Quahog 500 Week 1 Overview

It looks like we’re going to be burning some rubber as Peter is aiming for a podium finish in the Quahog 500 event. But will we be able to join him as winners? It’s hard to say at this time but here’s this weeks event overview to help give you a good start.


5th September 2018 at 3PM PDT.

You can see the countdown timer for the event and other details by clicking on the Event Info Icon at the bottom of your screen.


***This event isn’t an easy one to rush through to grab information for you, so that is why this has taken long ne’er to put up. But there’s nothing we’ve not seen before in previous events but it does look like it’s going to be a slow grind at first glance***

***Ricky Bobby is timed once you repair him, you’ll only have 6 days to unlock him before he’s gone for good***


Version 1.74.5


The event area is customisable, you can place items you unlock or buy in it.


I’m not personally experiencing any. If you are having any issues let me know in the comments.

Facebook users, I’m sorry if your stuck in updating land again.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – Time Trials
Side Questline – Top Off The Tank


Time Trials

As requested I’m going to put the main questline post up quickly and update it as I progress.


Burt Reynolds (Full Character): 260  Clams. Separate tasks to always drop 1 of either Neckerchief, Glove or Red Sock. Can also be sent on Races.

Pete Racer (Character Costume): You’ll be directed to create him in Al Harrington’s at Pt 2 of the main Questline. Can be sent on Races.
11 Neckerchief (Common): Get from Peter Make A Fashion Statement, Mort Sell Old Rags, Burt Reynolds Follow The Trends
20 Helmets (Uncommon): Get from Clearing Drag Racers
10 Gloves (Rare): Get from Quagmire Cover His Tracks, Lois Clean The Bathroom, Burt Reynolds Take The Wheel
10 Red Socks  (Common): Get from Herbert Experiment With Colour, Bonnie Look Cute, Burt Reynolds Accelerate

Ricky Bobby (Full Character): You’ll be directed to repair him In the event area at Pt 1 of the main Questline .  The character itself IS timed. Once repaired you must unlock him within 6 days. ***TIMER WARNING***
16 Sponsor Hats (Uncommon): Get from Joe Avoid Sunburn, Ricky Bobby’s Big Rig
15 Champagne (Says always but shows as a Chance drop from Racing): Get from Doing Races
16 Tighty Whities (Common): Get from Dr Hartman Keep It Modest, First Or Last Trophy Store
15 Autograph Marker (Common): Get from Meg Attract Professional Drivers, Massive Pileup
30 Energy Drink (Uncommon): Get from Clearing Drag Racer


 Victory Lane – Free. If you’ve not placed it before then you’ll be directed to place this at Part 3 of the Main Questline. You need this  building to make exchanges.

***The other buildings for this Week can be found in the Stock Car Garage – you’ll find full details in that section***


Ricky Bobby’s Car – 260  Drops 1 McBurgertown Sponsorship every 12 hours.

70’s Muscle Car – 240  Drops Spark Plugs every 6 hours

You’ll also see option to unlock the premium Gas Pump in the store, as well as in the event area.

Premium Gas Pump – 150  Drops 2 Gas Cans every 4 hours

Race Track Segment – 5 different pieces all costing – 3  each

Road Turnout – 3 

Once you’ve placed Fan Stands 1 & 2 from the Stock Car Garage you can buy additional Stands in your store.

Fan Stand 1 – 13 

Fan Stand 2 – 13 


 Trophy (Always) – Get from completing Exchanges in Victory Lane


 Road Spikes (Common) –  Get from Chris Push The Limits, Jerome Get A Flat, Seamus Drive With No Limits, Buy from Store

 Gas Can (Common) –  Get from Gas Pump, Premium Gas Pump (Always)

 McBurgertown Sponsorship (Uncommon): Get from Doing Races, Ricky Bibby’s Car (Always)

Spark Plugs (Uncommon): Get from Clearing Drag Racers, 70’s Muscle Car (Always)

Prize Money (Always): Get from Competiting In Races


5 Road Spikes – 65 

10 Road Spikes – 117 


When you start the there are 4 places of interest here:

1: Race Track

2: Stock Car Garage

3: Gas Pumps

4: Repair Ricky Bobby – – you’ll find his unlock requirements in the characters section above.

But as you move through the event this area will change, as we can add buildings & decorations to it, so everyone’s event area could look different outwith the static buildings above.

You can see below I’ve now placed Victory Lane in my event area, and later their will be more Track pieces and Spectator Stands to add. Of course you don’t need place them in this area……

But the only additional item we will place I’ll be covering later on is no. 5 – Victory Lane.

Race Track

Races work pretty much the same way as the undercover missions and camp wars that were in previous events, Quahog Heat and Wet, Hot Quahog Summer. Basically to start a race tap on the Start Grid in the event area and you will see the Race Screen.

You will see above who can compete in Races. Now you’ll notice Bruce there, and he shows as unavailable, well thats because he’s in Tan Lines, so get him out and ready to race.

But before you can Race you’ll need to start collecting Gas Cans, here’s how you can get them.

 Gas Can (Common) –  Get from Gas Pump, Premium Gas Pump (Always)

Once you have Gas Cans, you’ll need 3 for each Race, you can choose which characters to send on your Race team. You need at least 1 from Peter Racer, Bruce and Burt Reynolds. But be aware sending more than one will increase your odds of successful drops. Once you’ve selected your Racers just hit Let’s Go, and the Race will run like a task for 3 hours.

I’m going be honest the UI for racing is poor and doesn’t make clear what you can win, but I’ve simplified it below.

Cost to Race: 3 Gas Cans
Characters you can send Racing: Peter Racer, Bruce and/or Burt Reynolds.
How many Characters do I send: 1 is enough but 2 is better and 3 is even better. The combination you send increases the chance of McBurgertown Sponsorship’s & Champagne dropping.
Race Time: 3 hours

At the end of the 3 hour race you’ll see your rewards and these will be from the following.

Always drops: 5 Prize Money

Chance Drop of: 3 McBurgertown Sponsorship & 3 Champagne

Stock Car Garage

Here is where you will trade Event Currency you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Week One…

Fan Stand 1: No drops
Cost~ 15 Trophies

Fan Stand 2: No drops
Cost~ 30 Trophies

First Or Last Trophy Store: Chance Drop of 2 Tighty Whities every 6hrs
Cost~ 45 Trophies

Massive Pileup : Chance drop of 2 Autograph Markers every 8hrs
Cost~ 50 Trophies

Ricky Bobby’s Big Rig: Chance drop of 2 Sponsor Hats every 4hrs
Cost~ 75 Trophies

Pole Position Gentleman’s Club: No drops
Cost~ 105 Trophies


These are where you’ll get your Gas Cans to use to Race. It’s the same system as the Plots in the 420 Guy event.

When you start the event you will see 2 Pumps ready to unlock in the event area.

The pump with the silver padlock is free to unlock, the pump with the gold padlock is premium and will cost you 150 Clams to unlock to use it.

Once you have unlocked a pump you can start to get Cas Cans. The freemium and premium pumps generate the same 2 Gas Cans every 4hrs, but the premium Pump is an Always drop.

To get your Gas Cans, simply tap the padlock to unlock the plot. You will see the Pump with a low gas icon above it, simply tap this to start filling your Gas Cans then wait 4 hours for them to be ready. You’ll know they are ready to collect when the Gas Can appear above the Pump.

So basically if you only use th freemium pump you’ll get a common chance of 2 Gas Cans every 4 hours, if you pay to unlock the premium pump you’ll be able to get 2 Gas Cans guaranteed every 4 hours.

Victory Lane

Here is where you can exchange your Products for Trophies to purchases prizes in the Stock Car Garage.

This is the exchanges I’ve seen in my game so far:

20 Trophies Exchanges:
13 Spark Plugs
19 Spark Plugs
23 Spark Plugs
25 Spark Plugs

40 Trophies Exchanges:
15 Spark Plugs & 4 McBurgertown Sponsorships
16 Spark Plugs & 5 McBurgertown Sponsorships
20 Spark Plugs & 4 McBurgertown Sponsorships
18 Spark Plugs & 5 McBurgertown Sponsorships
22 Spark Plugs & 6 McBurgertown Sponsorships.


These are the little baddies in this event and are quite simple to deal with, it’s just more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous events. Before you can clear them you’ll need to get some Road Spikes, you’ll get them here:

 Road Spikes (Common) –  Get from Chris Push The Limits, Jerome Get A Flat, Seamus Drive With No Limits, Buy from Store

Once you have a Road Spike you will find Drag Racers driving on your sidewalks.

Simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen.

Then move the Road Spike until the green target circle is on a Drag Racer, you’ll know it’s in target as it will turn purple, then simply hit the check mark to clear the Drag Racer.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 8 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing Drag Racers are as follows:

Per Stripper Cleared
4 Spark Plugs (Always)
1 Helmet (Chance)
1 Energy Drink (Chance)

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the first Week of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


23 responses to “Quahog 500 Week 1 Overview

  1. Got fan stand one and two but nothing to place. Green check mark shows I have them. But find nothing to place. Not in inventory. So I bought another fan stand 1 from store and placed it but challenge still shows place fan stand 1.


  2. Patrick LeVasseur

    I placed my Fan Stand 1, but there is a glitch from it triggering the final mission for Time Trials Pt. 3.


  3. Anyone know what Stewie is used for? He’s listed in the FAQs as a character used in week one but I can’t figure out what for..


  4. Is it me or does this event already feel extra? Wait 4 hours for gas. Which you get only 2 when 3 are needed to race. Then 3 hours to race to possibly get extra currency depending on how many people you send. Then we have the baddies to get rid of. Also having problems with common drops on spikes. First time I’ve noticed, but 3 characters will drop at most 2 spikes if I’m lucky.
    Also there’s too much currency. Spark plugs, sponsorships, prize money, gas cans, just too many things need something else to unlock or use. Not including items needed for unlocking characters.
    Also like Schlubadub asked, building a racetrack. Why? I can’t even see where my prize money is to know how much I have. The cars don’t actually race on it, so it’s pointless. I would like an animated deco with cars on it, but this? I really don’t have room. There’s a lot of missed opportunity here. With all these extra steps involved you have to log in more frequently just to move on to the next step. With Ricky Bobby timed as well? Come on!


  5. Is there any point in placing track segments? Like any reward or task requirement? At this stage it just seems like a waste of event currency, and could be left to the last day (or never). They would need to double the total amount of land in the game before I’d even consider having a race track in it.


    • I’d only place when the Questline dictates just now


    • Hey. I believe that the instructions at the beginning of the event said that we will get a miniature version of the track that we build when the event is finished. As is the case with other events, when you purchase replicas of the buildings that are used during the quests they are smaller versions of the buildings that appear in the event area


  6. I don’t get how to have Bruce involved in races. I’ve had him in my inventory and I’ve had him walking around town and in both cases, hers still grayed out.


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