50’s Griffin House Glitch Fix Inventory Reminder

Hey there Time Travellers!

Bouncing in for a moment to remind players that to get into your inventory, you press on the following icons.

In 1950’s Quahog, they are same only monochrome.

And you can also reach the inventory through your main menu.

Click on the icon below.

Then on inventory in the Main Menu. But I honestly always use the first method above.

Some players are going to their Shopping Cart instead, which is your store, you won’t find the 50’s Griffin House there after you’ve bought it, so don’t use this Icon, use what I’ve shown above.


If you still can’t place the 59’s Griffin house from your inventory in 50’s Quahog after buying it from Pop’s Appliances you will need to contact TinyCo support. Hope this helps any of you stalled due to this ongoing issues!!! And thanks again to Nancy for alerting me to the fix!

~ Russian Tigger


10 responses to “50’s Griffin House Glitch Fix Inventory Reminder

  1. I STILL cant even load my game up. Have been requesting help for over a year on and off. No reply or anything from the help link.


  2. Any Facebook players here ? I still haven’t seen any game update since last week.


  3. Another example of how essential this site is. Thanks RT!


  4. Quick question concerning the Bread Currency in the event; will it go over into the next part of the event, so after getting the Drunken Clam we can keep getting Bread for the next section, or will they put up a new Currency?


  5. Thanks very much for this tip! I wasn’t having a problem with the house, but for some reason I couldn’t place the 1950’s Welcome to Quahog sign. That was keeping me from clearing out tasks. Thanks to this, I’ve got it placed, cleared two more tasks and all is good.


  6. Wow! Did not know you could get to inventory that way and pretty sneaky if the house does not show up under the shopping cart. Nancy is quite the detective! Kudos! Still sad for those who missed a few days, gonna be a long 5 weeks for some people.

    I am not the most tech savvy guy, but there has got to be a way to test things properly so maybe we can have one event without a glitch and without a large number of players getting shafted.


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