Quahog 500 Week 4 Overview

It looks like we’re going to be burning the last of our rubber as Peter is making a final push for a podium finish in the final Week of the Quahog 500 event. But will we be able to join him as winners? It’s hard to say at this time but here’s this weeks event overview to help give you a good start.


5th September 2018 at 3PM PDT.

You can see the countdown timer for the event and other details by clicking on the Event Info Icon at the bottom of your screen.


***You need unlock Stunt Driver Quagmire before the end of the event to get the 40 Clams, go by this timer not his 7 day timer***


Version 1.75.0


The event area is customisable, you can place items you unlock or buy in it.


Some players have been unable to progress as placing the Fan Stand won’t check of in an earlier weeks Main Questline, I’m sorry I have reported this but know it is still impacting some.

I’m not personally experiencing any. If you are having any issues let me know in the comments.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – Freak Accident
Facespace Sets


Freak Accident

As requested I’m going to put the main questline post up quickly and update it as I progress.


Jean Girard (Full Character): Top prize in the Skilled Driver .Mystery Box, this costs 125  Clams per try. Separate 12hr tasks to always drop 1 of the 4 Sponsorships used in exchanges. Can also be sent on Races.

Stunt Driver Quagmire (Character Costume): You’ll be directed to create him in Al Harrington’s at Pt 2 of the main Questline. 40 Clam reward if you unlock him within 7 days or technically less as the event had little less than that time to left to go when Week 4 started. ***This means you need unlock Stunt Driver Quagmire before the end of the event to get the 40 Clams, go by this timer not his 7 day timer***
2 Jackets (Always): Get from Jump The Shark Pit
30 Driving Gloves (Always): Get from Winning Race To The Finish Races
24 Hair Products (Uncommon): Get from Quagmire Prepare For The Crowds, Jean Gerard’s Big Rig, Quahog Car Museum
42 Steering Wheel (Uncommon): Get from Clearing Sports Cars

Skilled Driver Mystery Box

Costs 125 Clams per try. Be warned materials can repeat.

What is in the Skilled Driver Mystery Box?

Jean Girard
130 Clams

4 Bank of Quahog Sponsorships
Sexy Convertible
25 Turbo Kits
4 Pawtucket Pat Sponsorships
25 Trophies
Gaudy Lambo
Evil Car
Greaser Car
Red Lightning
The Nailgunner
Muscle Car
The Blaze

My Results: It took me just 2 turns to win Jean Girard.  In order of tries this is what I got.

4 Bank of Quahog Sponsorship
Jean Girard

Total Spend 250 to get Jean Girard.


***The  buildings for this Week can be found in the Stock Car Garage – you’ll find full details in that section***


Formula Uno Car – 250  Drops 1 Bank of Quahog Sponsorship every 20 hours.


 Trophy (Always) – Get from completing Exchanges in Victory Lane, Photo Finish Mystery Box, Skilled Driver Mystery Box


 Bank Of Quahog Sponsorship (Uncommon): Get from Winning Race To The Finish Races, Formula Uno Car (Always), Skilled Driver Mystery Box, Jean Girard Cash His Checks

 Nails (Common) –  Get from Dr Hartman Pop His Tyre, Jerome Repair A Door Mort Sell Some Hardware, Buy from Store

 Nitro (Common) –  Get from Gas Nitro, Premium Nitro Pump (Always)

 Pawtucket Pat Sponsorship (Uncommon): Get from Winning Redline Races, Drift’s Car (Always), Skilled Driver Mystery Box, Jean Girard Drink Local Beer

Turbo Kits (Uncommon): Get from Clearing Sports, Skilled Driver Mystery Box

 Clamade Sponsorship (Uncommon): Get from Doing Races, Cal Naughton Jr’s Car (Always), Photo Finish Mystery Box, Skilled Driver Mystery Box Shop For Sponsors

 Road Spikes (Common) –  Get from Chris Push The Limits, Jerome Get A Flat, Seamus Drive With No Limits, Buy from Store

 Gas Can (Common) –  Get from Gas Pump, Premium Gas Pump (Always)

 McBurgertown Sponsorship (Uncommon): Get from Doing Races, Ricky Bibby’s Car (Always), Photo Finish Mystery Box, Jean Girard Eat American Food

Spark Plugs (Uncommon): Get from Clearing Drag Racers, 70’s Muscle Car (Always), Photo Finish Mystery Box

Prize Money (Always): Get from Competing In Races


5 Nails – 65 

10 Nails – 117 

Finish line

There’s a new Race at the track, The Race To The Finish Race  and it works pretty much the same as last weeks only you need different drivers and a bit more Turbo. Basically to start a race tap on the Finish Line in the event area and you will see the Race Screen, now you’ll see you can choose between last week’s Redline Race and this week’s Race To The Finish Race.

Tap on the Race To The Finish Race and you will then see  who can compete in Races. But again before you can Race you’ll need to start collecting Nitro, here’s a reminder of how you can get them.

 Nitro (Common) –  Get from Nitro Pump, Premium Nitro Pump (Always)

Once you have Nitro, you’ll need 6 for each Race, you can choose which characters to send on your Race team. You need at least 1 from Jean Girard, Flag Girl Lois and Street Racer Bonnie. But be aware sending more than one will increase your odds of successful drops. Once you’ve selected your Racers just hit Let’s Go, and the Race will run like a task for 3 hours.

I’m going be honest the UI for racing is poor and doesn’t make clear what you can win, but I’ve simplified it below. Also remember you don’t claim your prize until you click Vroom, so if you win your race click this as soon as you can as if you’re game crashes and needs reload you could end up losing the race instead.

Cost to Race: 6 Nitro
Characters you can send Racing: Jean Girard, Flag Girl Lois and/or Street Racer Bonnie
How many Characters do I send: 1 is enough but 2 is better and 3 is even better. The combination you send increases the chance of winning although the results can be random.
Race Time: 3 hours

At the end of the 3 hour race you’ll see your rewards and these will be from the following.

If you win the race: 5 Prize Money & 3  Bank of Quahog Sponsorship & 3 Gloves

If you lose the race: 5 Prize Money

Stock Car Garage

Here is where you will trade Event Currency you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Week 4…

Pit Lane: Chance Drop of 6 Spark Plugs every 4hrs
Cost~ 125 Trophies

Car Parts Swap Meet: Chance Drop of 5 Turbo Kits every 4hrs
Cost~ 100 Trophies

Jean Girard’s Big Rig: Chance Drop of 2 Hair Product every 8hrs
Cost~ 125 Trophies

Quahog Car Museum: Chance Drop of 2 Hair Product every 8hrs
Cost~ 125 Trophies

Jump The Shark Pit: Always Drops 2 Jackets every 4hrs
Cost~ 150 Trophies


These are where you’ll get your Nitro  to use to new Race To The Finish Race. It’s the same system as last week.

Victory Lane

Here is where you can exchange your Products for Trophies to purchases prizes in the Stock Car Garage.

This is the exchanges I’ve seen in my game so far:

40 Trophies Exchanges:
1 Bank of Quahog Sponsorship, 12 McBurgertown Sponsorship, 25 Spark Plugs & 19 Turbo Kits

45 Trophies Exchanges:
1 Bank of Quahog Sponsorship, 11 Clamade Sponsorship, 20 Spark Plugs & 17 Turbo Kits
1 Bank of Quahog Sponsorship, 11 Clamade Sponsorship, 22 Spark Plugs & 17 Turbo Kits

50 Trophies Exchanges:
1 Bank of Quahog Sponsorship, 7 Pawtucket Sponsorship & 19 Turbo Kits
2 Bank of Quahog Sponsorship, 6 Pawtucket Sponsorship & 17 Turbo Kits

60 Trophies Exchanges:
4 Bank of Quahog Sponsorship & 23 Turbo Kits
3 Bank of Quahog Sponsorship & 26 Turbo Kits


These are the little baddies from last week and are still used this week. Just like last week before  you can clear them you’ll need to get some Road Spikes, you’ll get them here:

 Nails (Common) – Get from Dr Hartman Pop His Tyre, Jerome Repair A Door Mort Sell Some Hardware, Buy from Store

Once you have a Nail you will find Sport Cars driving on your sidewalks. Simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen. Then move the Nail until the green target circle is on a Sport Car, you’ll know it’s in target as it will turn purple, then simply hit the check mark to clear the Sport Car..

The event rewards for clearing Sports Cars this week are as follows:

Per Sport Car Cleared
3 Nitro Kit (Chance)
1 Steering Wheel (Chance)

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the final week of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


15 responses to “Quahog 500 Week 4 Overview

  1. Game is still locked out for the 3rd week plus….
    Completing side quests the game boosts….
    This time its Stewie King Tut deal with the plutonium…
    He and Vinnie quest complete sign pops up and then game shuts down….

    Not my 1st rodeo with this issue in the last couple of months…

    Sadly I have to wait for the next update after the challenge 8s over….

    So I’m not going to be able to earn or use the clams I purchased to accomplish the bonuses…. Outfits, characters….

    Hopefully knowbody else is facing these problems…

    Taylor whom Inthink is a automated name generated for the email system says I just have to wait it out again like I did last month….

    I’ve spent ALOT of $$$ on this game, but thinking about dropping it all together because of the constant issues and little to no response from the technical teams….


  2. I thought we’re gonna do some tap-racing, like we had fights in Summer Camp event, but all those race track seems useless(


  3. i’ve already posted about this on another comment section but, as a freemium player, there is literally no incentive to complete or even play this week.

    theres only a single new costume to collect and appears to be quite hard to achieve given the limited time-frame.
    why waste the effort and get annoyed with the gameplay over it.


  4. Quagmire is gonna be very, very hard to get. Have not had one drop in a 2 hr period. It’s also almost impossible to win a race without Girardz & we need those gloves and signs. Oh well…. better luck on the next event…maybe?


  5. We’re on week 4? After the timer ran out for the bonus clams on pit crew Chris I stopped caring. I’m trying to get Lois now but honestly this event was boring from the get go. I’m just logging in getting nails and tacks to pop cars and losing races. *sigh* This whole dependence on winning races has really made me lose interest.


  6. I see there are some wise players who beat me to the punch about just one freemium character (timed!) in this event. I don’t play TSTO so I don’t know exactly how that gameplay is structured but I do play another similarly structured game that came out after FGTQFS because of how much I enjoyed playing FGTQFS (think ear hats!). Because I have played FGTQFS since the first week, the game has become all about new characters for me (not costumes) just to be challenged. There is not one decoration in my town and long ago I stopped trying to display every building (lack of land and trying to speed up the load times). I don’t want to be one of those people but i am wondering why I am continuing to play if my overall take for a four-week event is one character. That’s a lot of investment with very limited return.


  7. Those gloves are gonna be tough if they only drop 3 per and I have to rely only on lois racing, especially when i can only race once every 8 hours. Have to win 10 and have lost 2 already!


    • I’m worried about the 24 Hair Products as I’ve had none drop yet


      • Yeah, these drops combined with holiday weekend means I likely won’t be getting the costume. Which is fine, because you know, costume! Also on my 4th try I finally won a race!


  8. *Another* week with the only freemium content being a single costume, and *another* Talladega Nights character stuck in a mystery box. This event has been colossally lame.


  9. I was hoping Jean Girard was going to be craftable but alas no such luck. So one craftable character (albeit a timed one) and four costumes for the event for the freemium players. A tad disappointing.


  10. I am not a big complainer, but I gotta say that in years of playing, this is the worst full size event I have seen. Only one freemium full character in 4 weeks! Although the race track building is kinda nice, the gameplay changed every little (if at all) from week to week. Also wonder what is the use of building the track without a car to run on it. One costume in a week?? No bosses to attack? Every time I wait 4.5 minutes for the game to load I wonder why am I bothering to just collect the same nails and run the same race – 4 times a day for 7 days for another darn costume. Really? Really? Seems they never finished designing this event before rolling it out. I gotta start complaining more, that felt good.


    • Yes it’s felt a little like I’ve been playing The Simpsons Tapped Out – log in ever 4hrs and reset a task and you’re done. It’s amazing how many wanted this game to be like Tapped Out but not me. I prefer but more of a challenge or variety, tapping in and tapping out a few times a day quickly becomes boring.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I play both TSTO and FG, and can appreciate the difference in game play. One is a grind every 4 hours, the latter is a challenge, and requires strategy to plan what you want to get. I agree that loading time of 4 min for FG just to grind has been too excessive. Believe they can’t offer new characters for free in this event because of rights issue and they need to recoup money paid to have these characters in the game.


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