Quick Questing & Character Tasks: Mutant Neil – Panel Fever

Greetings Addicts!

Rise and shine cause its Questline time!!!

Yes let’s gather round and take a look at all you’ll encounter in Panel Fever Questline.  


 Panel Fever 

Unlock Mutant Neil in Al Harrington’s: You must win the costume in the Mystery Box and have Neil

Completed Task 150  400 

 Panel Fever Pt. 1

Have Mutant Neil Smack On Cereal: 6hrs
Have Mort Scrounge For Coins: 8hrs

Completed Task 200  500 

 Panel Fever Pt. 2

Have Mutant Neil Retract His Claws: 8hrs
Have Meg Scarf Down Hot Dogs: 8hrs

Completed Task 250  600 

 Panel Fever Pt. 3

Have Mutant Neil Poke His Eye Out: 8hrs
Have Meg Flirt With Criminals: 1hr

Completed Task 300  700 


  • Snack On Cereal* (4hrs)
  • Avoid Human Contact (4hrs)
  • Scratch Himself (4hrs) 
  • Be Prepared (6hrs)
  • Come To The Rescue (6hrs)
  • Search For Autographs  (6hrs)
  • Sneak Some Pictures (6hrs)
  • Write Fan Fiction (6hrs)
  • Wash His Claws (6hrs)
  • Poke His Eye Out (8hrs)
  • Retract His Claws* (8hrs)
  • Take Action Shots (8hrs)

* Animated Task

There you have it, the lowdown on Mutant Neil.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

2 responses to “Quick Questing & Character Tasks: Mutant Neil – Panel Fever

  1. Betty Swallox

    Is this variation of Neil voiced, RT? I’ve been after the ‘real’ Neil for about 2 years (saved loads of that precious crustacean currency that’s so hard to come by nowadays) but they are asking for £20 – that’s half the price of a PS4 A- title game!?! What!?!
    Thanks in lieu of your reply


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