Honey, I Shrunk The Bugs 101 – Bug Infested Buildings

I know everyone is fed up talking about bugs, we’ve had so many in our games of late we’re sick of them, but I’m afraid we just can’t avoid them as the new event, Honey, I Blew Up The Bugs, has infected our Quahogs with more of the little buggers than ever. So let’s talk about bugs and infestations…. Anyone else itching yet?

So let’s get back to basics and start clearing out some of those bugs. And please note I’m prioritising this post tonight over the Overview post as most questions are about it and I’m very limited for blogging time. So I’ll cover this but I’m sorry I didn’t have time to edit many images, but I’m sure you can follow my muttering without me drawing diagrams by now….


You will start seeing buildings infested with bugs when you trigger the main Questline, Rat Pack.


You will be see large bugs appearing on random buildings in Quahog, this means they are infested. You’re looking for buildings that have a bug above them, like this.

There are many buildings that ca be affected, In previous events with similar game mechanics we tried to compile a list of buildings that can be taken over, and this is it below. I can’t say if it’s 100% accurate for this event but if you’re not seeing any infected buildings it could be because you’ve not got any of these buildings out in your Quahog.

Abandoned Warehouse
Quahog Wharf
Quahog Mini-Mart
Flappy Jacks
Got Wood Furniture Store
Yacht Club
PF Chinese
Awful Person Hattery
Modern Mausoleum
Quahog Amusement Park
Quahog City Hall
Quahog Police Station
Le Croissant Degoutant
Quahog Cinema
Dog Park
Dandy Dansu
Sleek Office
Average Office
We Heal You Long Time
Dog Pound
Quahog Playhouse
Channel 5 News
Common Office
Madeleine’s Boutique
See Through Office
Quahog Fire Station
News Truck
Typical Office
Quahog Funeral Home
Quahog Public Library
Bob’s Funland
Quahog Oceanland
Quahog Malt Shoppe

Note: You can’t use the Buildings whilst they are infested. So you can’t complete or collect from any tasks in the infested building nor can you send Characters there to perform a task  until you clear the infestation..


You will quite simply need Pesticide.

Pesticide (Uncommon): Only the Exterminator has a task to drop this but you do get 1 free Spray every 4 hours.

You will see how many you have in the Pesticide tab at the bottom of your screen.  Please note the free Spray doesn’t show.

***Again remember as I said  you automatically gain 1 free Spray every 4 hours. Just make sure you use it every 4hrs to reset the “FREE” timer***


This is pretty simple every 4 hours or once you’re earned a Pesticide, click on any building with a bug on it. This will bring up the spraying screen. You will either see SPRAY which means your 4 hour timer has finished and awarded you a free Spray to use. Simply tap Spray and you’re done.

However if your timer is still counting down from 4 hours, you will need to use a Pesticide collected from the Exterminator’s task. In this case you will see FILL ‘ER UP. Simply tap this, then tap SPRAY and you’re done.

If you’re timer is still counting down from 4 hours and you’ve no Pesticide, and lets face it that’s going happen until we unlock the Exterminator, then you’ll just see NEED MORE. So just come back later when your free Spray is ready.

Please note again that when a building is infested you will not be able to collect rent, finish characters actions, or send characters on actions there until it is cleared.


Clearing infestations drops the following:

Per Infestation Cleared:
15 Fuel Rods (Always)
1 Book of Beep Boop (Chance) – Only shows as a drop after you place Dick Spitz for unlocking

There you have it, details of how to go clear infestations. What are your thoughts? Have you started to clear Infestations yet? If so, are you enjoying this fun addition to our games? Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

10 responses to “Honey, I Shrunk The Bugs 101 – Bug Infested Buildings

  1. I have unlocked the exterminator and I am on rat pack pt. 3 where there’s the task of clearing an infestation but no infestations have been triggered. I’ve been at this point for two day now. Any thoughts? Thanks.


  2. Can any one help not been able to log in to the game for 3 days now


  3. the buildings rotate. this morning i tried sending Sir Peter to one for a Stewie Daily Task but it was infested .. now the bug moved to another building ..


  4. Are they even attempting to fix the game for us who can’t play because of constant crashes / glitches?
    Have not been able to do anything in my game since the new update. Most of the time my game works fine on ios. Don’t know how people are able to get in and play this new event. I thought that ios usually has fewer problems..


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