Android Pie Issues!!!

Calling all Androids!

Bouncing in for a moment to highlight that some players are reporting problems playing FGQFS  after  installing the new Android OS 9.0 – Pie. TinyCo are aware of these issues and are working to resolve them ASAP.


~ Russian Tigger





6 responses to “Android Pie Issues!!!

  1. Android rules, Apple drools!


  2. Jessica Thompson

    Having an issue with crashing on my iPhone. Try to press on the track to race and the app closes out.


    • If you’ve saved to an account, first thing I usually try is a clean install. A player had some issues like this in Week 1 but they were random not every time


  3. Odd, I have been on Pie for 2 weeks with no issues….other than not getting notifications which was a problem before Pie


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