50’s Griffin House Glitch Fix

Hey there Time Travellers!

Bouncing in for a moment to try bring you word of a fix for placing the 50’s Griffin House in 1950’s Quahog.


There’s been a few players saying they can’t place 1950’s Quahog after they buy it. It seems to be stuck in their inventory and doesn’t show up when they visit the 1950’s event area.  This was reported to TinyCo and one of our regular readers Nancy has reported she can now place the house from her inventory in 1950’s Quahog. So either TinyCo has fixed it or it’s fixed itself, lol.

So if you’ve had this issue head to 1950’s Quahog, click on your inventory icon.

And  then scroll along to the end of any decorations you have, and you should find the 1950’s Griffin house there to place. I’ve tested this out by storing my house and placing it again, and it works fine.

Hope this helps any of you stalled due to this ongoing issues!!! And thanks again to Nancy for alerting me to the fix!

~ Russian Tigger

6 responses to “50’s Griffin House Glitch Fix

  1. House still no appearing in correct itinerary, and no reply from TinyCo. Not a lot I can do?


  2. 4th time in a row NO books from 50s Griffin house


  3. I still don’t have it what can I do?


  4. I’ve had no problems placing it but getting it to kick out the items it’s supposed to is another thing . Never get 50s Peter at this rate


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