the google play store? I cannot find it neither from my android phone nor on bluestacks, but however it is still available on ios apple phones.

    Very strange, don’t you think? Anyone else encountering this?


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