Dance Dance Resolution is here….. and Admiral Brian IS timed….

It’s time to put your glad rags on  with the latest event to hit our games,  Dance Dance Resolution.

I’m seeing the full event on IOS, app version 1.80.5, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible.

But let me repeat the bad news, there’s IS an unlock timer for Admiral Brian this event!!!

***Sorry his  7 day timer didn’t automatically trigger for me hence having to update this information***

~ Russian Tigger

20 responses to “Dance Dance Resolution is here….. and Admiral Brian IS timed….

  1. Welcome to the worst event ever. You can’t even do anything with the love couple. Every time you do the game crashes. This event is a TOTAL WASTE, as in DON’T waste your time or clams. The amounts to buy item just to get 10 or 20 extra shrimp every 10 hours are ridiculous. Forget about Brian unless you fork out lots of cash AGAIN. …. Another disappointment.

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  2. Because he is timed it will be impossible to get him unless you previously unlocked the other characters. 45 captains hats that you only get as an uncommon drop for a 6 hour action and you can only get them from the 5 characters. I already had Peter the Barbarian unlocked but I still know Admiral Brian isn’t going to be possible.

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    • Yes, like previous years it will be a struggle to get the new item if you’ve not got the returning characters. I advise prioritising who you want and go from there.


  3. Sorry to be dim, but…where is Admiral Brian? I can’t find him anywhere, timer or no timer. I did find other characters (for me, Pregnant Bonnie and Pimp Chicken) in my shop, but Admiral Brian is not there. Since there is no physical event area, I don’t know where else to look.


  4. new event same issues ruining the game

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  5. After the last event, I think there are way to many Uncommon, Rare, and Extra Rare items required to get Admiral Brian… I think I may sit this one out, or at least limit myself to going for one new character.


  6. I have a Facebook page, that I try to help people and I post event info, If you want any help or any info, let me know. I have a bunch of info up for this current event.


  7. I have a timer for admiral brian


  8. I’m showing a 7 day timer to unlock Admiral Brian.


  9. My game is showing a 7 day timer for Brian. Also all the other characters require the same items but don’t appear to have timers. As usual the FAQs are kinda vague..


  10. Admiral Brian is timed in my game…


  11. I thought that it showed that you only had a certain amount of time to get him


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