Dance Dance Resolution – Diamond Ring Glitch

Hey there!!!

Bouncing by for a moment to try to highlight an issue I’ve just hit with Diamond Rings in Week 2 of Dance Dance Resolution.

***Update: The Diamond Ring issue discussed in this post is now fixed!!!***

Ok, as you know 15 Diamond Rings are needed to help unlock Count Of Monte Hall Stewie and these should be available as a chance drop in the Clean Slate Packs, bow although initially they were available in my game they have now disappeared, and this is even though I’ve only 4 Diamond Rings out of the 15 needed. Now when I click on where to get them I get the “you haven’t unlocked this yet” blurb. So I’m stuck.

I’ve made TinyCo are aware of it, but wanted to warn you to check Diamond Rings are showing as a prize in your Clean Slate Packs before you waste valuable resources opening them, you can check this by clicking PRIZES and scrolling through the Pack content. Don’t go by the Pack home screen below as this will always show Diamond Rings, you must click the PRIZES to see the actual content.

Hope this warning saves you resources if you’re seeing the same issue. As I don’t what’s caused it I can’t say what triggered the disappearance, but I’m at 4 Diamond Rings collected and at Pt 5 of the main Questline incase anyone wonders.

***Please note I’ve also raised the issue a couple players reported Of losing all their resources when unlocking Govenor Cheeseburg***

Please comment if you’ve got this issue or any other problems below.

~ Russian Tigger

13 responses to “Dance Dance Resolution – Diamond Ring Glitch

  1. i have 10/15 rings with 24 hours to go while im still getting wieners for Carter althou i finished that requirement 2 days ago .. it’s unfair as it’s really stopping me from getting Stewie !!!


  2. Weenies seem to have totally been removed from my game,haven’t had one drop in 4 days-anybody else having this issue?


  3. My Diamond Rings have also disappeared from the prize list. I’m also at 4 Diamond Rings collected but on Pt.4 of the main Questline


  4. I got one even though I don’t want them, I can’t get the hot dogs though… want to swap?


  5. Yes just confirming this is the same for me… im on 4/15 and they do not show up in the “prizes” list anymore


  6. Same. Just reported it to them myself. The more that report it the better the chance they’ll get on it.


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