IOS Update Is Here!!!

Hi fellow addicts

For IOS players experiencing issues there’s an update in your stores. Yes, App Version 1.76.1 is now available in the AppStore. Hopefully this will help with some of the various glitches and issues you’re getting.

~ Russian Tigger

14 responses to “IOS Update Is Here!!!

  1. Has anyone made the suggestion to put down some road at the bottom of the Phase Two world so the kill circle is visible? I put two blocks of road right above where Meg is waiting to be crafted just so I could keep tabs on the mods and hippies. My kill circle shows up almost on top of the building building and crafting building but it is there every time. I just have to drag it down to my pieces of road and beat the mopeds. I am on iPhone so it is a small screen which may have something to do with why this works for me. Hope this helps someone.


  2. I was forced to uninstall because of storage issues. Now i have to start from the begining. Anything I can do to recall what was?


  3. Just got 50’s Lois and she will not stay on task so I can progress into week 2. Every time I leave then go back into my game she’s walking around. Send her to pick up after everyone but if I don’t stay in the game she doesn’t stay on task. Contacted TinyCo about this & am waiting to hear back. While I wait any suggestions?


    • You’ve possibly got 2 50’s Lois, try putting both on the task, I had same issue. When you go back in one will be wandering, put that one in Tan Lines, and the real 50’s Lois should still be on task


  4. nothing changed lol
    50’s Lois still has a doppelganger
    Mop target circle still far away
    Bruce drops not dropping


  5. 13 tries and only 1 incense drop from bruce!! this update better fix these “common” drops. beyond frustrating and ready to quit this event. message them in game but nothing even happens

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  6. Just did the update and i still can’t get rid of the mopeds


  7. Any other iOS users having fantastic drop rates for Meg and don’t wanna update just to fix the mod target glitch??


    • Well 2 of the items are always drops – the Fake Medals and Scratch. The other is common and dropping well for me, I just did the update will see if that changes anything


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