Millenial Man Week 2 Overview

It looks like more trade wars are coming our way as Peter is still adamant about setting up a startup in Week 2 of the Millenial Man event.

Event Ends

8th August 2018 at 3PM PDT

Addicts Information

The Social Media Consultant character is the only freemium content to unlock this week.

There is a new main currency this week, Startup Funding.

40 bonus Clams to be gained if you unlock the Social Media Consultant within 6 days of the Viral Vindication quest triggering.

Please remember to make sure you unlock or keep the 300 Followers necessary to unlock the Social Media Consultant before buying any decorations with Followers.

If you won The Captain should now have a Questline trigger.

Current App Version

App Version 1.73.0.

Noticeable Changes


Glitches & Issues


Quick Links

Addicts Area
Main Questline – Overnight Success

Main Questline

Overnight Success

As requested I’m going to put the main questline post up quickly and update it as I progress.


Parker Stanton (Full Character)
: 260  Clams.  4hr task to Always drop 1 Tablet

Social Media Consultant (Full Character): You were directed to create him at Pt 5 of the Week 1 main Questline. In order to start unlocking him you first needed to buy The Cloud Vape Shop. It cost 125 Followers to place!!! Now in Week 2 there’s more ways to collect the items needed to unlock him.  40 bonus Clams to be gained if you unlock him within 6 days of the Viral Vindication quest triggering.These are marked in bold below.
38 Vape Pen (Common): Get from Mort Sell Vape Pens, BOOP Headquarters
60 Cell Phones (Always): Get from Clearing Week 2 Pop Ups
18 Ironic Shoes (Uncommon): Get from Make Meg Take A Giant Step, Post Artisanal Goods
32 Selfie Stick (Rare): Get from Smithwick’s Artisanal Pretzels, Mellenial Gallery

300 Followers (Always): Get from clearing Hoverboard Hipsters, Clearing Pop Up Ads, Clamchella Stage


 BOOP Headquarters: Chance drop of 2 Vape Pen every 6hrs
Cost~ 50 

 Mellenial Gallery: Chance drop of 2 Selfie Sticks every 4hrs
Cost~ 75 

Post Artisanal Goods: Chance drop of 2 Iconic Shoes every 8hrs
Cost~ 125 


Dead Cab: No Drops
Cost~ 50 

Pop Up Ads Curtain: No drops
Cost~ 50 

Event Main Currency

 Startup Funds (Always) – Get from clearing Hoverboard Hipsters, Clearing Pop Up Ads

You’ll see how much Startup Funds you have by looking at this icon in the bottom right of your game.

Remember you will still need the Week 1 main currency, Followers, for unlocking the Social Media Consultant!!! So keep collecting them

 Followers (Always) – Get from clearing Hoverboard Hipsters, Clearing Pop Up Ads, Clamchella Stage

Event Materials

 Tablets (Always) –  Get from Man Bun Peter Scroll Obsessively, Parker Stanton Invade Privacy

 Street Tacos (Common) –  Get from Quagmire Make A Custom Order, Jerome Enjoy Fine Mexican Food, Avocado Toast Truck

 Laptops (Always) – Get from Man Bun Peter Write A Bog Post, Hipster Brian Look Up Reviews, 

Materials For Clams

5 Street Tacos – 45 

10 Street Tacos – 81 

4 Laptops – 32 

8 Laptops – 58 

Hoverboard Hipsters

These are the little baddies in this event and are still useful in Week 2, they are quite simple to deal with, it’s just more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous events. Before you can clear them you’ll need to get a Street Taco, you’ll get them here:

 Street Tacos (Common) –  Get from Quagmire Make A Custom Order, Jerome Enjoy Fine Mexican Food, Avocado Toast Truck, Buy from Store

Once you have a Street Taco you will find Hoverboard Hipsters walking  around your sidewalks.

Simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen.

Then move the Street Taco until the green target circle is on a Hoverboard Hipster, you’ll know it’s in target as it will turn purple, then simply hit the check mark to clear the Hoverboard Hipster.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 8 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing Hoverboard Hipster’s are as follows:

Per Hoverboard Hipster Cleared
4 Followers (Always)
3 Startup Funds (Always) – only drop if you’re in Week 2

Pop Up Ads

In Week 2 you’ll find another Clear Pop Up Ads Mini Game available and you’ll need 2 Tablets to play.

How to Play: Collect 2 Tablets, then tap on the Mouse Icon. You can also tap the Safe Place building!!!

Then choose the Ghost Icon mini game, and tap “Go”.

This will then take you to the mini game. You will see Pop Up Ads and you have to “Clear” (tap with finger) to earn prizes.. I saw 3/4 Ads on each round, you have 15 seconds to clear as many as you can.

Mini Game Requires:
2 Tablets Per Try

Time to Play:
15 Seconds

Chance Payout:
Startup Funds
Cell Phone

***Drops are random as are amounts you get***


 Tablets (Always) –  Get from Man Bun Peter Scroll Obsessively, Parker Stanton Invade Privacy

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the final week of the new Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


5 responses to “Millenial Man Week 2 Overview

  1. Peter alone clearing ads with the Tab is impossible to get all the Cell Phones .. i’m average 2-3 cellphones (every 8 hrs) with less than 2 days to go … and i’m still at 34/60 (almost half) … i don’t think it’s mathematically possible to get the rest before time run out …


  2. I noticed you can get robobrian and robostewie for seven tickets a piece, but these special tickets. Look in the store. How do you get these tickets. Thank you.


  3. So when you clear Hoverboard Hipsters they get changed into their bathing suits and head to the beach to play beachball? 🤪


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