Addicts Upcoming Post Information!!!

It’s been a long and arduous journey at times, but believe it or not it’s nearly the 5th anniversary of FGQFS, and to celebrate I’ve finally, with a little help from a  fellow Addicts reader, compiled a list of characters and costumes. I’ll hopefully be posting these tomorrow. But just wanted to ask any fellow obsessive character collectors to run their eye over the posts and in the posts comments let me know if I’ve missed anyone or made any errors.

As I’m the only one working on this Addicts blog you guys are my extra pairs of eyes on posts so please don’t ever feel bad or apologise for telling me I’ve got something wrong or missed something. I appreciate your help in keeping the site going. So when the lists go up please feel free to scrutinise them and nit-pick any errors, after all I’m relying on you to keep me right.

~ Russian Tigger


16 responses to “Addicts Upcoming Post Information!!!

  1. hey RT i would totally be down to become your 2nd addict! like assistant addict(haha!) instead of jus you runnin’ the show and help you keep posts flowing wit some fresh creativity what ya think?! let me know! i was an admin on that other’ site but never got time to do anything but NOW i gots all the time in the world!


    • Thanks, would been great a while ago but at the moment. With game as it is I’m not really sure extending the site is necessary. Just keeping things ticking over.


      • hmm so sorry i’m confused but what do you mean by that lol i think i would be a great add-on here and so proud of you in general and how well you run it completely alone too btw.


      • also since the bf quit his game on his phone i’ve been playing and testing and playing both his and mine for quite some time now too. it’s funny because he’s the one who started playing firsy then got me into it haha


  2. Human Rupert is added twice above (mid-4th line & last spot) and I thought this was for full characters so only checked that. I’ll have to add more than one post; regulars missing: Bonnie, Mort, Quagmire, Mayor West, Tom Tucker, Buzz Killington, James William Bottomtooth III, Pawtucket Pat & Death.


    • Sorry not sure what this refers to, I think it’s about the image in this post, if it is about the image, it’s just a collage of characters and costumes, it’s not meant to match the actual lists that are coming. I won’t have collages with everyone in the main costume and character posts either, just a random group.


  3. Thank you for all the great work, RT! Honestly, half of the fun of this game is this site, being able to share and get others’ experiences, but mostly getting the look-ahead you are able to provide, it allows us to plan and play more efficiently, thank you!!


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