Dance Dance Resolution Week 2 is here….. and it’s the final week…

It’s time to put your glad rags on  with the latest event to hit our games,  Dance Dance Resolution.

I’m seeing the full Week 2 content on IOS, app version 1.80.5, and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible. But you should throw caution to the wind and get going as it’s the final week.

But let me repeat me repeat it’s the final week so get going on unlocking Count of Monte Hall Stewie!!! And other players have confirmed any returns no characters you’ve still to unlock from Week 1 will still be available in Week 2.

~ Russian Tigger


18 responses to “Dance Dance Resolution Week 2 is here….. and it’s the final week…

  1. Possible stupid question here: Will the “extra” characters that are available for purchase of 100 coins go away when the event ends?


  2. i only need Professor Carter for Week 2 … and Stewie , of course … I don’t know if I’ll be able to get them both but I’ll try … not a huge loss either of them.
    I divided the characters to two groups .. one to get pills for Carter and the other to get hats for Stewie.

    Shirmp is gonna be an issue .. need it to place buildings that drop items plus a huuge amount for Carter and Stewie


    • I agree Shrimp is measely considering what is needed. I can confirm Hats for Stewie have been an almost always drop for me.


      • Pills and Hats were easy .. even the Glasses for Carter and the Watches for Stewie (extra rare) have been dropping well .. just need to collect more Shrimp … don’t wanna jinx myself


  3. How do I get week 2 characters to show up. I have the French fry guys waking around but that’s all..


  4. Yup! Phase 1 characters still there!


  5. likeing the chance to unlock a few people on pace with an event for a change 160 clams no desire to buy any or use unless black jesus pops up again love to get him at somepoint


  6. Hi, what about week 1 characters, can we still work on or do they go away?? Thanks!


  7. Do Week 1 characters like Pregnant Bonnie go away when you start Week 2?


  8. He doesn’t show up immediately (at least in my game). I did look up the requirements to unlock him and one of them is to collect 375 shrimp!!!!


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