Quick Questing & Character Tasks: Tiny Tim Stewie – Bob And Tim’s Bogus Journey

Greetings Addicts!

Rise and shine cause its Questline time!!!

Yes let’s gather round and take a look at all you’ll encounter in Bob And Tim’s Bogus Journey Questline.  


Bob And Tim’s Bogus Journey

Earn Tiny Tim Stewie

Completed Task 5  100  

Bob And Tim’s Bogus Journey Pt. 1

Have Tiny Tim Stewie Fight For Breadcrumbs: 30secs

Completed Task 5  100  

Bob And Tim’s Bogus Journey Pt. 2

Have Tiny Tim Stewie Be Tired: 6hrs

Completed Task 5  100  


  • Fight For Breadcrumbs (30s)
  • Bond With Dad (4hrs) 
  • Be Tired (6hrs)
  • Run Away From Home (6hrs)
  • Hurt His Knee* (10hrs)
  • Hassle His Parents (10hrs) 

* Animated Task

There you have it, the lowdown on Tiny Tim Stewie.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


7 responses to “Quick Questing & Character Tasks: Tiny Tim Stewie – Bob And Tim’s Bogus Journey

  1. I was checking the actions of Joe, Meg and Chris constantly (except the times when I was sleeping) and I still need 3 bowls. Speeded up tasks 9 times and nothing. Have to say I’m fed up with this now. Started everything in time, got every stupid item and building needed and this drop messes up all the work. It was my first time to do an event this precisely and consciously especially cause Tiny Tim Stewie was my main goal and this comes. I know drops are drops and it’s different for everyone but I think TinyCo should do something against this as it does not come from the laziness of players. It’s a game but not gambling so it should he based more on the skills than on how much money we spend if we want to get a freemium character just because our luck was not the best. Come on… at least extending the event by like 1 or 2 days.
    Also would like to say that I spent tons of time getting some clams by completing offers but wouldn’t have had enough just to buy out Stewie so I tried and had to use all of them for speeding up characters again for nothing. Literally.


    • Just saw the post about extending the event. Please take everything I said nonexistent. Thank you TinyCo, that was a little unexpected 🙂


      • I was in the same boat. After almost 7 days….the three characters only produced 6 out of 9 bowls. I sped up tasks and used up some clams to get the final 3. It was much cheaper than buying out Stewie for 110 clams.

        This was before I knew I had an extra day….I wish they would have sent some notification in game several hours in advance. I love wasting my clams!!


  2. Please tell me you didn’t use clams to get this. Still need two and chances are looking really slim with only 6 hours to go.


    • I still needed 1 bowl, and speeded up tasks 7 times until I got it, cost me 42 Clams, only a little cheaper than the 55 to buy it out. But I got most back for completing the Facespace set.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m in same spot you are. This one has been really tough. And I’ve been in the game constantly to send all three ASAP and even rushed a few. If no luck I’ll probably still buy him out and with clams for completing set it’ll only be 75. But still hoping for a little Christmas magic here at the end!🤞🎄


    • LOL, I’ve been speeding up the bowl tasks here and there – I was down to needing two, I had a break at work where the timer showed 6 hours left in the event…there was no guarantee I was going to get away from work before the event ended (usually 6 p.m. on the East Coast), so I bit the bullet, paid the 110 clams which, with the 35 clam reward, ended up being 75 clams…OK, full character for 75 clams, it’s OK…when I was able to log back on 5 or so hours later, the timer read “1D 01H”, I thought, oh, man, did they…??? They did…

      Oh well, once it got down to 2 bowls left, I had resigned myself to the likelihood of using clams. I’m not sure I would have gotten the last 2 considering those three were tasked continuously for the last 7 days and only dropped 7 bowls in that time – including numerous speed-ups…


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