All In The Family Guy is here….. and Katie & Tasheka are NOT timed….

It looks like we Peter’s expanding the family brood in the latest event to hit our games,  All In The Family Guy.

I’m seeing the full event on IOS, app version 1.79.0, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible. Until then you should can throw caution to the wind as there are no unlock timers on Katie and Tasheka.

Yes let me repeat the good news, there’s no unlock timers for this event!!!

Also please note you will place Tasheka for unlocking at Part 5 of the main questline, Spermbabksgivng. Until then she and other items in the store will show as locked!!!

~ Russian Tigger


24 responses to “All In The Family Guy is here….. and Katie & Tasheka are NOT timed….

  1. They really should make premium character’s drops always. 0 journals so far from Larry!


  2. Why is the tent still over the Griffin home? What do I have to do?


  3. Pffft. Pay to play. I can see taunting with dazzling extra characters, but main characters just to play/complete? Nah. Even in this AWESOME economy.


  4. Is anybody else having trouble with Jerome’s task “Chug a Pint”? He keeps causing my game to crash, ticket sent


  5. Ah didn’t realise turkeys dropped them; also you can buy them direct with clams too for 4ea (36×4 = 144clams) but all the same it caught me quite off guard 🙂


  6. How do you get BB guns to shoot the balloons


  7. Anyone know the timer on the turkeys to respawn?


  8. What on Earth? You have to drop 270 clams on Larry because that’s the only way to get the journals for Katie – that’s not what I wanted to spend my clams on – I feel cheated!


  9. Is there a character set? Wondering if I should buy Larry.


  10. ill be lucky enough to get just one unlocked the crashing is that bad


  11. I like timers, makes the game more challenging and exciting


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