No Week Triggering 2 Glitch – Question and Possible Solution

Hey there Time Travellers!

Bouncing in for a moment to try get some information from those of you that can’t get Week 2 to trigger.

Question – All I need is for you to tell me if  you completed the Week 1 Questline and still don’t see Week 2 is Peter missing from your game. Just ordinary Peter, not 50’s Peter.

Possible Solution – As Peter triggers Week 2 I think he’s the issue, and fellow player and commenter Jason has shared his workaround, its worth trying. Basically pull Jerome out of storage and put him on the “Do Ethnic Hand Shake” task, it’s a joint task with Peter and will hopefully pull him back to your current Quahog and trigger Week 2. 

Thanks in advance for your help in getting this fixed.

~ Russian Tigger


15 responses to “No Week Triggering 2 Glitch – Question and Possible Solution

  1. i will message them every time Bruce doesn’t drop


  2. i think those who couldn’t trigger Week 2 are lucky .
    i’m having awful awful awful drop rate for Meg’s items (for example Mort dropped only once in 3 days) , not to mention Bruce drops aren’t “common” at all .. if you’re gonna make one character drop the most important item to progress , make it an “always” drop !!!!!!!


  3. Thanks. The Jerome-Peter joint task fixed the glitch.


  4. I still have two 50’s lois’ in my game.


  5. Sheila M Edgerton

    I have both peters but cant trigger week 2


    • If normal Peter is wandering free but you still don’t see Week 2 after finishing Week 1 Questline you need contact TinyCo. Sorry I can’t suggest any other fixes.


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