Quahog-Con Week 4 is here!!!

It looks like Week 4’s Cosplay is coming our way!!! Not got a costume? No Problem! You can still play the Quahog-Con event.

I’m seeing the new content on IOS, app version 1.72.0, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible. Until then you can throw caution to the wind as as it’s the final week there is NO timed character to unlock. However remember you’ve only got until 25th July @ 3PM PDT to finish up unlocking any event characters or costumes.

However I know this event has been tough so thought I’d continue with the polls to ask if you’re ready to move into the new weeks content.  Please vote in the poll, it’s only going to be open for 24hrs.

~ Russian Tigger

16 responses to “Quahog-Con Week 4 is here!!!

  1. This event has been ridiculous – they started with drops being horrible, insulted us by offering event currency for cash, then tried to appease those (most of us) that were far behind with little quest lines to earn some currency, basically admitting they did a terrible job on this one…now, we’re in the final week with 87% of us (according to the above poll) NOT in week 4…granted, 65% are in week 3, so some those may get into week 4, but most (including me) will not…epic fail, Jam City/TinyCo, pretty sure the revenues are going down significantly…If you were to go by the RT ‘Happy Player’ business model, you would thrive, but at this point, given this is a string of four really bad events, no, not thriving at all…not looking good…


  2. I was going to comment.
    Will wait for the weekends WTD post.
    My comment was going to be just a long series of copy/pasted “Ha ha ha ha”’s.
    But I’ll wait… 🙂


  3. DO NOT buy Bryan cranston’s chair! It’s listed with no price in the store, and I figured I would buy a couple of them. They apparently cost 500 clams each, but there is no warning about it, didn’t even notice until this morning. Put in a ticket to them, but seeing as I got my clams from ads, prizes, etc, they probably won’t care. They only care about directly-paying users (even though they do get revenue from the hundreds of ads I’ve watched).

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  4. How do we get the golden tickets?


  5. 70% still in Week 3. What a joke.


  6. Got the Neil Goldman skin from the mysterybox.. but I can only use it if I pay 20 irl dollars.. ._. thanks tinyco !


  7. Do not buy Bryan Cranston Chair!!! It says that it costs coins but in reality it costs Clams. I bought 2 of them and it cost me about 1000 Clams!!! I wanted to buy a 3rd one when it told me that I don’t have enough Clams. I thought that the chair is like 10 coins or so since I just bought Bryan Cranston. Now I have to contact TinyCo and hope that I’m going to get a refund


  8. Almost at the halfway point for the Danger Zone – 170 out of 350. Maybe tomorrow …


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